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Blackboard, fly: So long, “Glenn Beck Show”

Glenn Beck ends his controversial three-year run on Fox News tonight…


So long, “Glenn Beck Show”! We’ve had so much fun with you since you began your hysterical, racist campaign against the president and organizations that have black people in them or that are somehow dedicated to helping minorities and underprivileged people as part of a world domination plot devised by Bill Ayers and Saul Alinsky and Woodrow Wilson. But now it’s time for your daily hour on cable TV to come to an end. Today will be Beck’s last show on Fox News.

Before he went to Fox News, Beck was just a talk radio hack on CNN Headline News with a “funny take” on the news of the day. But on Fox he distinguished himself with unreconstructed full-on John Bircherism, borrowed wholesale from O.G. Bircher Cleon Skousen, modernized with shamelessly racial attacks on contemporary liberal organizations and an obsession with George Soros.

Because his show was so far to the right of the mainstream that it made the rest of Fox’s programming look suddenly reserved by comparison, everyone in the lamestream media spent a lot of time putting Beck on the front pages of magazines and helping him to promote his various moneymaking ventures. (The liberal media expounded a great deal of energy on trying to show people just how fringey Beck’s entire worldview is, to some success.)

We’ll never forget his blackboards and on-screen graphics exposing just how far the great Progressive Conspiracy goes (spoiler: all the way to the top), even though most of us will now go back to not being particularly worried about the modern-day influence of Walter Lippmann.

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