Papa John’s Customer Gets Surprising Voicemail From Delivery Guy (VIDEO)

Papa John’s back in the news…and not for selling pizzas! @Business Insider
Papa John’s back in the news…and not for selling pizzas!

It’s been a busy holiday week-end…

Addicting Info

A Papa John’s delivery driver in Sanford, Florida lost a lot more than his dignity when he “butt-dialed” a customer whose home he had just left: he lost his job. It wasn’t that he accidentally called the customer, it’s what he ended up leaving in the customer’s voicemail box that got him in trouble. The customer, whose name was not given, played the message back, made a video and posted that on YouTube and World Star Hiphop. It didn’t take long for viewers to call both the Papa John’s location and the delivery boy to complain.

The delivery guy, whose first name is Jordan, was doing some world-class racial slurring:

“That’s the only requirement for being a n****r in Sanford. Yeah, they gave me five bucks there. Fine, outstanding African-American gentleman of the community.” 

He then goes on to sing the “n-word” to the tune of The Marriage Of Figaro Overture and the S.W.A.T. Theme (and not very well). He continues to chat with a co-worker, the two of them still bitching and making disparaging remarks about the “ni**er” customer, culminating in a ‘joke’ that the customer was “so black, fireflies follow him around in the daytime.”  The co-worker was fired as well. Their main complaint – other than the customer’s skin color – seems to be that the tip wasn’t big enough. Five dollars on a $15.26 pizza is about 30% – I grew up in Vegas, I know from good tips. And this was a stellar one, even if the customer’s math is low.

The video was posted Sunday night. As of this writing, it has been viewed over 400,000 times on the two sites where it is posted. There are 191 comments on the YouTube video (update: YT has taken the video down as of 12:15am PST) and almost 6,000 on the Hiphop site, many of which said that they were going to call Papa John’s and/or the driver, both numbers being visible in the video. And sure enough, many complaints went directly to Papa John’s Sanford, FL location. They have received over 300 calls from angry citizens (and a few pranks). The manager of that location, a fellow named Keith, had this to say:

“We were made aware of the video and it’s under investigation. We’re sorry that it happened.”

Perhaps. But Papa John’s is no stranger to racist employees. In January of 2012, an employee  at a NYC location was fired for referring to a customer as a “lady chinky eyes.”

When the reporter for The Daily Dot called the driver’s number, the voice-mail box was full, unsurprisingly. This is how the driver’s first name was learned, in the outgoing message. The writer sent a text, instead, which has not been returned. I’m betting that the number for both the Papa John’s location and the driver’s cell phone will be changed very quickly.

Update: John Schnatter, the owner of Papa John’s left the following comment in the Raw Story comments section:

I, too, am extremely appalled by these former employees’ actions and sincerely appreciate it being brought to our attention. The thinking of these people is counter to mine and my company’s values and we will not tolerate it. We immediately terminated those involved and will continue to educate all on our team. I personally have reached out to the customer to share my deepest apology.
We thank you for allowing us to correct this horrible situation.
Most Sincerely,
John Schnatter
Founder & CEO

Here’s the video

Armed neo-Nazis patrol the streets of Sanford, looking for race riots

NSM rally in 2009 in California via Flickr

The original issue in the Martin-Zimmerman kerfuffle is simple, why is George Zimmerman not in jail?

For armed “neo-nazis” to incite a “race riot” is absurd…

The Raw Story

Heavily armed neo-Nazis are said to be patrolling the streets of Sanford, Florida to protect “white citizens in the area” in case of race riots.

According to a blog at the Miami New Times, the patrols were initiated by Jeff Schoep of the Detroit-based National Socialist Movement in response to the shooting of African-American teen Trayvon Martin by self-appointed neighborhood vigilante George Zimmerman.

“We are not advocating any type of violence or attacks on anybody,” Schoep insists, “but we are prepared for it,. We are not the type of white people who are going to be walked all over.”

“Because nothing diffuses racial tension,” blogger Michael Miller comments wryly, “like gun-toting racial separatists patrolling an already on-edge commnity.”

Schoep is described by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors extremist hate groups, as “a neo-Nazi true believer since age 10 who has managed, largely by luck, to end up heading one of the largest explicitly Hitlerite groups in America. Schoep’s group is known for the crudeness of its propaganda, the violence it works hard to provoke, and the faux SS outfits that have caused many other neo-Nazis to deride NSM members as ‘Hollywood Nazis.’”

Schoep’s group is best known for the rally it staged against “black crime” in an inner-city neighborhood of Toledo, Ohio in 2005. NSM members had to be rescued from an angry crowd by the police, and the day ended with some local residents attacking police and 100 being arrested. The NSM considered this outcome a great success.

Schoep asserts that he and the Florida residents he has recruited are acting “totally within the law” and that their patrols “wouldn’t intimidate anybody” and are simply meant as a “show of solidarity with the white community down there.”

He says he decided to launch the Sanford patrols following an offer by the New Black Panther Party to pay a $10,000 bounty for a citizen’s arrest of Zimmerman, which he took as proof that “the possibility of further racial violence… is brimming over like a powder keg ready to explode into the streets.”

“We are a white civil rights organization,” Schoep said of the National Socialist Movement, describing himself as a while equivalent of Reverend Al Sharpton. He added that he wasn’t even taking sides on the shooting because Zimmerman is “half Hispanic or Cuban or something. He certainly doesn’t look white to me.”

Photo of NSM rally by Josh LaClair via Flickr

Jackie Robinson, Trayvon Martin and the Sad History of Sanford, Florida

When I recall that the parents of Trayvon Martin said that their son laid in a morgue as unidentifiable for three days, basically tossed aside until someone came for him, I wondered, why didn’t the police make an effort to find the kid’s family?

Why did they throw Trayvon Martin away for three days?  However, learning more about the city of Sanford’s history, (unfortunately, similar to the history of far too many cities in the South) through the fog of my questions comes an image of generations of discrimination and negative impressions of Blacks in general.

The Nation

Sanford, Florida is a city that will now be known for all times as the place where Trayvon Martin was killed for the crime of Living While Black. It’s in addition the place whose institutions—the police department, the local press, and even the city morgue—treated Trayvon and his body in ways that should disturb anyone with a shred of conscience.

The city of Sanford also has a past that speaks to the racism many believe to be at the heart of why Trayvon was killed and why the man who pulled the trigger was not arrested. I’m not arguing that Sanford, Florida, is somehow more or less twisted than anywhere else. Last month, unarmed, 18-year-old Ramarley Graham was killed in his bathroom by police in New York City. Last week Dane Scott Jr. in Del City, Oklahoma, was killed by police after a “scuffle.” The state medical examiner’s office, however, declared Scott’s death a homicide. The murder of Trayvon Martin is a “local issue” only if we understand “local” to mean local communities across the country.

But Sanford, Florida, does have its own history and it includes a collective moment of intolerance and bigotry that almost derailed the man Martin Luther King Jr. called “a freedom rider before freedom rides,” Jackie Robinson.

Before Robinson broke Major League Baseball’s color line in 1947 as a member of the Brooklyn Dodgers, he spent a season desegregating the minor leagues, playing for the Dodgers AAA team, the Montreal Royals. The Royals held Spring Training in Sanford.

Dodgers general manager Branch Rickey, after so many years, thought he knew Florida. He believed that Robinson’s presence could go over if efforts were taken to ruffle as few feathers as possible. Robinson, on Rickey’s instructions, didn’t try to stay at any Sanford hotels. He and his wife didn’t eat out at any restaurants not deemed “Negro restaurants.” He didn’t even dress in the same locker room as his teammates.

Rickey thought that would be enough. He thought he knew Florida. But he didn’t know Sanford.

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Sanford police chief steps aside over Martin slaying

The Raw Story

The police chief of Sanford, Florida on Thursday said that he would temporarily step aside because he had become a distraction in the case of an unarmed teen that was killed by a neighborhood watch leader.

Speaking to reporters at a news conference, Police Chief Bill Lee insisted that he and his department had done nothing wrong by not arresting George Zimmerman for gunning down 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

“While I stand by the Sanford Police Department, its personnel and the investigation that was conducted in regards to the Trayvon Martin case, it is apparent that my involvement in the matter is overshadowing the process,” he explained. “Therefore, I have come to the decision that I must temporarily remove myself from the position as police chief of the city of Sanford.”

“I do this in hopes of restoring some semblance of calm to this city, which has been in turmoil for several weeks.”

Lee’s short statement was met with applause from some of those gathered to hear him speak.

City Manager Norton Bonaparte said that the search for an interim police chief would begin immediately. The city has been under intense pressure from civil rights groups who say that Lee refused to fully investigate Martin’s death.

“What the city wants more than anything else for the Trayvon Martin family is justice,” Bonaparte told reporters. “We are looking for a complete, thorough review and that justice will prevail.”

The city manager declined to say exactly how long Lee’s “temporary” departure would be.

See video here…

Harris-Perry Takes On Shooting Death Of Trayvon Martin

Rachel Maddow Blog

Melissa Harris-Perry did a segment over the weekend about the death of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida, a few weeks ago, and it’s well worth watching, especially if you want to get brought up to speed on this story. The controversy surrounding this shooting is starting to garner national attention, and for good reason.

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