The West Wing: “Then Shut It Down”

My favorite television program of all time…and one of my favorite episodes. 

(I have all 7 seasons in boxed sets.)


“The West Wing Always” ‘got it…’

I was looking at clips from my very favorite TV show of all time, The West Wing, when I ran across the clip below.   In this particular post, I will expose my liberalism for all to see and hear.  I usually try not to, on most posts, but now and then, it seeps out.  This, is one such occasion.

To all you sorry “scared of your own shadow” Democrat politicians out there, this one’s for you!  For all you extreme right-wing nuts, this one’s for you as well.  Go get’em Bruno Gianelli! 

The relevancy of both clips with regard to the current political climate is astonishing.

This one is my all time favorite “smack-down” from Jeb Bartlett, the fictitious Democratic POTUS in The West Wing.  This one is about a Dr. Laura “type” and was initially broadcast in 2000, I believe.


H/t “mimi and “kate” over at Politijab