Stewart Finds Hypocrisy In Sarah Palin Supporting Dr. Laura (VIDEO)

As usual, we get our real news from Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert of Comedy Central:

Huffington Post

Last night on “The Daily Show,” Jon Stewart took some time off from discussing Fox News and the “Ground Zero Mosque” to talk about Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s N-word rant, but more specifically Sarah Palin’s defense of it. 

After reviewing Dr. Laura’s resignation from radio on “Larry King Live,” Stewart wondered aloud: 

“Who knows so little about the constitution and the first amendment? Who thinks that the way to be a more effective voice for your followers is to your quit your job?”

Of course, Sarah Palin’s resignation as Alaska’s governor came to mind. Stewart showed a news clip discussing Palin’s support for Dr. Laura via a Tweet – “Don’t retreat. Reload!” Palin’s call for Laura to stay on the air resonated with Stewart, who remembered a time when Palin reacted the exact opposite way in a similar situation. He then showed a clip of Palin calling for Rahm Emanuel’s resignation after he said some ideas were “retarded” in a strategy session. 

So what’s worse to say – the “N-word” or the “R-word?” In order to clear through the vernacular fog, Stewart turned again to John Oliver and Wyatt Cynac. Instead of playing “Team Evil” and “Team Stupid” like in last night’s debate about Fox News, they played “Team N-Word” and “Team R-Word” to see which derogatory term was more offensive. 

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While Demanding Muslims Be Sensitive To 9/11 Victims, Sarah Palin Defends Dr. Laura’s Racial Insensitivity

This is the woman who chooses to defend Laura Schlessinger’s “right” to use the “n” word, by invoking Schlessinger’s First Amendment right, while in the same breath denies Muslims their fundamental First Amendment right of “freedom of religion”.

It seems the basic talking point of the right is:  “No one denies that the building project is protected by the First Amendment, the question is, having the courage to address the families of 9/11’s sensibilities…“, or words to that effect.

Juan Cole of Informed Comment breaks it down succinctly:

The right wing argues that Muslims and gays should give up their rights in deference to the moral sensibilities and emotional sensitivities of the majority. This is called a ‘tyranny of the majority’ and it is an evil of which Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and the other Founding Generation of Americans were well aware.

Think Progress

As the right-wing hysteria over the proposed Islamic center in New York gathered strength, conservative maven Sarah Palin lent her own Shakespearean creativity to the effort last month by asking the Park51 developers to “refudiate” their plans, citing the “catastrophic pain” caused by the 9/11 attacks as “too raw, too real” for an Islamic center. On Fox’s On the Record Monday, Palin reprised that sentiment in admonishing President Obama for his stance, saying the center “is an insensitive move” that “feels like a stab in the heart to, collectively, Americans who still have that lingering pain from 9/11.”

In echoing the right-wing talking point, Palin insists that sensitivity should supersede the freedoms established by the 1st Amendment. It is curious, then, that Palin should completely forget that principle when defending Dr. Laura Schlessinger’s racist rant on the N-word directed at a black woman caller last week. Taking again to her Twitter followers, Palin blamed “Constitutional obstructionists” for unfairly silencing Dr. Laura, thus removing her 1st Amendment rights. She told Dr. Laura, “don’t retreat…reload!”:

As the American Prospect’s Jamelle Bouie points out, Dr. Laura’s entire tirade this week “drip[ped] with racial animus.” Not only does Dr. Laura use the N-Word 11 times in five minutes to dismiss a caller’s concerns about the word, she uses a racist joke to prove she’s not racist, resents that only “black guys” can use the N-Word, and admonishes her caller for being “hypersensitive about color” and lacking “a sense of humor.” As Bouie says, “Dr. Laura isn’t known for her sensitivity, but this is an impressive display of raw racial resentment.”

So, in asking Dr. Laura to “reload” on such vitriol, Palin is “refudiating” the social sensitivity banner she continues to wave at Ground Zero Islamic center supporters.