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Mark Williams’ New Line On NYC Mosque: Mayor Bloomberg Is A ‘Judenrat’

WTF?  I thought this creep disappeared afer the racist diatribe he wrote in the guise of satire.

TPM Muckraker

Mark Williams, former Tea Party Express spokesman and current leader of the tea party support group Citizens for Constitutional Liberty is back with another blog post that’s sure to cause at least some eyebrows to raise. Williams, you’ll recall, has a habit of using his blog to get himself into trouble over posts widely seen as bigoted and/or blatantly inciting the worst in the conservative movement. Today he’s up with a new post calling New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg and Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer “Judenrats” for publicly supporting the proposed Cordoba House project in Lower Manhattan.

“Politically correct Judenrats like New York Mayor Michael Boomberg and Scott Stringer (Manhattan Borough President) and domestic enemies who are supporting the mosque – with open ties to Islamic Terrorist organizations and supporting states are doing nothing more than erecting a giant middle finger to be trust at the victims of 911… which includes all of civilized Mankind,” Williams writes.    Continue reading…

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Mark Williams Is Back In The Tea Party

The only thing I heard from the mainstream media, regarding this development was :::crickets:::

TPM Muckraker

Well, that didn’t take long. Less than three weeks after resigning from the Tea Party Express “to free the tea party movement from any more distraction based on my personal comments or blogs,” Mark Williams is back at the helm of a tea party group.

As former TPMer Zachary Roth reports, Williams is a leader of the newly-founded “Citizens for Constitutional Liberty,” a PAC “that plans to support conservative candidates and promote grassroots activism among Tea Partiers.”

Williams, of course, is one of the few tea party leaders to come under direct criticism from other tea partiers. His blog posts and public statements, which tea partiers have endeavored to separate themselves from of late, led to his public grilling for a week following the “satirical” blog post about the NAACP that led to his resignation.

Williams isn’t talking about his new tea party venture, according to Roth. But his partners are, and they say Williams’ past is nothing to worry about.

“This latest flap is garbage,” one group founder told Roth. “They want to throw the word racism out there these days. It’s overused.”

But another member of the team behind Citizens for Constitutional Liberty addressed the Williams situation on the group’s blog in a way that suggests Williams’ new tea party home is trying to keep his rhetoric at the same arm’s length that the Tea Party Express did.

“While I find many of his comments distasteful and do not condone those sorts of messages, it is not my right to take away his Free Speech guaranteed by our First Amendment,” writes Mandy Morello, one of the group’s founders. “After all The Tea Party is not to pick and choose one’s interpretation of these Amendments to suit ones personal opinion.”

Morello writes that Williams is “not a racist,” but she says she has started the new group with her eyes open about what working with Williams might mean down the road. Morello writes that no matter what Williams might say in the future, she does not have “the right to apologize for his actions or have the authority to ‘kick him out’ for any other reason than something that is illegal.”

Still, it’s clear that the new leaders hope to make it clear that what Williams does is his business — not the new tea party group he’s a leader of.

“I am not under the illusion that Mark will stop being Mark just because we are partners in this fight,” she writes.

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Mark Williams Responds To Being Ousted By Tea Party Federation

“It’s a little odd getting lectures on sobriety from folks who spent like drunken sailors for the last decade.”  –Obama 7/9/2010

Jason Linkins is one of my favorite HuffPo writers. Here’s why:

Huffington Post – Jason Linkins

On yesterday’s “Face The Nation”, the NAACP’s Ben Jealous called upon David Webb — representing the Tea Party Federation — to refudiate repudiate Mark Williams, the chairman of the Tea Party Express, for unhinged comments he made in the wake of the NAACP’s call for the Tea Party movement to do a better job policing racists in its ranks.

Now, Williams is no more. Adam Serwer has the details:

This is what happened to Tea Party Express Chairman Mark Williams , who wrote a nasty piece of “satire” last week basically reinforcing every negative stereotype about black people you could imagine, and was then forced out of a Tea Party umbrella organization, the Tea Party Federation, sometime over the last few days.

“We, in the last 24 hours, have expelled Tea Party Express and Mark Williams from the National Tea Party Federation because of the letter that he wrote,” Webb said of the blog post by Williams that satirized a fictional letter from what he called “Colored People” to President Abraham Lincoln.
[David] Webb called the blog post “clearly offensive.”

Now, Williams has responded, tellingly, to his ouster. Per Evan McMorris-Santoro, in TPM:

“Apparently I have offended the tea party ‘leadership,'” Williams wrote. “Mind you, there is no tea party leadership; every tea partier is a tea party leader. But something happens when the stronger egos and personalities in a movement begin to feel a sense of ownership. It is not long before they act to claim and defend that feeling.”Williams, who until a month ago was a national chairman of the Tea Party Express, claimed that Webb was trying to make a name for himself by taking on Williams.

“It is a crying shame,” Williams wrote. “We are fighting for the future of not just this nation but for the future of Mankind. That’s just a little more important than my fat head, or the apparently even fatter head [Webb] on Face the Nation Today [sic] who misrepresented himself as the tea party ‘leader’.”

 One of the more interesting consequences of the NAACP’s resolution seems to be that now the Tea Party movement is going to have to take some responsibility for having an actual organizing structure. At the very least, it raises the expectation that the movement should have an organization. In the past, it’s vast amorphous nature was a tidy means by which it could extricate itself from the kind of accusations that the NAACP made in the first place. Saw a racist sign? Heard a Tea Party leader say something unhinged? Well, you cannot impugn the Judean Liberation Front for the actions of the Popular Liberation Front of Judea!

 Believe it or not, this could benefit the Tea Party in the long run, should it choose to organize itself into some sort of third party alternative. The confusion that persists in places like Florida and Nevada, where all sorts of freelance candidates shroud themselves in the Tea Party mantle to the consternation of the larger organized bodies could be alleviated. Of course, the strongest tidal pull on the organization comes from Freedom Works, which desires the integration of these hopped-up insurgents into the larger GOP establishment. (Of course, maybe this movement of eliminationists will simply revert to form and eliminate one another.)

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Tea Party Federation Expels Mark Williams Over ‘Offensive’ Response To NAACP’s Racism Charge

Well, I guess the Tea Party Federation (what the hell is that?) finally saw that there was indeed racism within their ranks.

Huffington Post

The National Tea Party Federation has expelled conservative commentator and Tea Party Express spokesman Mark Williams over a fictional letter Williams wrote on his blog last week from “Colored People” to Abraham Lincoln.

“We, in the last 24 hours, have expelled Tea Party Express and Mark Williams from the National Tea Party Federation because of the letter that he wrote,” federation spokesman David Webb said Sunday on CBS’s “Face The Nation.”

Williams wrote the blog post, which has since been taken down, in response to a resolution adopted by the NAACP accusing Tea Party leaders of tolerating racism within the movement.

“Dear Mr. Lincoln,” began Williams’ letter. “We Coloreds have taken a vote and decided that we don’t cotton to that whole emancipation thing. Freedom means having to work for real, think for ourselves, and take consequences along with the rewards. That is just far too much to ask of us Colored People and we demand that it stop!”

Webb called the blog post “clearly offensive.”  

See video here:

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Progress Report: Tea Party Racism Exists

Racism In The Tea Parties

 In passing a resolution condemning the racist elements within the Tea Party this week, the NAACP set off a media firestorm over the merits of its charge against the right-wing movement. As the Atlantic’s Ta-Nehisi Coates notes, critics bemoaned the resolution as a silly stunt that “heightened division” and implied that racist extremists define the membership of the Tea Party. Such a wholesale charge would certainly be exaggerated and inaccurate, but that was not the charge the NAACP made. “The resolution was amended during the debate to specifically ask the Tea Party itself to repudiate the racist elements and activities of the Tea Party.” As NAACP President and CEO Ben Jealous said, “We’re simply asking them to repudiate racist acts and bigotry in their ranks or accept responsibility.” But instead of acknowledging and disassociating themselves from the more radical actions of their membership, Tea Party leaders have said that racist elements are non existent. In hurling accusations of racism back at the NAACP, Tea Party leaders have wielded a professed desire for colorblindness as a whitewashing tool. But Tea Party members are employing a defense that only perpetuates the racism they are desperately trying to refute.

YES, THERE IS RACISM: Galled by the NAACP’s shot across the bow, Tea Party leaders and sympathizers immediately dismissed the charge of racism in the movement as unrepresentative or unfounded. Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin sounded off on Facebook this week, decrying the racism accusation as a “false” and “appalling” insult of which the “patriots of the tea party movement are truly undeserving.” Conservative Bishop E.W. Jackson shrugged off the displays of racist tendencies, claiming “people will sometimes say things.” He insisted that “the idea that the tea party movement is racist or that it has racist elements that need to be denounced is a nonsensical statement.” At this point, the overwhelming evidence of such “radical elements” is enough to discredit any outright dismissal of the NAACP’s claim. The North Iowa Tea Party recently launched a billboard that equates President Obama with flagrant racist Adolf Hitler. In April, Tea Party member and New York GOP gubernatorial hopeful Carl Paladino forwarded “racially degrading material” in emails, one of which was posted at the Neo-Nazi Stormfront website. Ironically, the clearest example of endorsed racism was offered by the Tea Party Express chairman and spokesperson Mark Williams. While contending that it’s the NAACP that is “bigoted,” Williams has made outright bigoted comments, referring to Allah as the “terrorists’ monkey God,” to a Jewish developer as a “Jewish Uncle Tom,” and to Muslims as “semi-human, bipedal primates with no claim to be treated like humans.” In responding to the NAACP’s charge, he accused the group of being “professional race baiters” who “make more money than any slave trader ever.”    Continue reading…

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Tea Party Leader Condemns NAACP For Making ‘More Money Off Of Race Than Any Slave Trader Ever’

The really sad news here is that there is a cross-section of Americans who believe this crazy person’s rhetoric, along with so many other right-wing nut cases on Fox News and right-wing hate radio.

Think Progress

Yesterday, the NAACP approved a resolution condemning “racist elements” within the tea party movement, with its president Benjamin Jealous challenging activists to “expel the bigots and racists in your ranks or take full responsibility for all of their actions.” In spite of the indisputable evidence that racist signs and slogans have been allowed to be displayed at tea party rallies, conservatives have feigned outrage at the resolution, and attacked the country’s leading civil rights organization for daring to speak out.

Mark Williams, the spokesperson for Tea Party Express — a leading tea party group, which has been instrumental in Sharron Angle’s Senate campaign in Nevada, among many others — launched into a particularly hateful attack on the NAACP, accusing the group of being “professional race baiters” who deserve to be sent to “the trash heap” with “all the other vile racist groups”:

WILLIAMS: You’re dealing with people who are professional race baiters, who make a very good living off this kind of thing. They make more money off of race than any slave trader ever. It’s time groups like the NAACP went to the trash heap of history where they belong with all the other vile racist groups that emerged in our history.

Listen to the interview here.

Williams should know about professional racial baiting. Last year, he called called President Obama an “Indonesian Muslim turned welfare thug and a racist in chief.” And in February, he called Obama “our half white, racist president.”

In May, while serving as chairman of Tea Party Express, he called the Muslim god Allah a “terrorists’ monkey-god” while fighting the construction of a mosque near Ground Zero. Despite universal condemnation for his comments, Williams refused to apologized to Muslims. “In the course of the article I described the ‘god’ worshiped by terrorists as ‘a monkey god.’ I was wrong and that was offensive. I owe an apology to millions of Hindus who worship Lord Hanuman, an actual Monkey God,” Williams wrote in a follow-up blog post. He also called a Jewish developer involved in the project a “Jewish Uncle Tom who would have turned rat on Anne Frank.” In a blog post from last year that has since been deleted, Williams further explained his theory on Islam:

[R]epeat after me: Islam is a 7th Century Death Cult coughed up by a psychotic pedophile and embraced by defective, tail sprouting, tree swinging, semi-human, bipedal primates with no claim to be treated like human beings or even desirable mammals for that matter.

But none of this seemed to concern Tea Party Express, which allowed him to stay on as chairman, and then spokesperson. “It doesn’t have anything to do with the Tea Party Express and the issues addressed by the tea party movement,” the group’s Joe Wierzbicki told TPM of the “monkey god” comments. Williams was the leader of one one of the most powerful tea party groups in the country, which has been instrumental in Angle’s election, along with dozens of others, and attracted top conservatives like Fox News contributor Sarah Palin as repeat guests to their rallies. The fact that the group hasn’t condemned his bigotry, or even asked him to step down, shows why the NAACP’s action against the tea parties is justified.

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Mark Williams, Tea Party Express Spokesman: NAACP Is Racist

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Tea Party Leader Defames Islam In The Meanest And Most Vile Way

It’s hard not to notice the blatant assault on minorities, non-Christian religions and sexual preference.  It seems that it’s ok to attack certain groups with impunity these days.  I personally think its a direct assault on the nation voting in it’s first “minority” president.

Of all the fowl-mouth, lowlife creeps who utter some of the most vile things about the above groups, Mark Williams is by far the lowest of the low.  This man is a very sick individual looking for attention.  No doubt he wants to be the next Beck, Limbaugh or probably dwell in the same cesspool with Michael Savage and his ilk.

I wrote about him a few months ago when Dylan Rattigan threw him off the air

TPM Muckraker

A top Tea Party leader, enraged by a plan to build a mosque near Ground Zero, has referred to the Islamic deity as a “monkey-god” and to Muslims as “the animals of allah.” His Tea Party group, meanwhile, tells TPMmuckraker it’s not concerned abut the rhetoric.

Mark Williams, the conservative talk radio host who is listed as chairman of the Tea Party Express and acts as a frequent spokesman for the group, wrote on his blog Friday:

The animals of allah for whom any day is a great day for a massacre are drooling over the positive response that they are getting from New York City officials over a proposal to build a 13 story monument to the 9/11 Muslims who hijacked those 4 airliners.The monument would consist of a Mosque for the worship of the terrorists’ monkey-god and a “cultural center” to propagandize for the extermination of all things not approved by their cult.

The longest, most heavily researched and footnoted chapter in my book is about the fruit baskets and nut wads that gravitate to Islam and why it attracts such mental cases…

And he posted an image of the prophet Muhammad with a swastika on top of his head.

The building at issue is a project of the American Society for Muslim Advancement and the Cordoba Initiative. It will include a community center, a mosque, a gym, and other public spaces. The local community board voted unanimously to approve it, though such approval was not technically necessary, since the Islamic groups own the land.              More Here>>>