Rush Limbaugh Scandal Proves Contagious for Talk-Radio Advertisers

It really is about time right-wing talk radio advertisers took these steps…

The Daily Beast

Ninety-eight major advertisers—including Ford and Geico—will no longer air spots on Premiere Networks’ ‘offensive’ programs. Insiders say the loss will rock right-wing talk radio.

Rush Limbaugh made the right-wing talk-radio industry, and he just might break it.

Because now the fallout from the “slut” slurs against Sandra Fluke is extending to the entire political shock-jock genre.

Premiere Networks, which distributes Limbaugh as well as a host of other right-wing talkers, sent an email out to its affiliates early Friday listing 98 large corporations that have requested their ads appear only on “programs free of content that you know are deemed to be offensive or controversial (for example, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Tom Leykis, Michael Savage, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity).”

This is big. According to the radio-industry website, which first posted excerpts of the Premiere memo, among the 98 companies that have decided to no longer sponsor these programs are “carmakers (Ford, GM, Toyota), insurance companies (Allstate, Geico, Prudential, State Farm), and restaurants (McDonald’s, Subway).” Together, these talk-radio advertising staples represent millions of dollars in revenue.

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Right wing and a prayer: Michelle Obama attacked for appreciating prayers

I have concluded over the past few years that right-wingers are just plain nuts!

Media Matters

Right-wing media figures have attacked recent comments by Michelle Obama in which she thanked people for their prayers, calling her words “spooky” and accusing her of “feeling entitled to America’s pride and prayers.”

Michelle Obama thanks “prayer circles” and “people who are keeping the spirits clean around us”

Obama: “Everybody I know in our communities are praying for us.” On October 13, Michelle Obama appeared on the nationally syndicated The Tom Joyner Morning Show:

OBAMA: So, once again, we have the power. We’ve got this man in office. I think we’re all proud of Barack and his accomplishments. Everybody I know in our communities are praying for us. Every day we feel that. And let me just tell your listeners that it means all the world to us to know that there are prayer circles out there and people who are keeping the spirits clean around us.

TOM JOYNER (host): Yes, they are.

OBAMA: So, that means a great deal. So, we’ve come a long way, but we got to keep it coming.

Beck invokes The Omen and says Michelle Obama is creating “spooky phrases” that he has “never heard from a Christian.” On the October 14 edition of Premiere Radio Networks’ The Glenn Beck Show, Beck invoked the horror film The Omen while attacking Michelle Obama for her comments. Beck said, “I’ve never heard that. I’ve never heard that from a Christian — I’m not questioning her Christianity, here.” Later, executive producer Steve “Stu” Burguiere said, “Thank you, Michelle Obama. Creating jobs.” Beck replied, “Jobs? Spooky phrases.”

Malkin accuses Michelle Obama of “feeling entitled to America’s pride and prayers.” In an October 13 blog post titled “Bitter Half Watch: Mrs. O needs you to clean the ‘spirits’ around her,” Michelle Malkin wrote, “In an interview to rally black voters on the Tom Joyner Show, Michelle Obama chose some rather odd words to motivate black voters of faith.” After excerpting part of Obama’s comments, Malkin wrote:

“Keeping the spirits clean around us?” Huh? She sounds like the liberal caricature of Christine O’Donnell. Bubble, bubble, toil, and trouble.

As for the “prayer circles” and “Everybody I know in our communities is praying for us” and “we’re all proud of Barack and his accomplishments” jabber, have the Obamas learned nothing about the price of arrogance and the value of humility over the last two years.

Question: Does Michelle O ever pray for anyone other than Barack?

Instead of feeling entitled to America’s pride and prayers, why doesn’t the First Lady show some pride and say prayers for Americans outside the White House, not seeking office, not calling on her to raise campaign funds for them, and not expecting her to clean up their problems.

Ah. Forget it. Being the “most powerful woman in the world” means never having to apologize for one’s galactic hubris.

Savage says he finds comment “somewhat questionable, in terms of the biblical literature.” On the October 13 edition of Talk Radio Network’s The Savage Nation, Michael Savage aired a portion of Michelle Obama’s comments and said, “The Bible, in Leviticus, says, ‘You shall not practice divination nor soothsaying.’ ” Savage later said, “[I]f Ms. Obama — or the first lady, whichever you wish — believes that the black churches should be praying for the president, she’s certainly entitled to suggest that. But if she’s telling them to keep — they should do so to keep the spirits clean around them, I find that somewhat questionable, in terms of the biblical literature.”

Limbaugh: “I’ve never heard of prayer circles and keeping the spirits clean around us.” On the October 14 edition of Premiere Radio Networks’ The Rush Limbaugh Show, Limbaugh mocked Michelle Obama, saying, “I’ve never heard of prayer circles and keeping the spirits clean around us. I mean, I’ve been praying for things like my family and friends’ health, the country, things of this nature, and now I learn that we’re supposed to be praying for the hygiene of the spirits?”

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“Summer of rage”: Obama Derangement Syndrome grips conservative media once again

Media Matters

Conservative media ratchet up anti-government speech

On the June 10 edition of his Fox News show, Glenn Beck turned to his blackboard, on which he had outlined his theory that “the politicians [had] joined with the revolutionaries so they could gain power,” and said that now is the “time to break apart” that conspiracy. He then warned his viewers that the “summer of rage is about to begin.” Other conservative media figures, including Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, Jay Severin, and Pam Geller, have similarly elevated their anti-government rhetoric to new heights, not only spewing baseless facts and utter falsehoods, but alluding to violent revolution and civil war, all to attack and undermine the Obama administration and progressives.

Media Matters previously documented the violent, doomsday, and anti-intellectual rhetoric that had arisen in the conservative media just a few months after Obama was sworn in as president, in which conservative media figures appealed overtly, just as today, to feelings of anger and paranoia in their audience. At the time, David Horowitz dubbed this particular “hysteria” the “Obama Derangement Syndrome.”

Conservative media: Obama is “trying to create a civil war”

Conservative media figures have been warning of the coming “rivers of blood” and that Obama is pushing America toward civil war.

Geller: Obama “is itching for a civil war. And at the rate he is going, he is going to get one”

Beck still beating war drums: “I think we’re headed for a civil war”

Beck suggests Obama is “trying to destroy the country” and is pushing America toward civil war

Limbaugh on LA’s Arizona boycott: “This is the kind of stuff that starts civil wars folks; this is not coincidental”

Savage: “I almost feel as though Obama’s trying to create a civil war in America for his own reasons”

“You need to riot”: Right-wing uses violent rhetoric

Conservative media: Obama is undermining U.S., wants to cut it “down to size” and destroy it

Conservative media figures have accused Obama of trying to destabilize and destroy the United States, as well as its economy and social systems.

Limbaugh distorts Obama’s remarks to accuse him of wanting to cut U.S. “down to size”

Limbaugh: Obama “thinks the problem with this country has been too much liberty”

Pushing falsehoods about oil spill, Quinn declares: “Barack Obama was sent here to destroy America”

Quinn: “Yes,” Obama is “trying to destroy the country”

Limbaugh: Freedom evaporating “right in front of our eyes,” Obama “loves punishing this country”

Savage sub Kuhner: Obama “is a dictator,” wants to “destroy corporate America and create a green socialist utopia”

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