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Poll: Republicans ‘Badly Damaged’ By Shutdown Battle


This is what happens to lemmings when they fall over a cliff due to mindless loyalty…

The Huffington Post

The Republican Party has been “badly damaged” by the government shutdown, according to an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released Thursday evening, which finds public opinion souring on the GOP and some of its core positions.

Americans blamed Republicans over President Barack Obama for the shutdown by a margin of 22 percentage points, with 53 percent saying the GOP deserved more blame, and 31 percent saying Obama did. Approval ratings for the Republican Party and the tea party were at 24 percent and 21 percent respectively — both record lows as measured by NBC/WSJ.

Democrats aren’t wildly popular either. Obama’s approval rating is a marginally positive 47 percent, while the Democratic Party is at 39 percent, and congressional Democrats are at 36 percent.

A slim plurality of Americans say Obama should negotiate with Republicans, even before they agree to a deal that reopens the government or raises the debt ceiling. The president’s approval has remained stable since the shutdown, and there are signs that Democrats may get a boost from the shutdown’s political effects.

Voters were 8 points more likely to say they’d prefer a Democratic-controlled Congress over a Republican-controlled Congress, a 5-point shift toward the Democrats since last month. Support for the new health care law, the touchstone of the government shutdown, rose a net 8 points from September, while the belief that government should do more to solve problems was up 8 points from June.

“That is an ideological boomerang,” Bill McInturff, the GOP pollster who conducts the NBC/WSJ poll along with Democratic pollster Peter Hart, told NBC. “As the debate has been going on, if there is a break, there is a break against the Republican position.”

The poll found that 42 percent think the economy will worsen over the next year, nearly doubling since September, and nearly eight in 10 think the country is on the wrong track. The number who think the country is on the right track has fallen by half since September.

WSJ/NBC pollsters said the survey showed some of the most dramatic shifts they had seen in decades in public attitudes toward the well-being of the country, the direction of the economy and wider political sentiment, according to the Journal.

“What is stunning about these results is just how hard and how quickly public attitudes have landed on the shutdown,” said Hart, a Democratic pollster, according to the Journal. He said the poll showed “a broad disgust for the political system.”

The NBC/WSJ’s findings are largely in line with other recent polling, but with some differences. A Gallup survey released Wednesday found the Republicans’ favorable rating the lowest for either party since 1992. While an AP-GfK poll found the president, as well as Congress, taking a serious approval hit, other surveys found Obama’s approval either stable or down by 1 or 2 percentage points.

Polls on who’s to blame for the shutdown have generally shown Republicans being faulted most, but the margin varies, with some surveys last week showing the blame more evenly distributed.

The NBC/WSJ poll surveyed 800 adults by phone from Oct. 7 to Oct. 9.


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President Obama’s Approval, Popularity Ratings Jump Post-Election

President Barack Obama

Good news for President Obama…


The old saying, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em,” has definitely manifest in the weeks following the re-election of President Barack Obama. According to the latest polls, the POTUS is experiencing his highest approval ratings since July of 2009, reports Politico.com.

USA Today/Gallup survey released on Friday showed Obama and his party drawing goodwill from much of the country in the wake of their triumph at the ballot box last week. Fifty-eight percent of Americans have a favorable view of the president — up 3 points from the USA Today/Gallup poll conducted right before the election. It’s also his highest favorability rating in the poll since July of 2009.

The public’s view of Democrats is also positive in the wake of a largely successful election for the party. Fifty-one percent of those surveyed have a favorable impression of the party, a 6-point bump since August and a more impressive showing than the 43 percent who have a favorable view of the Republican Party. Fifty percent have an unfavorable opinion of the GOP, although Gallup notes that “Americans have been negative on balance toward the Republican Party since late 2005.”


Rasmussen showed Obama’s approval rating reaching 54 percent on Monday — his highest mark in the right-leaning tracking poll since July 2009. It ticked up another point the next day. Meanwhile, Gallup’s tracking poll on Wednesday showed only 40 percent of Americans disapproving of Obama’s job as president, the lowest level since early 2010. Obama’s job approval has topped 50 percent in every Rasmussen and Gallup poll conducted entirely after last week’s election.

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Congress Approval Rating Hits All-Time Low In Gallup Poll


Really?  You mean “The American People” (GOP’s favorite phrase repeated dozens of times a day by various GOP politicians) are unhappy with Congress’ overall performance?  Of course Democrats share this dubious honor as well.

Congress Approval Rating

The Huffington Post

Just one in 10 Americans approves of the job Congress is doing, according to a Gallup poll released Tuesday, tying the branch’s lowest approval rating in 38 years. Congress originally hit the 10 percent mark in February, before bouncing back several points.

The approval rate for Congress hasn’t passed 20 percent in more than a year, according to Gallup, and is far lower than the personal approval ratings for most members of Congress. Prior to 2007, it sank below 20 percent only twice.

From Gallup’s analysis:

It is difficult to pinpoint precise causes for these extraordinarily negative views, although the continuing poor economy is certainly a major factor. The fact that control of Congress is now divided, with a Republican majority in the House and a Democratic majority in the Senate, may provide an opportunity for Americans of all political persuasions to dislike some aspect of Congress. With Congress divided, however, it is difficult to assess what impact its low ratings will have on the November elections, now less than three months away.

In contrast to the partisan gridlock within Congress, Americans’ distaste for the institution is entirely bipartisan: Only 11 percent of independents, 10 percent of Republicans, and 9 percent of Democrats approved.

The trend in the Gallup poll roughly matches that found by other national surveys that track congressional job approval. A CBS News/New York Times survey conducted in July found just 12 percent of U.S. adults approve of the job Congress is doing. Congressional job approval was slightly better (19 percent) in a July survey of likely voters conducted by National Public Radio, but even that result was the lowest NPR had measured since 2009.

Another poll, released Wednesday by the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling for Daily Kos and the SEIU, found that 60 percent of voters agreed that “this is the worst Congress ever.”

The Gallup poll interviewed 1,012 adults by live phone interviews between Aug. 9 and 12, and had a 4 percent margin of error. The PPP poll was conducted with automated telephone interviews of 1,000 registered voters between Aug. 9 and 12, and had a 3.1 percent margin of error.


GOP Agenda

Republican Gift To President Obama? A Positive Approval Rating

The harder the GOP tries to make President Obama a one-term President, the harder they seem to fail.  Of course it’s still too early to make a solid judgment about the Right’s agenda concerning President Obama, but the early indications are looking good for the POTUS…

Addicting Info

Possibly because of the Tea Party led payroll tax cut debacle, or perhaps because of weak performances in the Republican field, President Obama’s approval numbers are in the black for the first time since July. According to a Gallup poll just released, 47% approve of the job the President is doing and 45% disapprove.

Despite Republican and progressive talking points that Obama is losing his base, his approval is highest among 18-29 year olds, at 52%. He maintains the support of 80% of Democrats, 73% of liberals, 88% of African-Americans, and 60% of Hispanics.


Congress Approval Rating: Poll Shows 87% Disapprove Of Congress

Is anyone genuinely surprised that this GOP led Congress has the lowest approval rating on record?  I’m not…

The Huffington Post

Americans are plenty angry at Congress in the aftermath of the debt crisis and Republicans could pay the greatest price, a new Associated Press-GfK poll suggests.

The poll finds the tea party has lost support, Republican House Speaker John Boehner is increasingly unpopular and people are warming to the idea of not just cutting spending but also raising taxes – anathema to the GOP – just as both parties prepare for another struggle with deficit reduction.

To be sure, there is plenty of discontent to go around. The poll finds more people are down on their own member of Congress, not just the institution, an unusual finding in surveys and one bound to make incumbents particularly nervous. In interviews, some people said the debt standoff itself, which caused a crisis of confidence to ripple through world markets, made them wonder whether lawmakers are able to govern at all.

“I guess I long for the day back in the `70s and `80s when we could disagree but we could get a compromise worked out,” said Republican Scott MacGregor, 45, a Windsor, Conn., police detective. “I don’t think there’s any compromise anymore.”

The results point to a chilly autumn in Washington as the divided Congress returns to the same fiscal issues that almost halted other legislative business and are certain to influence the struggle for power in the 2012 elections. They suggest that politicians, regardless of party, have little to gain by prolonging the nation’s most consequential policy debate. And they highlight the gap between the wider public’s wishes now and the tea party’s cut-it-or-shut-it philosophy that helped propel Republicans into the House majority last year.

The survey, conducted Aug. 18-22, found that approval of Congress has dropped to its lowest level in AP-GfK polling – 12 percent. That’s down from 21 percent in June, before the debt deal reached fever pitch.

Continue reading here…

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America’s Unhappy Electorate

The Daily Beast

President Obama hits 50 percent in the new Newsweek/Daily Beast poll, but Americans are largely dissatisfied with Congress, its leaders, and plans. (A bright spot: Trump for president!) Full results below.

A new Newsweek/Daily Beast poll shows that while the American people are gradually warming to President Obama’s job performance—he’s at 50 percent approval ratings, versus 44 percent who disapprove—the American electorate remains deeply skeptical toward the plans of both the Democrats and Republicans in Congress, and gives Congress itself a distinctly negative rating.

Gallery: America’s Unhappy Electorate Poll Results


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The Force Behind Obama’s Surging Numbers

I think it’s a combination of Tuscon, the ‘lame-duck’ session accomplishments and Obama’s willingness to compromise with the ‘other side’, especially the many times when they were not willing to do so.

Huffington Post

President Barack Obama has received consistently-good news from recent polls showing modest but consistent improvement in his job-approval ratings since November. How much is attributable to his handling of the shootings in Arizona? Obama does get glowing marks for his Tucson speech and his overall treatment of the incident, but the data we have so far shows that most of the bump took place before the Tucson shootings.

Consider four important findings from the recent round of national surveys:

1. The new polls are unanimous that President Obama’s approval ratings have improved since the November elections. The latest result from the new Washington Post/ABC News and CNN/Opinion Research Corporation polls out Tuesday make it 10 of 10 pollsters who have shown Obama’s approval rising at least nominally since prior surveys conducted before the lame-duck session of Congress concluded in mid-December.

2. The trend in Obama approval since either the Jan. 8 shootings or his Jan. 12 speech to the memorial service is less clear. Only the Gallup and Rasmussen Reports daily telephone tracking polls and the newly relaunched DailyKos/PPP weekly tracking poll have been in the field in both the last week and during early January, after the lame-duck session. Although the Gallup tracker ticked up slightly Tuesday, the movement within all three polls remains well within their usual range of variation, which is another way of saying it’s all within their margin of error.   More…


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Obama earns high marks after Tucson

The Washington Post

Americans overwhelmingly describe the tone of political discourse in the country as negative, verging on angry, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll, but more than half say the culture did not contribute to the shootings in Tucson that killed six people and wounded 13, including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.).

Evaluations of President Obama‘s handling of the Jan. 8 tragedy are highly positive across the political spectrum, with nearly eight in 10 giving him high marks for his response to the incident. A robust 71 percent of Republicans say they approve of his leadership following the shootings.

The strong reviews of the president’s response to the Arizona incident – which included giving a prime-time eulogy at a memorial service for the victims – have helped boost Obama’s overall approval rating to its highest point since last April. Fully 54 percent of all Americans now approve of the way he is handling his job as president, while 43 percent disapprove.

After calls from leaders in both major parties to temper the discourse after the shootings, Americans are hopeful that Obama and the Republicans in Congress will be able to work together this year on important issues. In the new poll, 55 percent said they are optimistic that the two sides will do so, up seven percentage points from an ABC News-Yahoo News survey taken just before the massacre.

This Post-ABC poll started the evening after Obama’s Arizona speech, and the numbers show a big shift among Republicans. In early October, as a heated midterm election campaign entered its final month, GOP approval of Obama dipped to 8 percent. It is now 22 percent. Most Republicans still strongly disapprove of the president’s job performance, but at 53 percent, such intense disapproval is down 10 points since December. It is now lower than at any point since the summer of 2009.  More…

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Obama Job Approval Reaches 50% for First Time Since Spring

This can’t be good news for the incoming GOP led Congress…LOL!


Obama Job Approval Reaches 50% for First Time Since Spring

Barack Obama averaged 50% job approval in the most recent three days of Gallup Daily tracking, the first time his rating has reached that mark since the Memorial Day holiday last year.
Americans enter the new year with considerably more optimism than pessimism about what it may bring: 58% say 2011 will be better than 2010, 20% say 2011 will be worse, and 21% say it will be the same.

Looking at 2011 Economy, Optimists Double Pessimists

Twice as many Americans think the U.S. economy will be better rather than worse in 2011. Forty-four percent think their personal financial situations will be better this year than in 2010.
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