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Nice Timing: New York Times Investigation Of Incoming GOP Senator Drops After Elections

Did they really think this whole thing would go unnoticed?   This is par for the course with the GOP.  It’s unfair and unbalanced!

Huffington Post

One week after Rep. Brad Ellsworth went down to defeat in the race against Dan Coats to fill the seat of retiring Senator Evan Bayh (D-Ind.), The New York Times ran an A1 story about the work Coats did to help Cooper Industries, a Texas corporation that moved its headquarters to Bermuda to evade US taxes.

Nice timing.

“He was annoyed the Times chose to wait until after the election to write that story,” Jon Kott, a spokesman for Ellsworth, told The Huffington Post. “This is something he said for eight months and then a week after [Coats] gets elected…”

The article revealed that Coats served as co-chairman of a lobbyist team for Cooper Industries in 2007, working “behind the scenes” to block legislation in the Senate that would have closed a tax loophole worth hundreds of millions of dollars to the company.

It’s surprising more wasn’t made of the issue, since closing offshore loopholes and preventing American jobs from going overseas were central talking points for Democrats this election season.

“We did make this an issue during the campaign and the Indiana media was somewhat receptive but it didn’t seem to gain traction,” Kotts told HuffPost in a follow-up email.

A review of the attack-ad website Lobbyist Dan Coats shows it doesn’t include the words: “U.S. jobs,” “loophole,” “headquarters,” “Bermuda,” or “Cooper.”

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