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This was expected and to me it’s unacceptable.  How is it in our Democracy, things like this are accepted as the norm?

The Huffington Post

Few races next year will carry as much symbolic importance as the campaign to recall Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R). His push to strip state workers of collective bargaining rights set off a nationwide debate over the role of unions and public workers and reenergized progressives who were still recovering from the tough losses they sustained during the 2010 elections.

Both sides recognize the importance of the campaign, which is also targeting the lieutenant governor and three Republican state senators. Progressive activists are working to collect enough petition signatures to force a recall of the governor, and Walker and his allies have already started an ad campaign in response.

Underlying all this is a scattered amount of isolated, underhanded activity that may be illegal. The past weekend even saw two arrests of recall opponents.

On Sunday, a man was arrested on allegations that he defaced recall petitions.

“The suspect stood in line to sign a petition and when given the petition clipboard, he scribbled out some names on the actual form, and the recall worker took the clipboard back, and he left the scene without any incident,” West Bend, Wis. police Sgt. Matt Rohlinger told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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One Wisconsin Now Encourages Voters To ‘Turn Off The Hate. Get Out The Vote’ (VIDEO)

Huffington Post

Progressive group One Wisconsin Now is out with a new web ad encouraging people to counteract the voting enthusiasm coming from Tea Party groups, conservative TV and radio show devotees, Sarah Palin fans, “not-witches,” homophobes, birthers, bad spellers, and Republicans by heading to the polls.

Though early voting numbers in some states have appeared promising for Democrats, the latest polling numbers still show them suffering from a massive enthusiasm deficit, especially among the party’s youth.

A recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll showed Democrats trailing Republicans by 20 points or more in questions about their enthusiasm for casting a ballot in this year’s election.

As part of their attempt to get out the vote, One Wisconsin Now is combating what they claim to be a massive voter suppression and caging scandal in Wisconsin, allegedly being coordinated by the state’s Republican apparatus and other third-party groups.