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Trump (Lies) Claims Clinton said Her Brain “Short Circuited” [Update from K. Olbermann]


Much like the Republicans claimed that Al Gore said he “invented” the internet (he didn’t), the Trump Campaign is now claiming that Hillary Clinton said her brain “short-circuited”. She Didn’t. She said the she short-circuited her answer to a question. Meaning, she tried to do it in a sound-bite rather than being overly “technical”, as the media has been criticizing her for giving overly technical answers to their questions.

Once again, it’s about the frikin’ emailz.

The fact is that the fact-checkers include technical explanations for their findings and conclusions. The fact-checkers also often include complex rebuttals to their own findings and conclusions, when they write them up. The only way to answer the fact-checkers is likewise with a complex answer. But they will criticize the answer no matter what she says, at this point.


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Keith Olbermann Reveals What Forced Him To Leave Trump Towers



The veteran broadcaster moved out of a building owned by the GOP front-runner.

The story that splashed across the New York gossip pages was a juicy one: Keith Olbermann, a legendary jerk in broadcasting, refused to live in a building owned by Donald Trump, a legendary jerk in politics.

In March, the former MSNBC host vacated his apartment in the lavish Trump Towers, fed up, he said, with Trump’s divisive presidential campaign. This week, we learned the final straw for Olbermann: Trump’s claim that he could walk out onto Fifth Avenue, shoot people, and it still wouldn’t hurt his popularity.

“The day that I actually said that I gotta get back into this, and I’ve gotta get out of this house, was when Donald Trump said, boastfully, that if he went out on Fifth Avenue and shot people, it wouldn’t impact his campaign negatively,’ Olbermann told Bill Simmons on a podcast released this week.

(Discussion of Trump Towers begins around minute 6:20.)


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Keith Olbermann Calls Donald Trump “Most Dangerous Presidential Candidate” in Over a Century

Keith Olbermann on Friday’s ‘View’ | Courtesy of ABC


“The hate that comes out between now and the election, if he’s the nominee, does as much damage to the country as him being president,” said the former MSNBC and ESPN host on Friday’s ‘The View,’ where he talked about his op-ed announcing he was moving out of his Trump-owned building.

Keith Olbermann wasn’t exaggerating about his negative views of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign when he wrote his Washington Post op-ed announcing he was moving out of the Trump-owned New York City apartment building he lived in.

Appearing on ABC’s The View on Friday, the former MSNBC and ESPN host lashed out at the GOP presidential frontrunner, calling him the “most dangerous presidential candidate” since a Civil War-era politician.

Summing up his argument, Olbermann recalled a recent conversation he had: “Someone said to me the other day, ‘What would happen if ISIS got nukes?’ … I said, ‘What would happen if Donald Trump got nukes?’ … Which is the most realistic concern for us at the moment? The second one is a distinct, visible possibility, and the first one is theoretical but unlikely because they’re difficult to move. But he gets them the first day in office, so that’s my problem.”

And Olbermann said that even if Trump doesn’t win the election, his ongoing campaign could be equally destructive.

“The hate that comes out between now and the election, if he’s the nominee, does as much damage to the country as him being president,” added Olbermann.

Still, Olbermann thinks the Republicans will ensure Trump is not nominated, explaining that if Trump continues on into the general election, “it could be the worst landslide ever.”

“I don’t think he has a reasonable chance of getting elected,” said Olbermann. “And, at this point, from what I’m hearing, I don’t think he’s even going to get the nomination because I think the Republican party, everyone in the party who runs it, goes, ‘If he wins, we all lose our jobs. If he loses, we all lose our jobs. Let’s make sure he doesn’t win.’ ”

He also called Trump’s supporters “mostly people who can’t really be trusted to find their own homes again once they leave them.” And if Trump doesn’t win, Olbermann thinks his business interests will suffer too.

“No one’s going to do business with him,” he added. “You couldn’t bring this man into a business meeting.”

As for Olbermann’s own career: He left ESPN last year, and The View‘s Friday moderator, Joy Behar, said in closing that she hopes he gets “another show where you can spew your stuff,” to which Olbermann said, “I’m coming out of retirement, so anybody who wants …”


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Keith Olbermann Rumored To Be Returning To MSNBC

Gosh, I miss this guy!


Well it has been a long time needed, but there are rumors now that due to failing ratings at MSNBC, and since ESPN couldn’t handle the truth, Keith Olbermann might be returning to the Prime Time Lineup at MSNBC. Olbermann was removed from his position a few years ago due to irreconcilable differences between him and upper management (Phil Griffin, who is MSNBC president and NOT a progressive). MSNBC’s ratings have been failing badly due to terrible management by Griffin, in trying to carbon copy Rachel Maddow into enough numbers to fill every one hour time slot on the network after their GOP Apologist morning show “Morning Joe”.

Rumored to be on the block are Ed Schultz, Al Sharpton, and Chris Hayes. Any one of these could be removed and have this open up a 1 hour slot for the return of Keith to prime time political commentary. Keith did a fine job on ESPN, and actually made me watch that network for the first time in my life with any form of regularity, however his speaking the truth on injustice, criminal behavior, and general shenanigans in Big $ports, has put him on the outs with ESPN management who gave him his walking papers earlier this summer.

As usual, the same problem followed Olbermann to ESPN that he had at MSNBC. He was dogged by Corporate Apologists/GOP Apologists in the network management that hated the idea of his speaking the truth about things like Roger Goodell’s untenable leadership in the wake of so many abuse scandals by players and the subsequent coverups that ensued by the organization, and allegations of cheating going unchallenged in the Patriots, due to personal relationships between Goodell and the Patriots franchise. Olbermann was giving criticism well deserved of the NFL, along with other sports personalities and organizations where merited and this was too much for ESPN. They needed a bland, whitewashed, profit-friendly business model.

Now we will wait and see what happens with Keith and MSNBC. Will they reunite again for a future journey? Olbermann was previously being harassed by network management for donating his own money to political campaigns, all of which was totally within legal boundaries but somehow was seen as “Bad” by management (yes a progressive icon like Olbermann donating to progressive campaigns with his own money is wrong according to MSNBC management). Olbermann had previously said that he was not very much into the idea of returning to MSNBC due to this, among other issues with upper management, however I suppose when push comes to shove, the corporate shill Phil Griffin might be made to give some allowances and probably a lot more money to try to revive the ratings that he has pushed into the toilet systematically for years now. With the demise of CurrentTV, a progressive populist message is sorely in demand in America, and MSNBC has been unable to fulfill this for a very long time. Olbermann would definitely draw back the viewers and if he is allowed to just be himself this time, he will definitely be able to keep them.

Olbermann regularly destroyed BillO the Clown. This is one of the best things ever to happen on television.

If you happen to still watch MSNBC (I do at times) you probably get wistful of the good old days of Martin Bashir, Keith Olbermann, Dylan Ratigan, and Cenk Uygur. These people along with Rachel Maddow brought a harder hitting progressive message, sometimes frustrated, sometimes angry, but always straight shooting and not afraid to call out hypocrisy. Since then, all of these people have been removed from MSNBC, simply because they had the temerity to call out the establishment and not give credence to the “we need to present both sides” viewpoint that has completely polluted the network since then. MSNBC is practically Fox News, and Fox News is now some completely unhinged creature that has an assault rifle for genitals and develops spontaneous stigmata any time someone says the words “equality” or “minimum wage” in any context other than to get rid of both. I, for one, hope this rumor is completely true. Come back Keith, we miss you and need you back.

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MSNBC Rumor Alert: Olbermann Coming Back? Several Shows Getting Slashed?

olbermann_msnbc | screenshot

The only way I can see this happening is if Chris Hayes  gives up the 8pm slot which happened to be KO’s original time slot or…if MSNBC gets rid of Lawrence O’Donnell in the 10 pm slot.  I doubt that they’ll move Rachel Maddow.

I’m in Olbermann’s camp whichever way it goes.  MSNBC has not had the ratings it got when Olberman was on at 8pm.


Late last year, as MSNBC bled primetime viewers, network chief Phil Griffin openly sought to “broaden” the channel’s coverage, away from progressive commentary-heavy talk shows and back to human interest stories and hard news. Since then, multiple shows have been cancelled and jobs have been called into question.

Mediaite has learned that an MSNBC Town Hall meeting is scheduled for July 23 with returning NBC News president Andy Lack, and that many staffers are, quote, “freaking out.” Why? Well, because the struggling cable net has to figure out how to overhaul its programming following two of its worst quarterly performances in recent memory.

According to multiple sources within the network, the biggest rumor to emerge is that MSNBC has engaged in talks with soon-to-be-departed ESPN2 host Keith Olbermann about returning to the cable network’s primetime lineup. Olbermann previously hosted Countdown from 2003 until 2011, and was an immensely controversial figure for the network, both internally and externally (2003 was a return to the network for Olbermann after a previously contentious run in the ’90s as well). For myriad reasons, it would be a stunning turn of events if Olbermann came back, but one could certainly argue that right now they need each other more than ever.

But even a theoretical Olbermann return could suggest MSNBC’s desire to get back into the fiery primetime wars, and also highlights the reality that several other shows are likely on the chopping block.

Multiple sources within the network tell us that several shows are at risk: All In with Chris Hayes, which currently runs at 8 p.m., opposite Fox’s ratings titan in The O’Reilly Factor; PoliticsNation with Al Sharpton, which features the controversial host’s commentary in the 6 p.m. hour; and The Ed Show, which was cancelled once before, moved to the weekend, and then revived at 5 p.m. on weekdays.

According to the sources, top officials are eyeing the cancellation of Hayes’ nightly program after 27 months of lackluster ratings. The show was meant to replicate the success of similarly wonky, younger-demo-appealing Rachel Maddow, but continually failed to achieve ratings, especially while competing with Bill O’Reilly. Hayes would likely be offered a roving reporter role, similar to the one Ronan Farrow received following the cancellation of his show earlier this year.

Sharpton’s show could be axed or more likely moved to the weekends — if he would accept that demotion — our sources say. Long considered untouchable because of the immense power and influence he wields, Sharpton has become something of a liability for the network seeking to shift away from its deeply left-wing image. Not to mention, his role in facilitating the NBC merger with Comcast has come under legal fire from black-owned media groups and questions that have been raised about his advocacy and tax bills.

Ed Schultz‘s show seems destined for change — whether it be cancellation or another weekend move— as it occasionally hits new lows in viewership and routinely finishes fourth in the key cable news demo of 25-to-54-year-olds. Although, in his defense, the lead-in he receives from Alex Wagner at 4 p.m. is usually anemic.

Which brings us to another key problem for MSNBC bigwigs: how to revive its daytime programming that sometimes loses to the ratings challenged Al Jazeera America in demo ratings and, some suggest, sets the poor performance tone for the primetime shows.

Under the leadership of current SVP Yvette Miley — a veteran of local and national news coverage — it would seem natural for MSNBC’s daytime programming to shift towards hard and breaking news reporting. But the costs of doing so are prohibitive: Flourishing newsrooms like Fox and CNN require an expensive corral of camera crews, reporters, satellite and assignment desks, etc. — something MSNBC has comparatively lacked in recent years, seemingly by design. And Miley has been at the helm for six years with little success in that arena.

The bottom line, our sources tell us, is that MSNBC is “in flux,” and people are “frustrated.” FormerNightly News anchor and confessed embellisher Brian Williams is expected to debut on MSNBC soon, but no one knows when and in what exact capacity. Don’t be shocked, one source suggests, if Williams eventually ends up with a primetime news show on the cable channel.

Who would’ve thought: MSNBC attempts to solve ratings woes by adding Brian Williams and Keith Olbermann, the men who used to host back-to-back programs on the network, circa 1997? Perhaps this recent tweet from Olbermann was more prescient than first thought.

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ESPN Tries To Silence Keith Olbermann By Asking Him To Stop Doing Commentary

olbermann lancasteredited
Keith Olbermann – screenshot

Let Olbermann be Olbermann  (ks)


It looks like ESPN is trying to silence Keith Olbermann by asking him to stop doing commentary on his daily show.

According to The Hollywood Reporter:

ESPN and Keith Olbermann may be headed toward a tough negotiation to keep the outspoken host on the sports network. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that ESPN has floated a highly problematic condition for an extension of Olbermann’s initial two-year deal: that he cease engaging in “commentary” on his ESPN2 program.

This conflict likely stems from Olbermann’s coverage of the Ray Rice domestic-abuse scandal. The controversy began last summer after a video surfaced of the Baltimore Ravens star running back punching then-fiancee Janay Palmer in the face. The NFL responded with a slap-on-the-wrist, suspending Rice for two games. During this period, Olbermann repeatedly hammered NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. In a lengthy commentary at the top of his Aug. 1 broadcast, Olbermann called on the commissioner to “resign”, describing the suspension as a “weak, damaging and almost enabling reaction”.

Olbermann’s on-air commentaries – unlike his tweets – are vetted by ESPN producers. This past February, Olbermann’s twitter account got him into trouble after he wrote some disparaging remarks about Penn State fans. There’s also been some frustration with his initial 11 p.m. time slot on ESPN2. Because it was preceded by live sports, his show was frequently shifted to the wee hours. At one point, Olbermann was pre-empted for several nights for women’s softball. Last September, ESPN permanently shifted Olbermann to 5 p.m.

Sources say that ESPN’s management initially signaled their discomfort with Olbermann’s commentaries last May, when ESPN president John Skipper abruptly told the New York Times that he had decided not to renew Simmons’ deal (Simmons learned of Skipper’s decision when the Times tweeted its scoop on May 8). ESPN had no immediate comment.

Olbermann’s commentaries are a rare dash of honesty from a network that has increasingly become the sports version of Fox News. ESPN has the most expensive deal in media with the NFL and their overhead costs are starting to drive down Disney’s profits. As a result, Small markets in professional sports are invisible and moral criticism of leagues like the NFL is rarely spoken on the air. If ESPN didn’t want commentary, why did they bring back Keith Olbermann? Cutting the commentary out of Keith Olbermann’s show would virtually kill it.

ESPN is caving to the NFL by trying to silence Keith Olbermann. If they are successful, the Entertainment and Sports Programming Network is in danger of becoming stagnant.

Jason Easley

Keith Olbermann

Olbermann On ABC’s ‘This Week’…

Former Current TV host Keith Olbermann. Screenshot via ABC.

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Liberal commentator Keith Olbermann on Sunday suggested that the price of gas had been artificially manipulated since President Barack Obama took office to hurt his chances at re-election. In an appearance on ABC, Olbermann noted he had become suspicious after gas prices increased from $1.61 a gallon when Obama took…

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Politico top quotes of the week

Politico’s: The week in one-liners: Rush, Palin, Clinton


The top quotes in politics …

“I guess we better unzip him and let the real Mitt Romney out.” — Ann Romney talking about her husband.

“I mean, the truth is, that’s what he’s gotta do.” — Former President Bill Clinton on the Romney camp’s Etch-a-Sketch gaffe.

“They squeak when you eat ’em, it’s really cool.” — Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum on cheese curds.

“He was like a chicken with his head chopped off.” — Democratic strategist James Carville describing Santorum.

“It’s not for a fashion statement, it’s ammunition.” — Gov. Nikki Haley explaining why she wears heels.

“Game on.” — Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin on competing with Katie Couric.

“I think it should be Sarah Palin.” — Sen. John McCain joking about the veepstakes.

“You know, if you buy a $10 million chandelier, you should have a house to put it in.” — Keith Olbermann comparing himself to an expensive light fixture.

“You’re the guy wearing a $50 lampshade sitting in the corner of the room that nobody else wants to go in.” — Rush Limbaugh zinging Olbermann.