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Orly Taitz loses birther case to an empty table

I thoroughly enjoy reporting on yet another epic fail by looney birther queen, Orly Taitz, et al…

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The court decision is in:  http://www.scribd.com/…

Orly Taitz represented one of four plaintiffs challenging President Obama’s eligibility for placement on the Democratic ballot in Georgia. The President and his counsel were subpoenaed to appear in court to defend against these challenges, but the President’s attorney issued a nice letter to the judge stating that the Court had no business or jurisdiction even hearing the case and therefore the defense would not be in attendance.

So Taitz and her fellow attorneys presented their best arguments without challenge from the defense, and requested a summary judgment on the merits.

And the Court’s judgment: the plaintiffs have no case and no credible evidence, and there is no law to support their claims. Judgment for the defendant, represented only by an empty table, on the merits. Or in this case, utter lack thereof.

Orly Taitz

Hawaii Health Department Tells Orly Taitz To Stuff It

Thanks to Crazy Internet People (Ms. Daisy) for the following post on yet another GOP nut job:

Crazy Internet People

After Orly sent her bogus self generated subpoena (with no authority from the courts) to the Hawaii Director of Health, Loretta Fuddy, she received and posted on her website this response, and a copy of the letter:

“Attorney General of HI states, that the director of Health Loretta Fuddy will not comply with the subpoena and will not provide access to original BC due to reasons of privacy. How is it private, when he posted the copy on Whitehouse.com. It’s not privacy, it’s forgery, stupid.”

Of course Orly is far to incompetent to grasp the fact that the state of Hawaii can only issue copies of a birth certificate to those legally eligible to obtain them. If Obama decides to release it further then that’s his business, and his right to do so. The fact that he did chose to release it to the public does NOT change the state laws.

There is much more to read from Ms. Daisy’s post…

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GOP signals subpoena for White House over leaked draft


Republican Reps. Darrell Issa and Sam Graves are signaling their intent to subpoena a top Obama administration official to testify about a controversial White House proposal that conservatives allege is an attempt to intimidate administration critics.

White House budget director Jake Lew, in a Friday letter, declined a request from Issa and Graves to testify at a Thursday joint hearing of their committees on a draft presidential order that would require companies seeking government contracts to disclose contributions.

“Unfortunately, because this hearing concerns a draft presidential executive order that is still moving through the standard review and feedback process, we will be unable to testify,” wrote Lew, who heads the Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

Issa (R-Calif.) and Graves (R-Mo.) responded Monday with a sharply critical letter, concluding, “If the OMB continues to demonstrate an unwillingness to cooperate fully with the Committee’s oversight function, we will be required to consider the use of compulsory process.”

Asked if that meant a subpoena of Lew could be forthcoming, a Republican source familiar with the situation said “We’re getting there” and called the letter “another step in the process.”

House Republicans – who swept into power last year promising rigorous oversight of a Democratic administration they contend has implemented a vastly overreaching expansion of government – have previously issued subpoenas to Obama administration agencies, including the departments of Homeland Security and Justice.

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