Everyone out of the mine in Chile

If there is one hero that stands out among the 33  heroes who were trapped underground for 69 days, it had to be the shift foreman, Luis Urzua.

The miners had only enough food for two days, but Mr. Urzua convinced everyone that the food would have to be rationed until help arrived.  That decision made the miners survive the first 17 days.


The painstaking process of hoisting 33 miners trapped nearly a half-mile below ground for more than two months in northern Chile was completed Wednesday night, less than a day after it began, ending a saga that gripped a nation that never gave up hope.

“I hope this will never happen again,” said the last man out of the gold and copper mine, shift foreman Luis Urzua, upon reaching the surface, as he was embraced by Chilean President Sebastian Pinera. “I’m proud of being Chilean.”

Rescue worker Manuel Gonzalez, the last person still in the mine, was hoisted to the surface around 11:30 p.m. ET.

It was Urzua, 54, who first established contact with the outside world on August 22, 17 days after the mine collapsed on August 5, trapping him and his men.

It was Urzua who divided the cans of tuna that helped keep the men alive until they were discovered, and it was he who organized the 32 others into three work shifts.

It was he who pored over diagrams that helped rescuers plan the men’s escape, and it was he who insisted on being the last of the trapped men to be freed.

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If The Tea Party Ran Chile

The Tea Party would not have been as successful as the current Chilean government, if THEY ran that government.  Here’s why…

Randi Rhodes

If this sort of rescue operation were being run by American conservatives, they would only be rescuing those miners who had paid their $75 “mining disaster rescue fee” in advance. You know that if Rand Paul had been in charge, he would have opposed any rescue operation that used public money.

What am I saying? If Rand Paul had been in charge, whatever mine safety laws there were would have been so weak that nobody would have survived.

And Joe Miller from Alaska certainly wouldn’t have wanted to spend any tax dollars on rescuing these miners. But if there was public money being spent, he would find a way to funnel some of it to his family.

If it was Sharron Angle who was in charge, the only thing she would have done is to get these miners some massages from the Church of Scientology.

That’s probably better than Christine O’Donnell. All she would do is send the miners down some anti-masturbation literature… in case they’re faced with temptation during those long weeks in the ground.

Chilean Miners Rescue Update

This is such good news!  The entire world has watched and waited for this moment.  ¡VIVA CHILE!

Huffington Post

Rescue operations to bring 33 trapped miners to the surface are officially underway in Chile.

The miners have been trapped underground for more than two months. Efforts to surface them will take place on an individual basis using a specially built cage.

The AP reports that the only media allowed to record images of the men emerging from the shaft will be a government photographer and Chile’s state television channel.

When the 33 miners were determined to be alive in late August, it was said that it could take up to four months to get them all out alive.

One of the trapped miners, 19-year-old Jimmy Sánchez, wrote an emotional letter to a relative just days ago.

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