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Jon Stewart To O’Reilly: A Heartless Douche Is Not The Same As A Nazi Propagandist

Jon Stewart is unbelieveably on point here…


And the rhetorical battle between Jon Stewart and Bill O’Reilly continues! Last night O’Reilly took exception to the method by which Stewart’s held his Nazi rhetoric as an example of hypocrisy, defending the comment as being taken out of context. As we said last night, O’Reilly ironically took Stewart’s criticism out of context, or as Stewart said, it’s not why you made the Nazi reference, its that you made the Nazi reference.

Stewart illustrated his point further by showing a number of other examples of O’Reilly comparing his political foes to Nazis, making the Fox News anchor’s defense seem somewhat irrelevant. Perhaps the most damning part of the segment came when Stewart pointed out that the offensive quote O’Reilly used to rationalize the Nazi reference actually came from a commenter on a blog post, and not a credited author. Sealing the deal, Stewart then pointed out to a similarly horrible (though certainly less offensive) blog comment on

Good thing that the commenters on Mediaite never write anything offensive. Watch the video courtesy of Comedy Central below:

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Selective Editing? Bill O’Reilly ‘Corrects’ Jon Stewart Over Criticism Of Nazi Rhetoric

Mediate’s article below, tends to placate Bill O’Reilly and Fox News.  The fact of the matter is, Fox News, et al make it a standard practice to cherry pick and selectively edit videos that put them in a bad light.

This is so typical of Fox News and their commentators.  See here, here, and here and these are just a few examples.


Bill O’Reilly took exception to being included in Jon Stewart’s searing criticism of Fox News’ use of Nazi rhetoric in its opinion media programming. Focusing on a short clip sampled by Daily Show producers in which The Factor host compared “hate-filled blogs” with Nazi Germany, O’Reilly explained that the reference in question was taken out of context. Ironically, O’Reilly seemed to miss the context of Stewart’s criticism as well.

First, a bit of background. The rediscovered tone of civility in the days that followed President Obama’s speech at the Tucson memorial was sharply interrupted last week by Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN), who made what many saw as distasteful comparisons on the House floor, between the GOP and Nazi propaganda techniques. This culminated in a predictable set of finger-pointing by many media personalities, the last of which was Stewart’s searing rebuttal to Fox News’ Megyn Kelly’s claim that Fox News’ personalities do not make gratuitous Nazi references (as her guest Richard Socarides had alleged on her show).

By way of rebuttal to Stewart’s rebuttal, O’Reilly played a short clip from the Daily Show segment and explained that it was presented without larger context, which was absolutely true. The clip in question focused on what appeared to be an extremely distasteful, and most likely anonymous, blog comment on Huffington Post that suggested that Nancy Reagan should die. In the context of that comment, one can certainly see how angry and horrified a self-described traditionalist like O’Reilly would become. But to compare an anonymous blog comment to Nazi techniques is a tad hyperbolic.     More…


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Jon Stewart Demonstrates Just How Often Fox News Personalities Reference Nazis

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Only Jon Stewart can (or will) pull this off…


Last week Megyn Kelly notably pushed back when guest Richard Socarides claimed that Fox News opinion media types were guilty of making similar sort of Nazi references that Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) made on the house floor earlier last week. Tonight Jon Stewart challenged his production staff to find evidence of Nazi references on Fox News within 24 hours of Kelly’s comments and the results were not pretty. (Funny though!)

The following segment opens with a quick recap of Olbermann’s departure, before launching in a tour de force that is sure to make loyal fans of The Daily Show very happy.


Megyn Kelly: Fox News Pundits Don’t Make Nazi References (VIDEO)

Where do those Fox News personalities come from La La Land?  Do they actually believe that their audience is so dumbed down that they can constantly get away with this stuff?

Huffington Post

Megyn Kelly pushed back against a guest’s assertion that Fox News commentators make regular references to Nazis on the air, telling him it was “just not true.”

Kelly and her guest, former Clinton adviser Richard Socarides, were discussing Rep. Steve Cohen’s comparison of the GOP to Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels during a debate on health care. Socarides said he disagreed with Cohen’s comparison, but that Fox News had things to answer for as well.

“Every night on the very network that we’re on right now, the leading commentators on this network use this very language,” he said.

“That’s just not true, Richard,” Kelly said. “…I don’t if you sit and watch our programming every night, but I watch it every day and you’re wrong.”

Hopefully Kelly wasn’t watching Glenn Beck’s program later on Thursday. Beck used Cohen’s remarks to make a slew of Nazi references and comparisons.

“I’m glad to know he thinks Republicans learned their tactics from Goebbels,” Beck said of Cohen, “but does he know that Goebbels learned his tactics from the progressives?”

Later, Beck compared Obama aide Cass Sunstein’s so-called “Nudge” theory to the so-called “progressive” tactics that he said formed the basis of Goebbel’s thinking. “Progressive tactics are Nazi tactics,” Beck said. “Nazi tactics are progressive tactics.”