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UH-OH: Sarah Palin Sounds Ready To Declare WAR On Trump

UH-OH: Sarah Palin Sounds Ready To Declare WAR On Trump

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Sarah Palin has stepped out of the shadows and sent a warning shot across Donald Trump’s bow. Largely silent for most of the election since she endorsed Trump some months ago, Palin is speaking out after Trump made comments that have been interpreted as a change in his anti-immigration position.

While there’s no actual concrete policy shift, and just comments made on cable news, Trump has said he could back away from his proposed plan for a mass deportation of undocumented immigrants.

That has angered Palin, who went on the record with the Wall Street Journal.

In recent days, Mr. Trump has shifted away from calling for mass deportation of illegal immigrants to suggesting some could stay if they paid back taxes.

“If Mr. Trump were to go down a path of wishy-washy positions taken on things that the core foundation of his support has so appreciated, and that is respecting our Constitution and respecting law and order in America, then yeah, there would be massive disappointment,” Mrs. Palin, the Republican nominee for vice president in 2008, said in a telephone interview with the Wall Street Journal. “Parts of that message we heard in the last week are clearly not consistent with the stringent position and message that supporters have received all along.”

Support from Palin undoubtedly helped Trump during the primaries, especially when she had previously been associated with more traditional conservatives like Senator Ted Cruz.

But since then she has been on the backburner. He has done few campaign events with her, and she did not receive a speaking slot at the Republican Convention in Cleveland. When asked about the apparent snub, Trump made the bizarre claim, “It’s a little bit difficult because of where she is. We love Sarah. Little bit difficult because of, you know, it’s a long ways away.” Palin has previously spoken at conservative events like CPAC on the east coast without any transportation problems.

By Oliver Willis

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Trump’s VP “Scout” Helped Find Sarah Palin

Trump's VP "Scout" Helped Find Sarah Palin

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One of the most important things a Presidential candidate can do to try to lock in their win is to pick a solid running mate. Some candidates have been ridiculed largely because of their VP’s (Dan Quayle comes to mind). Sarah Palin was considered an awful pick for John McCain and contributed to McCain’s inability to win the 2008 election, back when there were more sane Republicans.

So who do you think Hair Drumpf turned to for assistance? Only the best of course. I mean, he knows the best people, the smartest, the most connected, the most tremendous! He turned to Mr. A. B. Culvahouse Jr.. Who is Culvahouse, you ask? He is the exact same “expert” that helped John McCain pick Sarah Palin. Wait, that was a terrible idea, right?

Well, Daily Kos reports that Culvahouse visited Trump Tower on Wednesday for a meeting with Trump’s aides, presumably to help him narrow down the VP selection process. Will Sarah Palin be on the short list? Sleepypants Carson? Bridgegate Christie? Lyin’ Ted? Little Marco?

Bloomberg reports that Culvahouse served as White House counsel to President Reagan from 1987 to 1989 and assisted with the failed SCOTUS nomination of Robert Bork.

Ironically, Culvahouse talked about the extensive “vetting process” during an interview with the Wall Street Journal in 2012. He explained how all potential VP picks must provide:

tax returns, medical histories, financial statements, court records and answer questions regarding infidelity, sexual harassment, discrimination, plagiarism, alcohol or drug addiction, delinquent taxes, credit history, and use of government positions or resources for personal benefit.”

Wait, so Herr Trumpf doesn’t have to provide these but his VP pick does? Isn’t that a bit…ridiculous?

By Sarah P

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Palin: Paul Ryan’s going down

Sarah Palin

CNN Screenshot


So $arah Palin, the half-term, half-brained former governor of Alaska, went on CNN to say that House Speaker Paul Ryan is toast for not backing GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump.

I’m sure the House speaker is quaking in his running shoes.

“I think Paul Ryan is soon to be Cantored,” the Wasilla Hillbilly told Jake Tapper on CNN’s State of the Union, trying to give the impression that she was “in the know” by using former Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s name as a verb.

“His political career is over but for a miracle because he has so disrespected the will of the people, and as the leader of the GOP, the convention, certainly he is to remain neutral, and for him to already come out and say who he will not support is not a wise decision of his,” she said in Palin-speak.

Palin promises to work for Ryan primary opponent, Paul Nehlen, although she hasn’t bothered to tell him yet. Nehlen has endorsed Trump. (I didn’t realize it, but Wisconsin has its state primary in August, even though the presidential primary is over.) Perhaps someone should remind Caribou Barbie that Trump lost Wisconsin.

So she’s still looking for ways to remain relevant, and apparently the media are willing to give her those platforms.

Sher Watts Spooner

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Palin: Bill Nye ‘as much a scientist as I am’

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Sarah Palin tore into Bill Nye’s scientific qualifications on Thursday, saying he has no authority to say climate skeptics are wrong.

Palin, the former governor of Alaska and the 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate, said the man known for his show “Bill Nye the Science Guy,” is using his position of authority to harm children by teaching them that climate change is real and man-made.

“Bill Nye is as much a scientist as I am,” Palin said at a Capitol Hill event held to roll out a film that aims to discredit climate scientists. “He’s a kids’ show actor, he’s not a scientist.”

Palin said behind the “alarmism” that the climate is changing is a “predetermined” and political agenda “of those, I think, who are controlling the narrative right now on changes in the weather.”

She repeatedly dismissed climate change as changes in weather, and said scientists who believe the consensus that humans are the main cause of global warming are trying to shut down human progress.

Palin encouraged parents to teach their children to doubt climate change and to “ask those questions and not just believe what Bill Nye the Science Guy is trying to tell them.”

Palin, largely unknown on the national stage before the 2008 election, made a name for herself as an outspoken advocate of fossil fuels, repeatedly exclaiming, “Drill, baby, drill!” during the campaign to encourage more oil and natural gas drilling.

She has endorsed Donald Trump in the 2016 election, though she largely shied away from talking about presidential politics Thursday, except to suggest that candidates talk more about the climate change controversy.

“It’s something that our candidates should be talking about, and giving us their view on and hopefully acknowledging that it needs to become, in the science community, less political,” she said. “Otherwise, it leads us to believe that so many things coming from perhaps the scientists could be bogus. If this is bogus, you know, what else are they trying to tell us and trying to control us around if they can’t get this one right?”

Nye is a one of the main targets of the film shown Thursday, known as “Climate Hustle.” It stars Marc Morano, head of skeptic blog Climate Depot, and is presented largely as a response to “Merchants of Doubt,” a documentary attacking skeptics and comparing them to the tobacco industry.

In an interview with Morano in the film that he highlighted, Nye advocates for investigating people and companies who make a name for themselves doubting climate science.

“The introduction of this extreme doubt … about climate change is affecting my quality of life as a public citizen,” he said. “So I can see where people are very concerned about this and are pursuing criminal investigations as well engaging in discussions like this … they’re keeping us from getting to work, they’re holding us back.”

Palin shot back at the event.

“I’m all about mankind. I want life to be better for mankind and that takes development of our natural resources. That’s what allowed America to become exceptional,” she said.

“If anything, some people would say I’m pushing progress and development too aggressively, certainly not holding anybody back, I want people to work, I want people to produce.”

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Palin Stuns Room With Claim Latinos Are Enticed Over Border With Soccer Ball-Filled Gift Baskets (TWEETS)

Sarah Palin Feb 26, 2015 – CPAC (AP)


Sarah Palin did that thing where her mouth began moving but her brain was in no way involved, and this time she managed to say some stuff that was both so offensive and so stupid that she stunned an entire room full of Republican donors into silence. Then people started laughing.

Palin was speaking in her capacity as a Donald Trump surrogate to a room full of Milwaukee GOP voters (and unfortunately for her, a good number of reporters). Wisconsin is crucial for the Republican primary, and her presence there was meant to bolster Trump’s sagging poll numbers. As a “winner take all” state, Wisconsin could be the key to whether Trump gets the nomination before the convention or doesn’t. The stakes are very high – and he sent in Sarah Palin. She failed. She failed really, really badly.

Her singular ability to create baffling word salads was out in full display. Reporters quickly began firing off tweets documenting the cringeworthy performance. By all accounts, Palin was met with a pretty unenthusiastic crowd. And things only got worse.


One moment did make people sit up, though. During Palin’s rant, she floated the theory that undocumented immigrants are flocking to the United States because they are promised free soccer balls and gift baskets when they arrive.


Who are giving these people soccer ball-filled gift baskets? Trump’s opponent Ted Cruz and his friend conservative radio host Glenn Beck. Of course.


In fact, as Mediaite notes , Palin’s bizarre rant about soccer balls may stem from a two year old story about how Glenn Beck went to the border during the child immigrant crisis in 2014 with supplies for the children. At the time, Beck (and Palin) blamed Obama for the children being sent to the border to escape violence and famine in South and Central America. Beck enlisted Ted Cruz to help deliver the packages. It was their way of opportunistically doing something nice for the kids, while also publicly shaming a president that they hated.

What’s baffling is that Palin seems to believe that the soccer balls doled out by Glenn Beck in 2014 actually droveimmigrants to come to America. In her delusional telling, Ted Cruz – a fanatical anti-immigrant crusader – is “pro-immigration” because he took part in a photo shoot with detained immigrant children waiting to be deported in 2014. If your eyes just rolled into the back of your head, imagine sitting in a room with her as she makes that pitch. The crowd began openly mocking her.


It’s safe to say, Sarah Palin didn’t win Trump any votes in Milwaukee – and may have actually cost him a few.

Watch Palin’s insane speech below:

Jameson Parker



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Sarah Palin Crushes Ted Cruz After He Correctly Identifies Her As An Idiot (IMAGE)


This GOP civil war just keeps getting more entertaining.

Sarah Palin helped create Ted Cruz by endorsing him for the Senate in 2012 and now she is destroying him four years later after he called Trump supporters such as herself “low information” voters. Basically, he called Palin stupid and she threw a hissy fit about it. You know, because the truth hurts.

Anyway, America’s village idiot took aim at Cruz on her Facebook page in a rant shredding the Texas Senator with the same slams that have been used against her in years past.

“Calling GOP frontrunner supporters “low information” disengaged voters, Ted Cruz’s insinuation reeks of all the reasons America knows “the status quo has got to go”,” Palin wrote. “The arrogance of career politicians is something at which the rest of us chuckle, but Cruz’s latest dig strays from humorous into downright nasty.”

And then really let him have it.

“Where’s information on any Cruz success whilst in his short, half-term U.S. Senate seat, proving his resume’s advantage over another career politicians’s lawyerly executive inexperience that includes never having created a single private sector job, but boasting of his constitutional law teacher creds? (Remember America experimented with that resume before; how’d that work out for the country?)”

Then she proceeded to list even more reasons why Cruz is a bad candidate, including his association with Glenn Beck, her mortal enemy. She also threw Carly Fiorina in his face by quoting her word for word on how she felt about Cruz prior to endorsing him.

Info on consistency with his big endorsement this week, as Carly tells it like it is so very recently?
“Ted Cruz is just like any other politician. He says one thing in Manhattan, he says another thing in Iowa. He says whatever he needs to say to get elected, and then he’s going to do as he pleases. I think people are tired of a political class that promises much and delivers much of the same.” – Carly Fiorina 1/2/16

Here’s the full post via Facebook.



Read more of Palin’s comment>>>

This hasn’t been the best day for Ted Cruz. In the 24 hours, Cruz has been the butt of one of President Obama’s jokes, called out as a liar by Donald Trump at the GOP Debate, and has now been trashed by the queen of the Tea party trailer park. I think we can all agree we need more popcorn if this feud continues.

Stephen D Foster Jr

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Our terrified hyperpatriots: Here’s what Palin, Trump and anti-Muslim extremists fear most

Our terrified hyperpatriots: Here's what Palin, Trump and anti-Muslim extremists fear most

Sarah Palin, Donald Trump (Credit: Jeff Malet, maletphoto.com)


When Palin demands “speak American” or Trump targets Muslims, this is the fear they’re playing on

In times of racism, there is no such thing as a neutral articulation of culture. In fact, the practice of everyday culture becomes inherently threatening. The victim of racism cannot partake of even simple rites of identity without the racist interpreting those rites as proof of the victim’s inferiority.

This phenomenon has played out in the United States for centuries around forms of black and Native music, phenotype, dialect, fashion, language and spirituality. We now see it in paranoid and sometimes violent reaction to anything that signals Arab-ness, which itself, against the realities Arabs actually inhabit, signals a singular and immutable Islam.

A man in Philadelphia was recently beaten for speaking Arabic. A few months earlier, two Palestinians were prevented from boarding a flight at Chicago’s Midway Airport because another passenger heard the same terrifying sounds. After raising a fuss, the men were finally allowed on the plane. A skittish flier demanded to know what was in a box they carried, so the two men popped open the baklawa and a planeload of people (minus two, presumably) entered the sky full and happy.

On Martin Luther King Day, Delta removed “a random brown person” from a flight after a customer expressed apprehension. After his removal, surely a moment of terrible humiliation for him, a flight attendant thanked the passenger who had complained—an ideological act, no doubt, but one also intended to assuage potential guilt or discomfort. These gestures normalize the hierarchies that allow only the majority to access safety and dignity.

Arabs, and those who might be mistaken for one (however implausibly), have less to worry about from the Transportation Security Administration than they do from fellow travelers eager to fulfill their patriotic obligations.

People have been kicked off airplanes for speaking Arabic, holding the Quran, wearing strange regalia, reading Amin Maalouf’s “The Crusades Through Arab Eyes,” or simply being brown. This discrimination is troublesome on its own, but consider: Which hijacker in the history of air travel announced his ill intentions by flaunting the same imagery everyone around him is conditioned to fear? American racism has always rendered itself indispensable by transforming the mundane into something spectacular or sinister.

The cultural artifacts of Arab-ness (themselves media inventions) would be inconsequential, at worst an exotic curiosity, if they didn’t illuminate the distressing fact that some people are incapable of becoming real Americans.

Why else do hyperpatriots regularly harass or assault women wearing hijab? They detest such dangerous symbols. The perception of danger is a byproduct of the hyperpatriot’s underactive imagination, which makes him even more apt to act on his angst. The hijab is the most brazen of the garments that trigger a vision of the future in which imperiled white Christians are subject to the barbarism of a new majority. The hyperpatriot isn’t threatened by theocracy, per se, for his own political idols implement theocratic laws in the United States. It is the prospect of a theocracy in which he isn’t cosseted as exceptional that so enrages him.

There is also the spectacle of confusing Sikhs with Muslims and in turn attacking them, a uniquely American phenomenon. In 2012, white supremacist Wade Michael Page, thinking they were Muslim, murdered six people at a Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, one of the gravest examples of modern American terrorism. Despite endless discussion of terrorism in the United States, Page is virtually forgotten. The same media that hesitated to call him a terrorist reinforce the notions of an undifferentiated foreign threat that informed Page’s confusion.

The hijab, the dastar, and the hatta simultaneously obscure and intensify the hyperpatriot’s gaze. He sees ominous cultural mysteries in the unseen.

That Sikhs are so easily conflated with Muslims is only the start of widespread racial confusion in today’s United States. In some ways, “Muslim” has become a catchall slur, applied to everybody from the president to undocumented workers—and, thanks to one persistent imbecile, the prime minister of Canada and the prince of Wales—but the slur can conceal other forms of racism whose articulation isn’t always so explicit.



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Track Palin served one year in Iraq and it was under George W. Bush, not Obama



Shortly after Sarah Palin announced her endorsement of Donald Trump on Tuesday afternoon, news broke out of Wasilla, Alaska that her son had been arrested. When the details of the charges were released, the media went into a frenzy and Palin went into damage control.

Originally released by Gawker, the press release from the Wasilla Police Department note that 26-year-old Track Palin was arrested and charged with domestic violence against a woman, interfering with the victim’s ability to report the crime in question, and possessing a firearm while being intoxicated. During a campaign stop for Trump in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Jan. 20, Palin blamed President Obama for her son’s troubles, but the details of his military history don’t appear to line up with her allegations.

Citing his past as a member of the military, Palin said her son returned from the Middle East “hardened” and “a bit different.” Palin continued, linking her son’s alleged PTSD to the assault charges against him. The former failed vice presidential candidate then turned her attention to the president, stating, “It starts from the top, the question though it comes from our own president, when they have to look at him and wonder, do you know what we go through.” Paul Rieckhoff, the head of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), was critical of Palin blaming the president, stating that he hopes it “doesn’t become a portable chew toy in a political campaign.”

The allegations by Palin against the president contradict with the details in question. Palin blames Obama for her son’s actions and his possible PTSD that he suffered as a result of spending time in Iraq. However, Track Palin was a part of Alaska’s 25th Infantry Division’s 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team that served in Iraq for one year in 2008. While honorable, the time he spent in Iraq that Palin claims caused his PTSD was under the orders of then President George W. Bush, and not President Barack Obama, as reported by NBC News.

Since that time, Track Palin has been in numerous run-ins with the law, include a massive brawl at a house party in Anchorage, Alaska in 2014. No charges were filed, but CNN notes that Track attempted to start a fight with his father, Todd, and was described as being “heavily intoxicated” and “belligerent.”

Robert Sobel

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Sarah Palin Goes On A Demented Mentally Unstable Rant About Obama While Endorsing Trump

MSNBC Screenshot


Sarah Palin was supposed to be endorsing Donald Trump, but within moments of taking the stage, Palin unleashed a demented and mentally unstable rant about President Obama.

Palin said:

Thank a vet and know that United States military deserves a Commander In Chief who loves our country passionately, and will never apologize for this country. A new Commander In Chief, who never leave our men behind. A new Commander In Chief one who never lie to the families of the fallen.

I’m in it because just last week we’re watching our sailors suffer and be humiliated on a world stage at the hands of Iranian captors in violation of international law. Because a weak-kneed capitulator in chief has decided that America will lead from behind, and he who would negotiate deals like kind of with the skills of a community organizer maybe organizing the neighborhood tea. Well he deciding that America would apologize as part of the deal as the enemy sends a message to the rest of the world that they capture, and we kowtow, and we apologize, and then we bend over and say thank you enemy.

Palin also whined about the media and was her generally unhinged self. Sarah Palin was a moldy flashback to the past. Palin brought out all of her old 2008 Obama slurs. Palin inaccurately accused President Obama of incompetence, apologizing for America, and lying.

The circle has now been completed as the ugly racism that Sarah Palin injected into the Republican Party in 2008 has matured into the candidacy of Donald Trump. Palin laughably accused Obama and Democrats of race baiting, while standing beside Donald Trump who called all Mexican immigrants drug dealers and rapists.

Sarah Palin is a permanent stain on the United States of America, and she has come back into the 2016 race to satisfy her own ego and replenish her dwindling coffers.

Palin is all about ego and greed. She has never been able to let go of her bitter hatred of President Obama for beating her in 2008. The mainstream media won’t report it this way, but the full Palin ugliness was on display in Iowa, and it was disguised as an endorsement of Donald Trump.

Jason Easley

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Not the Onion: Sarah Palin calls on immigrants to ‘speak American’

Sarah Palin speaks to CNN (screen grab)
Sarah Palin speaks to CNN (screen grab)

Ponder this for a second…had John McCain won the election back in 2008 this woman would be campaigning for the Presidency  right now as Vice-President Palin. (ks)


Former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin said on Sunday that immigrants should speak “American” while visiting the Unite States.

Speaking to CNN’s Jake Tapper, Palin disagreed with GOP presidential hopeful Jeb Bush’s assertion that Donald Trump was intolerant for insisting that candidates not speak Spanish while campaigning.

“I don’t know what choosing to speak English or Spanish in a conversation, what that would have to do — somebody opposing it — with tolerance or not,” Palin explained. “I think it’s a benefit of Jeb Bush to be able to be so fluent in Spanish because we have a large and wonderful Hispanic population that is helping to build America and that’s good and that’s a great relationship and connection that he has with them through his wife and through his family connections.”

“On the other hand,” she continued. “You know, I think we can send a message and say, you want to be in America, A, you better be here legally or you’re out of here. B, when you’re here, let’s speak American.”

“I mean, that’s just — let’s speak English and that’s kind of a unifying aspect of a nation… That’s one of those issues too where, whoop, it goes right over the public’s head, legitimately so, they’re on to the next issues that are very important for the candidates to be debating.”

Watch the video below from CNN.