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Hell Freezes Over: Fox News Host Backs President Obama’s Statement On Mass Shootings (VIDEO)



In a clear break with Fox News policy to oppose President Obama no matter what, host Shep Smith sided with him on the issue of mass shootings.

In the wake of the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, in which three white males wearing military gear killed 14 and wounded 20, President Obama released a statement condemning the actions of the terrorists and once again called for a national effort to prevent gun violence.

“President Obama called today for a bipartisan effort at every level of government to address mass shootings,” Smith reported during during of the chaotic scene. Then he read President Obama’s statement.

“We don’t yet know what the motives of the shooters are, but what we do know is that there are steps we can take to make America safer and that we should come together on a bipartisan basis at every level of government to make these rare as opposed to normal,” Obama said. “We should never think that this is something that just happens in the ordinary course of events because it does not happen with the same frequency in other countries.”

At that point Shep Smith stood by President Obama’s statement and confirmed that America does, indeed, have a much higher rate of mass shootings than the rest of the world.

“[President Obama] got a lot of partisan pushback on that from his political opponents but the fact of the matter is, among developed nations, that’s the truth. These sorts of mass shootings with the regularity of where they occur in the United States — you don’t find that in other countries… you can extrapolate what you want. I can report to you with certainty that it happens more here than anywhere else in the world.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Smith and President Obama are correct. The United States does, in fact, lead the world in mass shootings. According to the Wall Street Journal:

“The U.S. represents less than 5% of the 7.3 billion global population but accounted for 31% of global mass shooters during the period from 1966 to 2012, more than any other country…”

And since 2012, the number have mass shootings have only increased as conservatives continue to dismantle current gun laws while refusing to enact sensible regulations to keep guns out of the hands of those who should not have them.

Finally, a Fox News host stands up for the truth instead of mindlessly ignoring the facts out of sheer hatred for President Obama. For once, President Obama has an ally on the conservative network letting viewers know that mass shootings have become an all too common occurrence that cannot be solved by prayers or adding more guns to the equation. It’s going to take a national effort to reduce gun violence through passage of gun control laws.

It’s too bad more Fox News hosts don’t have the spine to back up President Obama in this time when America needs actionable solutions to stop the bloodshed. But at least Shep Smith is a start.

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Fox Host DESTROYS ‘Factually Wrong’ Righties For Blaming Black Activists For Cop’s Death (VIDEO)

Fox News host Shepard Smith on Nov. 5, 2015.
Fox News host Shepard Smith on Nov. 5, 2015 | Image screen capture from Raw Story


Fox News is usually nothing but a right-wing propaganda machine. They spout the racist, homophobic, and anti-“anything-but-conservative” Christian rhetoric that their brainwashed, bigoted, ignorant viewers want to hear like it’s their job — because, well, it is. However, sometimes, even their own hosts get fed up and step out of line and tell the actual truth. That just happened with Shepard Smith with regards to the death of Fox Lake, Illinois police officer Joseph Gliniewicz.

We recently reported how Gliniewicz actually staged his own death. It was a suicide that was made to look like a murder, because it turns out the “hero” cop who was known for working with youth was actually embezzling money for years from the very organization so many praised him for heading up. He even tried to hire a hitman from the gang community to bump off a city employee who was about to cause his house of cards to tumble. Of course, before all of this came out, Fox quickly blamed black activists and their allies working to end police brutality against communities of color to explain why Gliniewicz was dead.

Well, Shep Smith was done defending what was said on his network prior to these revelations. He said in a recent broadcast, referencing the rabid right-wingers — particularly the ones he works with — who hate #BlackLivesMatter so much, while speaking with his on-air guest, Dann Schorr:

“Think of the narrative that came out of that from so many, many places, about, ‘It’s the fault of the Black Lives Matter movement.’ All of this stuff that was just, it really turned up the rhetoric and it really was factually wrong.”

Turning his attention to the dead cop’s attempt to have the official murdered, Smith continued:

“Today, it got disgusting.”

Schorr agreed with Smith, saying that the way to avoid having this big a glob of egg on one’s face is to “not jump to big conclusions.”

Smith echoed the sentiments, advising:

“Don’t get ahead of the news. It will run you over.”

They are right, of course. Too bad more folks over at Fox cannot see passed their biases like Shep Smith occasionally manages to do. These people’s fervent apologism for racist, brutal cops, their denial of systemic racism, and their own inherent racism means that they can’t do anything but blame #BlackLivesMatter for anything that goes wrong with cops, especially if there are fatalities involved.

Well, you fucked up big time on this one, Fox. Kudos to you, Shep Smith, for calling it out.

Watch video of the Shep Smith’s truth bomb below, via Media Matters HERE

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Shep Smith Offers The Anti-Fox Take On Ebola: Take A Deep Breath, Everything’s Fine (VIDEO)


Occasionally,  Shepard Smith emerges from the Fox News bubble and tells his audience the truth.  Yesterday was one such day…

TPM Livewire

It’s hard to say if he was addressing his viewers or his colleagues.

After all, Smith’s network has been a reliable source of hysteria and misinformation on the outbreak. Only a couple hours before Smith tried to provide a voice of reason, Fox anchor Jon Scott almost seemed disappointed when an infectious disease expert didn’t go along with the Ebola scaremongering.

Before Scott’s breathless interview, the gang on “Outnumbered” pilloried U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Tom Frieden for supposedly withholding important information about the outbreak.

“How could he not?” asked an indignant Stacey Dash, the former “Clueless” star who’s now a Fox regular.

Similarly, Judge Jeannine Piro contended last week that the government wasn’t playing it straight on the crisis.

“Tell us the truth for once,” Piro thundered on her weekend program.

So it was hard not to interpret Smith’s “fact-dissemination exercise” as both an effort to talk his colleagues off the ledge and to swat down their baseless accusations.

“Suggestions have been made publicly that leaders and medical professionals may be lying to us,” Smith said. “Those suggestions are completely without basis in fact. There is no evidence of any kind of which we at Fox News are aware that leaders have lied about anything regarding Ebola.”

Watch Smith’s statement here:


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Romney’s 47% Fiasco Fuels MSNBC Ratings Rout For Rachel Maddow

Rachel Maddow

I watch Rachel Maddow every day.  In fact I wouldn’t miss her show for all the tea in China!  So this is great news.  Rachel is not a gossip mongerer nor does she embellish the news to fit her or her company’s agenda.   She’s a natural born teacher of sorts and explains the news that she reports clearly and concisely.

This is no surprise when we all know if the news about Romney doesn’t fit their agenda, Fox News will embellish it or not report it at all.  People want facts, not propaganda.

The Daily Kos

Just like when the party conventions concluded and the DNC’s superior production boosted the audience for MSNBC’s primetime programming, the release of the crippling video of Mitt Romney dismissing half the nation as moochers  is having a positive effect on MSNBC as well.

On Monday, Rachel Maddow crushed Sean Hannity scoring 32% more viewers in the key advertiser demo of adults 25-54. Also, Chris Matthews’ Hardball beat Shepard Smith and Lawrence O’Donnell topped Greta Van Susteren.

Last night (Tuesday), Rachel again rolled over Hannity by an even larger margin (37%).  And O’Donnell continued his dominance of Van Susteren.  On both nights MSNBC took the total primetime time period from Fox News. These wins are significant in that they don’t occur very often.  What’s more, they are routing Fox’s perennial winners without any special programming along the lines of a convention or debate.  This is strictly news driven.

However, even more noteworthy is that Maddow’s demo numbers on Tuesday were the highest in all of the cable news primetime schedule.  She even bested Bill O’Reilly by 3% despite the fact that O’Reilly’s guest was Jon Stewart who ought to have drawn in the younger viewers that ordinarily shun O’Reilly. With his devoted older-skewing viewers, plus the kids from Stewart’s heavily promoted guest appearance, O’Reilly should have run away with the night.

Maddow’s decisive victory suggests that there is something brewing in the cable news game. Viewers are responding to the editorial content of MSNBC and its most dynamic presenters. It’s still way too soon to make definitive statements or projections, but the gathering trends are promising.

Now all MSNBC has to do is capitalize on the new attention they are receiving and bring in new talent. Ed Schultz, who has not been contributing to this upswing, may be due for a makeover or a co-host. And there’s no need to repeat Hardball in the early evening when a new show could could broaden the audience. My long-shot pick: I’d give former Rep. Anthony Weiner a shot. If Eliot Spitzer can get a show on Current, Weiner should have a second chance too. He’s smart, experienced, and entertaining. And the publicity would help bring in a curious audience.

Gay Marriage

Fox News’ Shep Smith: Obama now in the 21st century

Shepard Smith via screenshot

I agree with a Fox News commentator, OMG!

The Raw Story

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith reacted to the news that President Barack Obama had endorsed same sex marriage by coolly remarking that the President is “now in the 21st century.”

Smith later said Republicans who opposed same sex marriage were “on the wrong side of history” and compared same sex marriage to the civil rights movement.

“Of course, in reality, what really matters is what governors are saying,” he said.

“This makes no legal changes of any kind. This is a states issue, at least for now, which may sound familiar to a couple of generations ago, but that’s where we are.”

Southern segregationists had invoked “states rights” to defend discriminatory laws against federal intervention.

Watch video, courtesy of Politico, here…

Fox News · Roger Ailes

Fox News Chief Makes Huge Admission, Disses Tons Of His Stars

Does this mean that Fox News is abandoning the monster they created called The Tea Party?

The Huffington Post

Fox News CEO Roger Ailes has given one of his typically candid interviews to Newsweek. The interview was published Monday.

For a man who first made his name as a media guru for Richard Nixon, Ailes is often surprisingly forthcoming about Fox News and his opinions. In previous interviews, he has called NPR executives “Nazis” (he later apologized), said he didn’t mind if people thought Glenn Beck was fired from the channel, and admitted that he wants both Bill and Hillary Clinton to join Fox News.

Behind the scenes, Ailes is reported to have clashed with Sarah Palin and told Beck to cool his more controversial rhetoric.

Monday’s interview offered up more of Ailes’ unvarnished opinions about his network and his employees. He made a big admission to Newsweek, saying that he has made a “course correction” at Fox News, veering it away from the hard-right line it took in the earlier days of the Obama administration. (Ailes offered a preview of this strategy in January, when he told Russell Simmons that he had ordered his anchors and pundits to “tone it down” in the wake of the Gabrielle Giffords shooting.) Beck’s departure, as well as a more nuanced approach to his most famous pundit, Sarah Palin, have been part of that strategy, Ailes said.

He also spoke openly about many of his anchors, saying that Bill O’Reilly “hates” Sean Hannity because he’s jealous of his radio success (and thus confirming years of rumors about the animosity between the two).

Ailes also called Hannity “predictable” and said that he sometimes has to have a word with Shepard Smith when Smith says things that may not go over well with the Fox News crowd. (He didn’t say whether he was referring to Smith’s seemingly pro-union comments about the Wisconsin protests, or his saying that the killing of Osama bin Laden was illegal and that American foreign policy is on a dangerous path.)

Read the full interview, including news about Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry’s relationship with Ailes, here.

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Fox News abruptly cuts away from Tucson vigil after mourner mentions Sarah Palin

The Raw Story

The Fox News Channel abruptly cut to commercial after a mourner attending a Tuscon, Arizona vigil for those killed in Saturday’s shootings mentioned Fox employee Sarah Palin as one of the culprits behind a rising tide of violent rhetoric in US politics and media.

As they awaited the beginning of a Pima County Sheriff’s Department press conference, Fox News host Shep Smith cued a live video from the vigil for Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-AZ), who sustained a bullet wound to the head and was among a total of 19 shot in a sudden attack outside a grocery store.

At the vigil, which was carried live by some — including CNN’s website — a man stepped up to the microphone holding a candle and implored those in power to ask themselves why they actually want to be in such a position.

“And I say to you, Sarah Palin,” he began, just before Fox News abruptly cut the feed.

In video that seemed to be unavailable late Saturday, the man continued, calling for violent rhetoric in politics and the media to be toned down. His sentiment was seemingly echoed by Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik.   More…

First Responder Bill

“How Do They Sleep?” Shep Smith Blasts Congress Over 9/11 First Responders Bill

At least there is one person over at Fox News with some compassion for the “little guy”…


A wonderful moment of pure outrage–and classic television–from Shepard Smith on Fox News Friday afternoon as he and Chris Wallace waited for President Obama’s tax cut signing ceremony.

Discussing the amount of money on “tax cuts for billionaires who don’t need them,” Smith railed against the very same lawmakers who somehow couldn’t get relief passed for 9/11 first responders.

How do they sleep at night after this vote on Ground Zero first responders from 9/11? Are they going to get that done, or are we going to leave these American heroes out there to twist in the wind?

Wallace, who agreed more should be done for the first responders–some of whom appeared Thursday night on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show in a much-discussed segment skewering Republicans for refusing to support the 9/11 bill.

Shep took Stewart’s lead and ran with it:

Smith and Wallace never named names Friday afternoon, but did rip the “political” failure. “Who’s going to hold these people’s feet to the fire? We’re able to put a 52 story building so far down there at Ground Zero, we’re able to pay for tax cuts for billionaires who don’t need them and it’s not going to stimulate the economy. But we can’t give health care to Ground Zero first responders who ran right into the fire? Went down there to save people? Do people know what this city was like that day? People were walking over bridges they were covered in ash they were running for their lives they were crying their family members were dead. And these people ran to Ground Zero to save people’s lives. And we’re not going to even give them medicine for the illnesses they got down there? It’s disgusting, it’s a national disgrace, it’s a shame and everybody who voted against should have to stand up and account for himself or herself.


Boehner, Fox’s Shep Smith, And Other Journalists Slam Breitbart For His Race-Baiting Smear Campaign

Uh oh, if John Boehner is chastising Little Andrew, I suppose Fox and Little Andy will bring the race baiting thing down a notch or two.  We’ll see.  On the other hand, they may fire Shepard Smith for his outspoken comments about the entire matter.

Think Progress

This morning, President Barack Obama apologized to former USDA official Shirley Sherrod for her forced resignation based on a highly misleading video produced by right-wing media tycoon Andrew Breitbart. Obama “expressed his regret” in a phone call with Sherrod, which she described as “a very good conversation.” Sherrod also said she is considering suing Breitbart — who has refused to apologize or retract the story — for defamation, noting, “He was willing to destroy me…in order to try to destroy the NAACP.”

But Sherrod isn’t the only one denouncing Breitbart’s deceitful tactics. Speaking to the Daily Caller, House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) called it “unfortunate” that Breitbart “didn’t lay out the whole story, as opposed to a part of it.” “They only put a little piece of the story out there and people make judgments and they rush and they make bad decisions. They make rash decisions,” Boehner said.

Meanwhile, Fox New anchor Shep Smith — whose network breathlessly promoted the smear campaign — slammed Breitbart’s BigGovernment.com as “widely discredited,” and blasted the White House for acting on its video.  Smith even called out his own employer, saying, “The video, taken completely out of context, it ran all over the Internet, and television, including on this network:”

We here at Studio B did not run the video and did not reference the story in any way for many reasons, among them: we didn’t know who shot it, we didn’t know when it was shot, we didn’t know the context of the statement, and because of the history of the videos on the site where it was posted, in short we do not and did not trust the source. […]

[The White House based its decision on] an edited videotape on a widely discredited website that has had inaccurate postings of videos in the past–edited to the point where the world was deceived. … What in the world has happened to our industry and the White House?

As Media Matters documented, a number of high-profile journalists have joined Smith in condemning Breitbart.  CNN’s Anderson Cooper said Breitbart’s video was “clearly edited to deceive and slander Miss Sherrod.” Cooper added that Breitbart’s efforts to “weasel his way out of taking responsibility for what he did to Miss Sherrod is a classic example of what is wrong with our national discourse.” Politico’s Ben Smith noted that “Breitbart’s sites now have a growing credibility problem.”

Even conservative journalists, like the Weekly Standard’s John McCormack, denounced Breitbart. “Breitbart’s posting of the partial clip, which leaves out crucial information, was unfair to Sherrod,” McCormack wrote. “Sherrod deserves an apology from Breitbart for posting the edited video.” The National Review’s Jonah Goldberg agreed, writing Sherrod is “owed apologies from pretty much everyone, including my good friend Andrew Breitbart.”

However, Breitbart has at least one defender in hate radio host Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh attacked Shep Smith for “cav[ing]” and said the NAACP should now be spelled “R-A-C-I-S-M,” Limbaugh add.

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Shepard Smith: What In The World Has Happened To Our Industry?

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