NRCC Chair Reportedly Says GOP Waged Shutdown Fight To Placate Tea Party

Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR)

This comes as no surprise.  The only surprise is that a Republican let  it go public…

TPM LiveWire

When pressed by Republican donors last month to explain why the party seemed willing to flirt with a government shutdown, Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR) reportedly said that the tea party left the GOP with no choice.

The Daily Beast’s David Freedlander reported on the comments by Walden, who serves as chair of the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), which came during a lunch event in New York City.

From Freedlander’s report:

Why, they asked, did the GOP seem so in the thrall of its most extremist wing? The donors, banker types who occupy the upper reaches of Wall Street’s towers, couldn’t understand why the Republican Party—their party—seemed close to threatening the nation with a government shutdown, never mind a default if the debt ceiling isn’t raised later this month.

“Listen,” Walden said, according to several people present. “We have to do this because of the Tea Party. If we don’t, these guys are going to get primaried and they are going to lose their primary.”

Walden then credited the tea party for its involvement in grassroots efforts.

“I hear this complaint all the time,” Walden reportedly said. “But no one gets involved at the local level. The Tea Party gets involved at the local level.”

The NRCC disputed Walden’s quote, prompting Freedlander to add a note in the body of his piece. NRCC spokeswoman Andrea Bozek told TPM that Walden never mentioned the tea party during his remarks.

Freedlander made clear to TPM in an email that he was not running a correction.

“Although NRCC did not previously dispute the account laid out in the story, they are now, and the story has been updated to reflect that,” he wrote.

Republicans pull plug on Mark Sanford

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. ..


National Republicans are pulling the plug on Mark Sanford’s suddenly besieged congressional campaign, POLITICO has learned — a potentially fatal blow to the former South Carolina governor’s dramatic comeback bid.

Blindsided by news that Sanford’s ex-wife has accused him of trespassing and concluding he has no plausible path to victory, the National Republican Congressional Committee has decided not to spend more money on Sanford’s behalf ahead of the May 7 special election.

“Mark Sanford has proven he knows what it takes to win elections. At this time, the NRCC will not be engaged in this special election,” said Andrea Bozek, an NRCC spokeswoman.

Sanford is facing Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch, a Clemson University administrator and sister of comedian Stephen Colbert, in a race that has grabbed the national spotlight.

The NRCC’s move comes hours after Tuesday night’s report by the Associated Press that Sanford’s ex-wife, Jenny Sanford, filed a court complaint accusing him of trespassing at her home in early February – which would be a violation of the terms of their divorce agreement.

Republicans said they were caught off guard by news of Jenny Sanford’s complaint. They worry other damaging revelations about Mark Sanford’s personal life that they aren’t aware of could come out in the coming weeks.

The NRCC has spent a nominal amount on the race on polling and other activities. But officials determined that devoting potentially millions more — which was under discussion — isn’t worth it.

“This is an unfortunate situation but this is what happens when candidates aren’t honest and withhold information,” said one GOP operative.

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The Debt Showdown: The GOP’s “Blank Check” Lie

Mother Jones‘ David Corn seems to “get it”.   The GOP is full of crap…

Mother Jones

What happens when a political party taints a critical national debate with a falsehood? Not much.

What does the news media do when a critical national debate is tainted by a lie? Not a whole lot.

During the debt ceiling showdown, the Republicans have clearly calculated that an effective charge to hurl at President Barack Obama and the Democrats is that the president, by asking Congress to raise the debt ceiling (which used to be a routine maneuver for Capitol Hill), is requesting a “blank check” for government spending.

In his response to Obama’s speech on Monday evening, House Speaker John Boehner claimed that Obama “wants a blank check” for a spending binge that is “sapping the drive of our people.” Earlier in the day, Boehner slammed Sen. Harry Reid’s last-ditch debt plan, which the White House supports, as a “blank check.” On Monday morning, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor issued a statement: “We have worked for months to back the President and Congressional Democrats away from their demand for a blank check to keep spending.” On Tuesday morning, the Republican National Committee sent out a fundraising email with the subject head, “Stop Obama’s Blank Check.” If you’d like to join the Republicans in “taking away Obama’s blank check,” you could send “$25, $50, $100, or more” to the RNC. On Tuesday afternoon, the National Republican Congressional Committee tweeted, “The President of No: Obama Continues to Insist on a Blank Check for More Spending.” And Boehner, in desperate search of conservative support for his debt-ceiling/deficit-reduction plan, called Rush Limbaugh and vowed he wouldn’t give Obama a blank check.

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NRCC Press Aide Tweets Home Addresses Of Dem Rep’s Staffers

This is how the GOP act.  Just yesterday the New York Times reported a GOP “operative” was recruiting homeless people to run in the Green Party.  The purpose was to split the Democratic vote on the Nov. 2nd AZ General Election ballot.

Huffington Post

A press assistant for the National Republican Congressional Campaign tweeted the home addresses of campaign staffers for Rep. Tom Perriello (D-Va.) Tuesday night.

Andy Sere, a press hand for the NRCC who handles southern congressional races, made the highly unorthodox move after Perriello’s staff called the chief of staff of his opponent, state senator Robert Hurt, a “carpetbagger”. Sere responded with six separate tweets noting each staffer that Perriello himself employed from out of the district and calling on the Virginia Democrat to fire those aides or risk being labeled a hypocrite.

The Republican listed the exact home addresses of those six Democratic staffers, relying on what another NRCC hand said were July quarterly reports.

During a climate season already marked by fevered rhetoric, political threats and even the occasional act of vandalism, Sere’s tweets sparked concern and outrage among Perriello supporters.

“NRCC spokesperson Andy Sere clearly crossed the line tonight, but will Robert Hurt stand by idly while those who recruited him and represented his campaign carry out these dangerous and unethical practices? It’s appalling and outrageous,” Perriello campaign spokeswoman Jessica Barba said. “Robert Hurt should refuse to accept any more support from the NRCC unless Andy Sere is fired, especially given the history here.”

Sere’s tweets also potentially be in violation of Twitter’s privacy restrictions, which allow users to file complaints if someone has posted their private information against their will.

Reached for comment late Tuesday night, the NRCC stood by Sere’s tweets, casting blame for the matter on Perriello’s earlier remark.

“We’re a little surprised that Perriello has reduced himself to attacking staff,” said Ken Spain, a spokesman for the committee. “He’s clearly lashing out after the DCCC practically declared him a political corpse in Sunday’s New York Times and followed it up by releasing a poll showing him down after having been on the air with campaign ads for weeks.”

This is not, it should be noted, Sere’s first brush with political controversy. When tea party activists published the home address of Perriello’s brother online earlier this year, Sere refused to condemn the move, arguing that the candidate himself was not a victim in the matter.

“What you’re seeing is a frustration among his constituents who believe he’s not listening to them,” Sere said.

In January, meanwhile, Sere made remarks about Tennessee state Sen. Roy Herron (D) which some saw as homophobic, declaring that Herron was obsessing about his “body image” and criticizing him for supporting gay adoption.