Ethics Panel Says House Should Censure Charlie Rangel

There’s either one of two scenarios here that prevented the ethics panel from tossing Rangel out, totally:

1)  They felt sorry for the 80 year old congressman from Harlem based on his longevity in the House


2) So many Congressmen and Senators are in bed with so many “special interests” that just censuring Rangel seemed appropriate enough.  Of course that would be because they feared getting exposed for their ethical violations.

I choose the latter.

TPM Muckraker

Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) should be censured by the House of Representatives and pay back taxes for financial and fundraising misconduct, the House ethics committee recommended late Thursday.

The House of Representatives will likely consider the motion to censure the 20-term congressman after Thanksgiving, the Associated Press reported.

A bipartisan panel debated how Rangel should be punished for several hours on Thursday. The vote to recommend censure for Rangel was 9-1.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would give an oral rebuke to Rangel before his colleagues if the House votes to accept the committee’s recommendations.

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Rangel made an emotional appeal to the committee earlier in the day, and didn’t have much to say to reporters following the hearing. He later issued a statement of apology.

The ethics panel had already decided that Rangel was guilty of 11 ethics violations, a result Rangel said was unfair. He said it was the committee’s fault that he did not have a lawyer and walked out of the hearing, but the panel decided to go ahead.