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Rand Paul: I Didn’t Think Obama’s Views On Marriage ‘Could Get Any Gayer’

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United States Senate candidate , at a town hall meeting in Louisville, . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In my opinion, Rand Paul has always seemed dumber than a s**t load of bricks!

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Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) became the latest Republican to weigh in on President Obama’s decision to personally support same sex marriage Friday. From his speech before a Faith and Freedom Coalition meeting in Iowa, per the Des Moines Register:

At the Iowa Faith & Freedom event, Paul mocked President Obama’s remark that his view on marriage was evolving.  “Call me cynical, but I didn’t think his views on marriage could get any gayer,” he said.

The Faith and Freedom Coalition is a socially conservative group led by former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed. At the event, Paul’s speech focused on what he said are the connections between social conservatives and the more libertarian conservatives who support his father’s presidential bid.
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Ralph Reed: Obama Campaign ‘Coming With A Knife In An Alley’

Republican operative Ralph Reed is projecting:

Projection:  According to Sigmund Freud, projection is a psychological defense mechanism whereby one “projects” one’s own undesirable thoughts, motivations, desires, and feelings onto someone else.   (Wiki)

Everything he describes in the video below is what the GOP has done and is still doing to this day against president Obama…

The Huffington Post

President Barack Obama’s campaign will do anything to get him elected, GOP political operative Ralph Reed told Florida Republicans Feb. 16.

“So if you can’t run on your economic record, you can’t run on your foreign policy record, there’s only one kind of campaign to run,” Reed said. “And that is a scorched earth, negative, ‘tear down the Republican nominee’ campaign. And that’s all this is going to be. And they’re coming, and they’re coming with a knife in an alley. That’s what this fight is going to be like.”

Reed told his audience not to underestimate Obama or his campaign team.

“There is nothing they will not do to win an election,” Reed said. “This guy is as tough and as mean and as cynical as any politician you’ll ever see. There is nothing he’s not willing to do.”

Reed is the founder of the Faith and Freedom Foundation and former head of the Christian Coalition. In 2006, he ran for lieutenant governor of Georgia but lost in the primary, partially due to the disclosure of business ties to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

The remarks were originally taped by Conservative New Media and picked up by Right Wing Watch.

Rick Santorum

Rick Santorum: ‘America Was a Great Country Before 1965’

One could only assume that Santorum is implying that this country was better off before “the Blacks got their civil rights…” or something to that effect.  Clearly Santorum is playing to the racist, tea party crowds with that statement. 

Yet, it seems to be a pattern with most of the GOP presidential contenders, say the most shocking thing you can muster up in order to have at least a two day news cycle and garner the attention needed to win the GOP nomination.

Racism in America is no longer being swept under a rug.  They are still using coded words and phrases but the implications are clear.

Crooks & Liars

While bowing down to the corrupt Ralph Reed by showing up at his conference this weekend, the former Senator whose name should not be Googled, Man-on-Dog Santorum let the audience there know that he apparently doesn’t think putting our social safety nets in place is part of what’s made America “exceptional.”

Here’s more from TPM — Rick Santorum: Obama’s Support For Entitlements Shows He Doesn’t Believe America Is Exceptional:

Rick Santorum has a message for President Obama: Despite what you may think, America was pretty awesome before the mid-60s.

Santorum is one of two presidential candidates speaking during the Saturday sessions at the Faith and Freedom Conference in downtown DC. At home before the social conservative crowd today, he offered up a ripping speech that touched on his long history as a national culture warrior.

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Matt Taibbi · Rep. Paul Ryan

Tax Cuts for the Rich on the Backs of the Middle Class; or, Paul Ryan Has Balls

This Matt Taibbi Rolling Stone Magazine piece was written on April 7th.  I just ran across it and want to share. 

If you do nothing but read the first paragraph here, you will get an idea of Taibbi’s electrifying writing and research.

Rolling Stone Magazine – Taibblog

Having balls is not the same as having courage…

Paul Ryan, the Republican Party’s latest entrant in the seemingly endless series of young, prickish, over-coiffed, anal-retentive deficit Robespierres they’ve sent to the political center stage in the last decade or so, has come out with his new budget plan. All of these smug little jerks look alike to me – from Ralph Reed to Eric Cantor to Jeb Hensarling to Rand Paul and now to Ryan, they all look like overgrown kids who got nipple-twisted in the halls in high school, worked as Applebee’s shift managers in college, and are now taking revenge on the world as grownups by defunding hospice care and student loans and Sesame Street. They all look like they sleep with their ties on, and keep their feet in dress socks when doing their bi-monthly duty with their wives.

Every few years or so, the Republicans trot out one of these little whippersnappers, who offer proposals to hack away at the federal budget. Each successive whippersnapper inevitably tries, rhetorically, to out-mean the previous one, and their proposals are inevitably couched as the boldest and most ambitious deficit-reduction plans ever seen. Each time, we are told that these plans mark the end of the budgetary reign of terror long ago imposed by the entitlement system begun by FDR and furthered by LBJ.

Never mind that each time the Republicans actually come into power, federal deficit spending explodes and these whippersnappers somehow never get around to touching Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid. The key is that for the many years before that moment of truth, before these buffoons actually get a chance to put their money where their lipless little mouths are, they will stomp their feet and scream about how entitlements are bringing us to the edge of apocalypse.

The reason for this is always the same: the Republicans, quite smartly, recognize that there is great political hay to be made in the appearance of deficit reduction, and that white middle class voters will respond with overwhelming enthusiasm to any call for reductions in the “welfare state,” a term which said voters will instantly associate with black welfare moms and Mexicans sneaking over the border to visit American emergency rooms.

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