Palin: I didn’t mean what I said on Cain

There she goes again.   The half-governor is blaming the media once more for something she said!


Via Danny Yadron, Sarah Palin said she didn’t mean to insult Herman (Herm/Herb) Cain when she called him “the flavor of the week” in a Fox News interview the other day.

Appearing on Fox Business tonight, Palin said that she wasn’t arguing he was about to fade, and instead faulted the press:

“What the media tends to do is propel this flavor of the week. I’m not saying that Herman Cain is the flavor of the week. I’m one of his biggest fans and I would never dismiss him or speak negatively about him. I’m saying in this fast [moving], 24/7 news cycle that is our world today that the media does have to gin up some controversy and intrigue so viewers tune in and there’s a lot of competition in the media world in this quasi-reality show it seems that’s being created in the GOP primary. It’s just the nature of the beast right now and I think anybody would hard-pressed to argue against what I observed.”

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Report: Sarah Palin quits bus tour halfway through, retreats to Alaska

The quitter has done it again…

Raw Story

 Amid diminishing media interest, Sarah Palin has quit her high-profile bus tour halfway through and returned to Alaska with her family, according to RealClearPolitics.

The move puts a damper on widespread speculations that Palin’s “One Nation” bus tour, which launched on Memorial Day, was a potential precursor to a potential White House bid for 2012. Palin never made it to her scheduled stops in the key primary states of Iowa and New Hampshire.

RealClearPolitics, which originally broke the story about the bus tour, reported Wednesday on Palin’s “extended hiatus.” The remaining legs of her trip, according to Scott Conroy, are “in limbo” as “Palin and her family have reverted to the friendly confines of summertime Alaska.”

The “One Nation” tour launched with intense media interest, as reporters initially followed Palin and her family on the road, diligently trying to decipher the former half-term Alaska governor and ex-GOP vice presidential nominee’s 2012 intentions. But after being ignored and mislead and denied interviews or access, reporters’ attention fizzled.

Palin has been remarkably coy about her plans for 2012, declining to rule out a presidential run but refusing to come any closer than saying she has “fire in the belly.”

The Palin-Trump Media Freak Show Switcheroo

Dave Weigel – Salon

I love a good chart that proves something everybody had suspected. Does it seem like there’s less coverage of Sarah Palin and more coverage of Donald Trump? That’s because, as Nate Silver proves, coverage of Palin has been cut by 80 percent as coverage of Trump has exploded — he is now the most-reported-on Republican candidate.

Let’s just look at the top of the chart.

How did Romney get less coverage in the month that he announced his exploratory committee?

Palin Noir: Slick design for new Palin biography

Today Show Book News

Call it Palin Noir.

Joe McGinniss’ upcoming biography of Sarah Palin has a cover design more fitting for a detective novel. It has a bold red, black and white color scheme and features a dark, defiant silhouette of the former Alaska governor, her hands on her hips.

The image was released Monday by Broadway Books, which this fall is releasing “The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin.” McGinniss, known for the classic “The Selling of the President 1968,” enraged Palin by moving next door to her in Alaska while researching his new book.

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Sarah Palin Impersonator Shows Up At CPAC (VIDEO)

In the immortal words of George W. Bush, I’m certain some of the spectators told the impersonator:

Fool me once, shame on you.  You fool me you can’t get fooled again!

Huffington Post

A Sarah Palin lookalike caused a brief fuss at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday, as many attendees appeared to believe that the former Alaska governor, who notoriously rejected an invitation to deliver a keynote speech at the conference, had stopped by for a surprise appearance.

Decked out with Palin’s famous glasses, hairdo and iconic, oft-imitated red suit, the impersonator reportedly stirred the CPAC ranks just moments before former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney was slated to take the stage.

According to Politico:

She resembled Palin but when she opened her mouth the attempt at an accent came off as more Chicago than Wasilla.”I’m here for CPAC,” said Patty Lyons, the name of the would-be Tina Fey, according to a young YAF activist who was escorting her. “Plus I heard they had some good mooseburgers.”

WATCH via Alex Seitz-Wald at ThinkProgress:

Sarah Palin’s Arizona Shooting Statement Blasts Journalists & Pundits’ ‘Blood Libel’

It’s hard for me to understand how Sarah Palin doesn’t address the cross hairs map, but accuses the media of manufacturing “blood libel“, essentially turning their criticism of her around by criticising them of the same thing.  

In the past, Palin has accused the present administration of creating death panels within the Healthcare reform bill.  

Palin has accused Obama of “palling around with terrorists”  during the Presidential campaign in 2008.  On one occasion during that campaign season, someone in her audience yelled “kill him

It’s ironic to me that Mrs. Palin has decided to speak out on the same day that President Obama will address the nation at a memorial service in Tuscon, AZ this evening.

I guess my question is, why is it ok for her to commit the same “blood libel” against the POTUS and Democrats, yet when the tables are turned, she cries “victim”?

Mrs. Palin appears robotic and disconnected from the reality of the situation.   One more thing, who has a Flag near their fireplace?   The video seems so contrived, in my opinion.  It will play well to her base, but I have no doubt that others will not be as kind.

Huffington Post

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin broke her silence on the tragedy in Tucson Wednesday, releasing her first comments on the shooting since a brief statement following the incident Saturday.

In her extended remarks — transmitted in a nearly 8-minute address — Palin expresses sympathy for the victims and responds to a flurry of criticism that has been leveled at her and others for supposedly pushing vitriolic political discourse in a manner that may have encouraged the violent flare-up:

There are those who claim political rhetoric is to blame for the despicable act of this deranged, apparently apolitical criminal. And they claim political debate has somehow gotten more heated just recently. But when was it less heated? Back in those “calm days” when political figures literally settled their differences with dueling pistols? In an ideal world all discourse would be civil and all disagreements cordial. But our Founding Fathers knew they weren’t designing a system for perfect men and women. If men and women were angels, there would be no need for government. Our Founders’ genius was to design a system that helped settle the inevitable conflicts caused by our imperfect passions in civil ways. So, we must condemn violence if our Republic is to endure.

In her statement, she also blasts “journalists and pundits” for “manufacturing a blood libel that serves only to incite the very hatred and violence they purport to condemn.” She adds, “That is reprehensible.”

Palin has been criticized for placing Democrats — including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords — under crosshairs during the 2010 election. A Palin aide denied that the crosshairs had anything to do with violence or guns, even though the former Alaska governor referred to the “bullseye” list on at least one occasion. Scroll down for a video as well as the full text of her remarks.      More…


Anti-Palin Rhetoric Is Not Helpful

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin on June 2, 2007.
Image via Wikipedia

First let me say this:  Sarah Palin is not responsible for the very deranged character, Jared Loughner’s dispicable violence against 20 people, 5 of whom are dead, including a 9 year-old little girl.  

However, in my opinion, and Gabrielle Giffords spoke on this as well, the rhetoric that Palin and Michelle Bachmann promoted, in terms of gun images was not helpful in a partisan society where both sides see the other as “the enemy”.

The all too quick to blame meme from the Left (even I took that stance early on) was to accuse Palin and the Tea Party for Loughner’s actions.   That accusation  obviously proved to be totally false.  I apologize here and now for being a part of the frenzied rhetoric of blame from the Left.

Another point of view relating to Sarah Palin…

American Spectator

I am neither shocked nor surprised that this nation’s most prominent liberals see fit to blame Sarah Palin for causing the shooting in Tucson that severely injured Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and claimed six lives. But it does sadden me.

Before the shooter was identified much less his victims were identified we witnessed the spectacle of a Nobel laureate and an Academy Award-winning actress amongst many others falling all over themselves to excoriate the former Alaska governor.

Yet perhaps the most insightful of these denunciations of Palin was that of MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann. Now when I use the word insightful I am not referring to the merits of his arguments. Olbermann’s arguments are devoid of any, of course. But his arguments do provide us with a keen insight into the mindset of American liberalism in the early 21st century:

If Sarah Palin, whose website put and today scrubbed bull’s-eye targets on 20 Representatives including Gabby Giffords, does not repudiate her own part in amplifying violence and violent imagery in politics, she must be dismissed from politics — she must be repudiated by the members of her own party, and if they fail to do so, each one of them must be judged to have silently defended this tactic that today proved so awfully foretelling, and they must in turn be dismissed by the responsible members of their own party.

So does Olbermann think the Democratic Leadership Council should be dismissed from politics? Surely Olbermann believes the DLC should repudiate its part in amplifying violence and violent imagery in politics after it, on behalf of John Kerry in 2004, put bull’s-eye targets on nine states won by President Bush in 2000. After all, the DLC did describe these nine states as being situated “behind enemy lines.”    More…

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Sarah Palin Cyber Attack: WikiLeaks Supporters Take On Ex-Governor

They’re out to get “poor” Caribou Barbie now…

Huffington Post

London-based hackers reportedly working in support of the website WikiLeaks as part of “Operation Payback” have turned their keyboards on Sarah Palin, launching a cyber-attack targeted at her fundraising arm SarahPAC, as well as the former Alaska Governor’s personal credit card information.

“No wonder others are keeping silent about Assange’s antics,” Palin emailed ABC News, which originally reported the hacking attempt. “This is what happens when you exercise the First Amendment and speak against his sick, un-American espionage efforts.”

Sarah Palin took aim at WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange, last month in a Facebook post slamming the website’s disclosure of classified information. The former Alaska governor questioned why Assange had not been “pursued with the same urgency we pursue al Qaeda and Taliban leaders?” Assange responded in an op-ed this week, writing that Palin had encouraged him to be “hunted down like Osama bin Laden.” Palin then took issue with this mischaracterization of her quote in a tweet Wednesday.

SarahPAC aide Rebecca Mansour told ABC News Wednesday that the tech team at SarahPAC had been able to shield the site from the hacking attempts and that Palin herself was prepared for the strike.

“[T]he governor voiced her opinion knowing full well that she was speaking out against a shady disreputable organization with no regard for laws or human life,” Mansour told ABC News. “This is how they operate. The world should not be intimidated by them.”

The people behind “Operation Payback” better hope that they leave a difficult trail to trace. The last person that tried to hack Sarah Palin’s information has been sentenced to a year in jail, though the new attackers’ disruption of Visa and Mastercard websites will probably make them much larger targets.

Someone making things up again? Keep seeing this quote attributed to me. Huh? Wikileaks Assange on Sarah Palin’s Criticism than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin Blindsided By Mainstream Press & Mitt Romney’s Jab

Huffington Post

When Sarah Palin returned to Iowa on Thursday to promote her new book, America By Heart, the former Alaska governor and possible 2012 presidential hopeful found herself caught off guard when confronted by reporters about whether she plans to mount a bid for the White House in the next election cycle.

The unanticipated run-in between Palin and the press went down at a local Walmart in the Hawkeye State. With supporters of the conservative star on the scene, a crew from CNN cut straight to the chase and asked if she was any further along in her decision-making process about a presidential run. Jim Acosta and Bonney Kapp report:

The country music that Palin’s handlers had blaring at the signing station presumably to drown out such questions suddenly stopped. We asked the question again.”Am I doing interviews?” the former Alaska governor asked. “I thought I got to talk to the nice people. And where’s our music and where’s our good enthusiasm?” she persisted.

We repeated the question. “Not any closer. No,” she responded.

 Since breaking onto the political scene during the 2008 presidential campaign, Palin has developed a reputation for maintaining an icy relationship with the mainstream media — or the “lamestream” media as she often puts it. Despite embarking on a book tour packed with public events, the Tea Party favorite has reportedly made attempts to dodge the press along the way.

Nevertheless, the CNN crew managed to hit Palin with one more question during Thursday’s book signing. The topic: an apparent shot taken by rumored 2012 presidential hopeful Mitt Romney the night earlier on NBC’s “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno.

“What did Governor Romney say on the ‘Tonight Show’?” responded Palin when asked about the criticism in question, which seemed to take aim at her decision to resign as governor of Alaska.

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Jeb Bush Sides With His Mother On Sarah Palin Slight

Of course he’s going to side with his mom.  I was never a Barbara Bush fan, but in this instance, I’d take her side as well over “Caribou Barbie”.

Huffington Post

Sarah Palin’s power in the GOP might hold a lot of sway right now, but it couldn’t make former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush back the former Alaska governor over his mother, Barbara, in a quibble between the two.

Bush was asked by Newsmax in a recent interview how he felt about Barbara Bush’s comment expressing her hope that Sarah Palin “stays in Alaska” instead of running for president.

“If it’s between my mom and Gov. Palin, I’ve got to go with my mom, just in general, because she’s my mother,” Bush responded. “So you’re not going to get me in trouble with disagreeing with my beloved mother of 85 years, who occasionally from time to time says things that give us all great joy, and sometimes some consternation.”

But Bush’s praise of Palin could imply that his mother’s slight of the former Alaska governor might have been an instance of such consternation. “She’s got an incredible skill to connect with people,” Bush said of Palin in the same interview. “She’s got fantastic political instincts.”

Others have been less forgiving of the former vice presidential candidate’s comments against the Bushes, who she referred to as “blue bloods who want to pick and choose their winners,” after hearing the former first lady’s jab.

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