Tea Party Nation sued for dodging Las Vegas hotel bill

So, the teabaggers’  true colors are starting to emerge.  They are not about fiscal responsibility in this instance…

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The Venetian Casino Resort in Las Vegas has filed a lawsuit against Tennessee-based Tea Party Nation for allegedly failing to pay a more than $600,000 bill.

The Las Vegas Review Journal reported that the hotel claims the tea party group owes money for a five-day convention it canceled at the hotel last summer.

The Tea Party Nation reserved 1,637 room nights in the Palazzo hotel, according to court documents. The tea party group cancelled two weeks before the event.

The group agreed to pay the hotel $579,148 in the event of a cancellation and $87,996 in interest has since been added to that amount.

The Venetian’s lawyers claim the Tea Party Nation “has refused, and continues to refuse, to make payment,” despite being contacted numerous times, LA Weekly reported.

Tea Party Nation Founder Judson Phillips told Las Vegas Review Journal that hasn’t seen the lawsuit yet

Harry Reid Toppled Sharron Angle In Nevada Senate Election With Many Votes From Registered Republicans

This is a great post-script to the very well organized campaign that Harry Reid ran in his Nevada midterm bid for Senator against Sharron Angle.

Huffington Post

The Las Vegas Review-Journal:

Because there were 60,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans at the time of the election, the figures are a clear indication that many Republicans cast votes for Democrat U.S. Sen. Harry Reid rather than for his Republican opponent, Sharron Angle, a secretary of state spokeswoman said.

Read the whole story: The Las Vegas Review-Journal

Sharron Angle: ‘Sometimes Dictators Have Good Ideas’

Oh for goodness sake!  I thought we’d never have to hear from this woman again…

Huffington Post

Nevada Republican Sharron Angle — who fell short in her quest to unseat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid earlier this month — found herself back in the spotlight on Wednesday after questionable comments she reportedly made towards the end of her campaign came to light.

“Sometimes dictators have good ideas,” explained the Tea Party darling at a private campaign event, according to Nevada political journalist Jon Ralston. At the Las Vas Sun, he writes, “Her staff fretted the line would get out. It did not. Until now.”

Angle, who developed a reputation for sparking controversy over the course of her campaign, reportedly made the remarks in arguing that the country’s Social Security system should be privatized. She cited right-wing dictator Augusto Pinochet and a system he implemented in Chile in 1981 to make her point.

Angle invoked the same reference over the summer. Ralston reports, “[She] had not used it since her staff shut her down. But that day, with no media there, saying her staff had warned her not to use it, she raised the Chile example again.”

The Nevada Republican’s position on Social Security repeatedly proved to be a stumbling block throughout her campaign. While Angle has taken a hiatus from the political realm since her defeat to Reid, she recently signaled her intention to make a roaring comeback. The Las Vegas Review Journal reports:

Angle, making a spontaneous visit to the Las Vegas Republican TownHall group, vowed to continue her crusade to shake up a national political scene she says has drifted too far from values the Founding Fathers held dear, even though she lost by 5 percentage points a race pundits once thought would be the biggest prize in a Republican wave.
“Our freedom is at stake. We knew that two years ago when we started running for the U.S. Senate, when you started helping me, you knew we couldn’t stop,” Angle told an audience of a few dozen Republicans in a banquet room at Charlie’s Lakeside restaurant. “And we can’t stop now.”

One day following Angle’s loss in Nevada’s midterm election, HuffPost’s Nick Wing reported on the possibility that the conservative firecracker could inject herself into the 2012 political mix. Whether a congressional or gubernatorial campaign, or a bid to unseat GOP incumbent Sen. John Ensign — who despite being embroiled in immense controversy stemming from a 2009 sex scandal recently signaled he intends to seek another term — it seems that for Angle, all options remain on the table.