If Democrats Had The Cajones…

WriteChic Press  – h/t Meesheemey

If Democrats had [cajones]…

Before the 112th Congress convenes, the Senate of the 111th would pass the 400 bills sent to them by the industrious House…if Democrats had balls.

The Senate fucks were voted in to work, to legislate for their term, but you know those sissy baby ninnies will lay down and die. Because that’s what Democrats do.

Republicans would vote in their bills.  Republicans act on what they believe.

Sure.  They’re wrong and lean heavily towards the batshit crazy end of the intellectual spectrum:

  • There have been more jobs created under Obama in 2 years than during the entire Bush administration. (Graph)
  • Democrats consistently preside over job creation. (Graph)
  • Republicans consistently are responsible for record deficits. (Graph)
  • Tax cuts (especially for the rich) do not create jobs (Source)

Republican heads would explode if they were capable of comprehending this.

But Republicans have the courage of their convictions….

…except when it comes to actually fighting a war themselves (Think chickenhawks, the narcissists who believe they’re too smart to die, when they’re really just too cowardly.)

They’re loud and proud.