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‘O: A Presidential Novel’: Who Wrote It?

Lots of speculation going around about a novel which claims the author’s name is “Anon”.  In the past, the same sort of speculation arose over a book called Primary Colors  (A novel about the Clintons) in which the author used the name “Anonymous”.  Subsequently, Joe Klein announced that he wrote that book.

Huffgington Post

Simon & Schuster will publish the anonymous “O: A Presidential Novel” this month, a political fantasy novel described as “provocative” by its publisher Jonathan Karp on a new website created for the book. The announcement of the book’s release has sparked a wave of theories about the identity of its author, with speculation ranging from Joe Klein and humorist Christopher Buckley to Jon Stewart and Obama campaign guru David Plouffe. Even HuffPost’s own Howard Fineman.

Here are a roundup of a few key suspects. Who do you think wrote “O”? Let us know in the comments section below.

Here are a few.  The rest can be found here…