Paul Ryan Repeatedly Declines To Detail GOP Plan For O-care Subsidies (VIDEO)

Wallace then asked specifically whether the GOP plan would make sure that all Americans with subsidies could keep them.

Ryan said he would not go into details because congressional Republicans want to see the “nature of the ruling.”

He then refused to answer whether Republicans would include in their fix a provision to eliminate the individual mandate.

Wallace later reminded Ryan that the GOP has yet to propose an alternative to the Affordable Care Act.

“For all the complaints, Congressman, we’re five years into Obamacare and Republicans have still not come up with a coherent plan that will ensure that all of those millions of uninsured people get coverage,” Wallace said.

Watch the video via Mediaite:


Fox News’ Ed Henry walks out after snub at White House press conference

What’s with those childish temper tantrums from Republicans lately?

The Raw Story

Call it a shot across the bow, perhaps. But White House press secretary Jay Carney pointedly left Fox News Chief White House Correspondent Ed Henry out of the queue at a Friday press conference, leaving Henry sputtering.

Henry left before the end of the meeting after trying unsuccessfully to ask a question several times, according to Mediaite.

The exchange, or lack of one, followed a contentious session on Wednesday in which Henry essentially accused the president of being indifferent to the families of servicemembers killed in action. The Wednesday exchange between Carney and Henry over the restoration of military death benefits centered on Henry repeatedly asking when Obama “learn[ed] specifically that the military death benefits would not be paid,” the tone becoming more confrontational with each back and forth between Henry and Carney.

Carney described Henry as a partisan opponent during that exchange. This wasn’t the first contentious exchange between the two. Henry badgered Carney last month about whether or not the White House staffer would sign up for Obamacare. Though Henry meant it as a gotcha-type accusation, Carney replied “If I did not have employer provided health insurance, like I’m sure you do, unless there’s something about Fox I don’t know, then I would absolutely enroll and it would be more affordable.”

At the impromptu Friday press conference, Carney called on no television reporters, and ignored Henry’s attempts to ask a question.

Watch the end of the press conference below.

10 things you need to know today: August 10, 2013

President Obama addresses Americans' surveillance fears.

President Obama addresses Americans’ surveillance fears.

The Week

Obama announces NSA reforms, Connecticut grapples with a deadly plane crash, and more

President Barack Obama announced a series of steps meant to quell criticism over the NSA’s electronic surveillance program on Friday. His reforms include appointing an NSA privacy officer, creating an outside advisory panel, and releasing the Justice Department’s rationale for the NSA’s surveillance programs. [The Washington Post]

A convoy carrying Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was believed to be the target of a mortar attack as it made its way to a mosque in Damascus. Assad escaped unharmed. Two separate rebel groups claimed responsibility for the attack. [The Guardian]

A small plane plunged into a suburban neighborhood near the Tweed New Haven Airport on Friday. Two homes collapsed and caught fire as a result of the crash, the cause of which remains unknown. Several people are feared dead. [CBS News]

An Israeli drone strike killed five suspected Islamic militants in Egypt on Friday. The attack happened in el-Agra, near the Israeli border, which could signal a new level of cooperation between the two governments. [Associated Press]

Gunmen stopped a bus carrying a Turkish Airlines crew near Beirut’s major airport on Friday and kidnapped the pilot and co-pilot, taking them to an unknown location. No group has claimed responsibility. Experts believe it could be related to Turkey’s support of the rebels fighting the Assad regime in Syria, which borders Lebanon. [Los Angeles Times]

Derek Medina, 31, confessed to fatally shooting his wife in their Florida home on his Facebook page. He also shared a photo of what he claimed was his wife’s dead body. Medina is being charged by South Miami police with first-degree murder. [CNN]

Quazi Nafis, 22, was sentenced to 30 years in prison for conspiring with undercover agents to set off a 1,000-pound bomb under the Federal Reserve building last year. Nafis, speaking in a Brooklyn courtroom, apologized, saying, “I’m really ashamed that I believed in radical Islam.” [New York Post]

Russian President Vladimir Putin has proposed offering amnesty to many of the country’s white-collar criminals in jail for “economic crimes,” which include fraud, embezzlement, counterfeiting, and tax evasion. He claims Russia “overreacted” to the threat of organized crime and wants to free entrepreneurs as part of an economic stimulus plan. [The New York Times]

Actor Alec Baldwin will get his own show on MSNBC, Mediaite learned from “a senior source in the cable news industry.” Baldwin, an outspoken liberal, will reportedly be taking an open slot in the network’s schedule at 10 p.m. on Friday nights. [Mediaite]

The Swiss Tourism Office apologized after Oprah Winfrey claimed to the media that a shop assistant in Zurich refused to show her a handbag because it was probably “too expensive” for her. While not cheap, the $38,000 handbag was well within Oprah’s price range, as she reportedly made $77 million last year. [ABC News]

Melissa Harris-Perry Responds To Criticism On Hayes: What Is It About My Ad That Would ‘Distress People So Much?’


MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry sat down with her colleague Chris Hayes tonight on All In to respond to the controversy over her promo for the network, in which she says that children should be the responsibility of communities. Harris-Perry found it particularly interesting that of all the hours and hours of content aired on MSNBC, this in particular would “distress people so much.”

RELATED: Mark Levin Rants Against ‘Blithering Idiot’ Harris-Perry For Her MSNBC Ad ‘Straight Out Of Communist Manifesto’

Hayes opened the segment saying that the only reason this has been getting a lot of play on Fox News is due to a dearth of big news. He admitted this blew up “for reasons I genuinely don’t understand,” and ran just a portion of the huge coverage Fox News has given to the controversy, leading Hayes to call Harris-Perry’s ad “the most successful promo in the history of MSNBC.”

Harris-Perry admitted “it’s not fun” to go through this, but accepted it as “the nature of public life” to get such heavy criticism. But she found it more interesting that this particular ad, of all things, is getting such play in the conservative media sphere.

“Why this? Like this, of the various spots that all of us have done, they many hours of television I’ve produced on the show, what is it about this that raises the ire?… [I’m] trying to figure out what it is about those statements that distress people so much.”

Mediaite took note of the ad early on, with a highly critical column by Garrett Quinn, followed by a mix of continued criticism and also support, especially this column by Matt Wilstein defending Harris-Perry

Harris-Perry will be addressing the controversy more in full on her MSNBC show tomorrow morning.

Watch the video courtesy of MSNBC.

There Is Nothing Controversial About Melissa Harris-Perry’s MSNBC Promo

You may have heard that the right-wing hysteria machine is at screaming level over an MSNBC thirty second promo.  I cannot believe the reaction she’s receiving from the paranoid right.

If you get a chance check out the comments on Mediaite.  Here’s just one example:

Esteban Rey  Ima Winnah • 31 minutes ago

I thought white conservative southerners used to like it when black women raised their kids for them.

Ima Winnah  Esteban Rey • 15 minutes ago

Mammy obviously doesn’t know her role.

(D-Ed. note:) Ms. Perry is a Professor of Political Science at Tulane University.


Everything that Melissa Harris-Perry says in her latest “Lean Forward” promo for MSNBC is completely reasonable. And no, that last sentence was not sarcastic.

Since the “controversial” promo first appeared this past weekend, conservatives have been apoplectic over its content. Glenn Beck called the ad “almost a parody.” Fox News’ Eric Bolling said she “declared war on the American fabric.” And, Sarah Palin was so angry she had to invent a completely new word: “unflippingbelievable.”

Those three and others across the internet and on TV are utterly outraged that Harris-Perry would suggest that America should take a more “collective” approach to child-rearing. They can’t believe she dared to tell them that their children, don’t just “belong” to them, but also are part of a larger community. It’s those two words–”collective” and “belong”–that are at the root of conservatives’ outrage, and also their major misunderstanding.

Starting with “collective,” Harris-Perry says “We haven’t had a very collective notion of these are our children.” As Bob Beckel pointed out on The Five today, that word is often associated with socialism. As in, everyone works together for the collective good and shares the wealth. That’s fundamentally not what Harris-Perry is talking about here. As Beckel said, it may not have been the best choice of words for her to use, but she is simply using the word “collective” to describe the way members of a community help each other, while clearly maintaining their own, capitalistic identities.

The issue with the second word, “belong,” I believe hinges on two distinct definitions that often get conflated and confused. Someone or something can “belong” to another person in terms of being their property. Or they can “belong” to an organization in terms of being a member. This issue arose during the Democratic National Convention last September when another promotional video featured the phrase “the government is the only thing we all belong to.”

Mitt Romney‘s campaign attempted to turn that innocuous line into the second coming of “you didn’t build that” by proudly declaring in response “We don’t belong to government, the government belongs to us.” Just as Romney seemed to miss the fact that the word “belong” can have two meanings, critics of Harris-Perry do not realize that while a child can be the “property” of their parents, they are a “member” of the community. These are two very different notions that Harris-Perry to tying together using the word “belong” for rhetorical effect.

Obviously, there is something about Harris-Perry and the words that came out of her mouth that have conservatives enraged. But when you break it down, all she was saying is that by attending school every day, and living in the world, children are members of a larger community than just their nuclear families. In no way is she suggesting that the government owns your children and should have the right to take them away or make any other major decisions about how they are raised.

On her MSNBC blog today, Harris-Perry “doubled-down” on her comments, writing, “One thing is for sure: I have no intention of apologizing for saying that our children, all of our children, are part of more than our households, they are part of our communities and deserve to have the care, attention, resources, respect and opportunities of those communities.” When she puts it like that, it doesn’t sound so crazy, does it?

Current TV shows the commercial (partially) and analyzes the right-wing “shock and anger” response:

Delgado: Is Conservatism Dead?

Alan Colmes’ Liberaland

AJ Delgado at Mediaite:

What happened this month to make it so historic? Three key developments (or three death-knells):

1) Immigration reform is all but a foregone conclusion.

2) The gay marriage debate is essentially over. Why March 2013? It is when the momentum and timing all serendipitously fell into place.

3) The plan to defund ObamaCare — conservatives’ last stand after the Supreme Court failed to throw out the Act — is over.

Consider the magnitude: in this single month, three key, major tenets of conservatism – the battles against (1) amnesty; (2) gay marriage; and (3) socialized medicine (many rightly argue Obama is simply a stepping-stone to nationalized healthcare) – essentially vanished. Poof! Gone. Without these three, is conservatism (or what we generally know as mainstream conservatism) still even in existence?

Mediaite Launches ‘Trump Watch’ To Hold Cable Networks Accountable For Trump Airtime

This sounds like a good idea.  I’m not necessarily a Mediaite fan, but I do give them credit for conceiving this idea.  Donald Trump and his birther nonsense needs to be addressed by cable news outlets and call him out on his incessant lies.   They also need to reduce the air-time they have given him these past few days.

Mediaite – March 29, 2012

On the heels of Tuesday’s fiery Donald Trump birther showdown with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, we here at Mediaite would like to finally hold his enablers accountable (and, of course, then in some meta way, we would continue to be enabling the enablers). It’s time for the cable networks to stop giving Donald Trump airtime.

Your willingness to give him airtime is precisely why Trump continues to make outlandish statements on every network within phone’s reach. We understand that he is in the news because of the Romney campaign, but even the sharks are complaining that they are tired of being jumped.

The usually-stoic Wolf Blitzer did a fine job of flogging Trump, making it clear that his birtherism is tiresome nonsense. But the mere fact that Blitzer had Trump on the air, despite Trump having no credibility, is maddening even to those of us who report on the reporters.

And so starting today — the first day of what most assuredly looks to be Trump Week — we here at Mediaite begin our official Trump Watch™. Each day, we will take note of how many times each cable network gives Trump the fumes of airtime that serve as his sustenance.

Today’s tally seems relatively small — CNN and CNBC are, so far, the only guilty parties. Trump is also slated to appear tonight on Greta Van Susteren‘s Fox News program. And we have no doubt that in the coming days, many others will cash in their Trump minutes. And we will be there to count the chips.

We will also track how often each network simply mentions Trump. According to TVEyes, on Tuesday, cable news outlets mentioned Trump for a combined 150 times. More than half of those came from MSNBC alone. And the day isn’t even over!

Stay tuned for our daily Trump Watch.

New York Observer: Exclusive “Occupy Wall Street” Unaired Fox Footage

Who is that guy?  He needs to work for the Obama administration as press secretary.

You really have to ask yourself why Fox News ambush reporter did not show this on Fox News‘ Greta Van Susteran or one of the other ditto-heads there.  This guys answers to the reporters’ lame questions are simply PHENOMENAL!

The New York Observer

Even if Geraldo Rivera was at the Zuccotti Park yesterday, Fox News has generally been a tad dismissive of the Occupy Wall Street movement. (as of this writing) has no coverage of this national event on their front page stories. (Hard to imagine for a network that was so gung-ho about the Tea Party!) Red Eye‘s Bill Schulzwent out to try to “prank” the protestersBill O’Reilly sent a producer minion out with the same mission: to belittle OWS’s cause by cutting up interviews to make people sound stupid.

Well, here is an interview that Fox News filmed, but doesn’t want you to see. The segment was shot on Wednesday for Greta van Susteren‘s show, (though it looks like the same producer from this O’Reilly segment questioning Michael Moore‘s anti-capitalist agenda) though the decision was made to leave it on the cutting room floor. The reason should be obvious pretty quickly.

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Michelle Obama Hands A Crying Baby To President Obama. Baby Stops Crying

Mediaite is not one of my  favorite sites anymore, but I ran across this video and couldn’t resist posting it.  Apparently this incident occured before Mrs. Obama’s trip to South Africa…


Regardless of one’s political disposition, this is a pretty cool video clip, though the details of which are still somewhat unclear. What we do know, however, is that during a recent meet and greet with the people outside the White House, President Obamaand wife Michelle encountered an upset and crying baby. When asked for a photo with the commander-in-chief, the First Lady proceeds to hand the crying child to the president, only to watch the baby nearly instantly stop crying. Fonzie!

Conspiracy theorists will likely call the baby a plant, and yes, we cannot confirm that the alleged crying baby isn’t a high-tech animatronic robot designed by the CIA for the White House to melt the hearts of a divided nation. Parents of crying babies will recognize that Obama’s comforting of the crying baby seems almost as genuine as the gloating look that he shoots his wife once he quells the baby storm:

Watch – courtesy of Mediaite:

Trump Keeps Hype Alive – He Won’t Rule Out 2012 Presidential Bid

He’s baaaaack again!  Apparently he misses the adulation and attention.

It’s been a week  since he declared that he was not going to run for the presidency, but the obnoxious Donald Trump has re-emerged with more hype while appearing (by phone) on his regular Monday slot at Fox and Friends

Raw Story

Real estate mogul Donald Trump said that after seeing the current 2012 Republican presidential candidates he would not rule out his own presidential bid.

“I would not rule it out,” Trump said on Fox & Friends Monday. “I can’t rule out anything. It’s vital that we choose the right person, and at this moment, I don’t see that person.”

“The ones that have announced, I just don’t see it. I mean at this point in time, they’re not going to be beating Obama.”

Watch video, courtesy of Mediaite, below: