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Wisconsin Protesters Resist Police Order To Leave Capitol

At the risk of sounding a bit melodramatic, I don’t know how far this will go before police do in fact clear the Wisconsin Capitol Building or if the clear it at all.  However, thus far this is quite reminiscent of the people of Egypt and their rapport with the Egyptian army during the revolution to oust Mubarak.

Huffington Post

Union leaders and other protesters say they plan to make a peaceful stand when police begin clearing out the state Capitol nearly two weeks after demonstrators first occupied the building.

Police have said they will arrest anyone who refuses to clear out at 4 p.m. Sunday.

Protesters have been camping out in the building since Feb. 15 to speak out against a sweeping anti-union bill put forth by Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

Capitol police have allowed the protesters to remain, but the Department of Administration says the building needs to be cleaned.

It’s unclear how many protesters plan to be arrested rather than disperse, but the number could be in the hundreds. Protest leaders say they plan to cooperate fully and are urging everyone to remain calm.

Today 6:09 PM Protesters To Police: ‘Thank You’

HuffPost’s Amanda Terkel reports:

A couple of minutes after 5:00 pm CT, protesters began chanting “Thank you cops!” — most likely gratitude for the fact that police officers have reportedly not yet arrested anyone or made any significant moves to clear the Capitol.

Today 5:59 PM Hundreds Defy Order To Leave Capitol, Risk Arrest

HuffPost’s Amanda Terkel reports:

Police officers were supposed to begin clearing out protesters in the Wisconsin statehouse at 4:00 pm CT Sunday, but more than 30 minutes later, hundreds of people remained inside. An announcement was made that people were supposed to leave, and while some did go, chanting “We’ll be back,” many remained — even though they risked being arrested. Many more people who wanted to support the protesters but didn’t want to risk spending the night in jail amassed outside the Capitol.

Approximately 10,000 people were viewing a livestream of the action on the floor on USTREAM, but that feed went down shortly after 4:30, prompting panic from viewers on Twitter wondering where else they can view what’s happening. (FoxNews.com has a livestream at the top of its site.)

Police officers are currently in the Capitol but have taken no action to arrest or forcibly remove anyone. @MelissaRyan, who is on the ground, tweeted that the mood is not even in the slightest bit tense. Just a short while ago, protesters began singing the national anthem.

@News3David wrote that Jim Palmer, the executive director of the Wisconsin Professional Police Association — which has strongly supported the protest — believes people will not be made to leave and the Capitol will remain open. One Madison police officer not in uniform also told him that he plans to stay in the Capitol, even if asked to leave.

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