Petraeus Hearings: Tuesday At 9:30

Firedoglake – Spencer Ackerman

The Senate managed to schedule them on a rare day I’ll be working from the New York offices of Wired… Ah, I give thanks to the miracle of the internet for my  coverage.

Now, sure, we’ll get hearing questions like, “Is Afghanistan half as hard as you are awesome?” But I’m hoping the Senate Armed Services Committee can solicit Petraeus’s views on some of the questions listed in this piece. Obviously it’s important to get additional clarity on his perspective on July 2011, but I would guess he said what he wanted to say about the date-to-begin-a-conditions-based-transition-to-Afghan-security-responsibility-and-commensurate-slow-troop-reductions-while-assuring-the-Afghans-we-want-a-long-term-relationship-and-the-Pakistanis-too-by-the-way at his Senate hearing last week. But it’s also important to hear what he thinks about the rules of engagement, JSOC, detention operations and the Parwan transfer (and exceptions to it?), Kandahar and especially the relative importance of RC-South/east and RC-East. New boss Noah had a great post yesterday on the differences between Petraeus-style COIN and McChrystal-style COIN, so it’ll be illuminating to see Petraeus address the similarities and discontinuities in his approach relative to his friend and predecessor’s.