WATCH: Angry John Oliver blisters ‘f*cking a**hole’ Donald Trump for his comments on Khan family

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver -- HBO screenshot

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver — HBO screenshot


HBO’s Last Week Tonight, an emotional and angry John Oliver wrapped up his comparison of the Republican and Democratic national conventions with a withering commentary on GOP nominee Donald Trump’s smear of the family of a war hero.

Going where regular cable pundits won’t or can’t go, the HBO host cut tight to chase by addressing Trump as: “you f*cking asshole.”

After showing clips of Trump speaking with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, where he appeared to make it seem that Ghazala Khan — the grieving mother of war hero Capt. Humayun Khan — was afraid to speak in front of her husband due to the family’s religious beliefs, Oliver unloaded on Trump.

“Okay,” Oliver began, “For a start, his wife has explained that she chose not to speak because she gets too upset when she sees images of her dead son’s face, you f*cking asshole. But, I’m sorry, please continue.”

After running a clip of Trump comparing the”sacrifices” he made while building up his businesses to the loss of Khan’s son, Oliver had enough.

“No. No they absolutely are not” Oliver railed. “They are half-truths from a self-serving half-man who has somehow convinced half the country that sacrifice is the same thing as success.”

“Honestly, the main take-away from these two weeks is that, incredibly, we may be on the brink of electing such a damaged, sociopathic narcissist, that the simple presidential duty of comforting the families of fallen soldiers mat actually be beyond his capabilities,” Oliver exclaimed. “And I genuinely did not think that was the part of the job that someone could be bad at.”

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John Oliver ridicules Trump’s tweets: They’re like Tom Cruise — ‘short, unhinged and you can’t look away’

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver -- HBO screenshot
HBO Screenshot


After opening his show with a stirring tribute to the victims of the Orlando shooter, Last Week Tonight host John Oliver got back to the business of comedy, lecturing Hillary Clinton to not get into a Twitter war with Donald Trump.

Last week Clinton responded to a tweet from Trump with the Twitter chestnut “delete your account,” which generated over a half million likes for the presumptive Democratic nominee.

As Oliver noted, “likes on Twitter” are worthless.

“Getting a lot of likes does not necessarily mean you’ve accomplished something good,” the HBO host stated. “Incidentally that is a sentence anyone under the age of twenty should frame and hang in their bedroom. Because there are two problems with telling Donald Trump to delete his account. First, he’s never going to to do that. Even when he’s dead for fifty years, he’ll somehow be tweeting from beyond the grave with, ‘Met God. Very disappointing, dopey beard. Can’t even lift a heavy rock that he himself created. Sad.’ And, second, you just moved this fight on to his turf, which is a huge mistake.”

Oliver warned Clinton to not engage with Trump online because he is an “ego goblin who feeds on verbal filth.”

Describing Trump’s tweets, Oliver summed them up quite accurately.

“Hillary, you are not going to beat Donald Trump at social media,” he explained. “His tweets are the Tom Cruise’s of tweets: short and unhinged — but you kind of can’t look away.”

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John Oliver Details Why So Many Scientific Studies Are “Bullshit”

John Oliver Details Why So Many Scientific Studies Are “Bullshit”

Image Credit: YouTube


On Sunday night’s episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver took aim at the plethora of scientific studies that get misrepresented in the media.

“Science is constantly producing new studies, as you would know if you’ve ever watched TV,” Oliver said.

“Is science bullshit?” Oliver asked. “No, but there is a lot of bullshit currently masquerading as science.” To make that point clear, the host showed how conflicting the results can be for a single topic: coffee.

“In just the last few months, we’ve seen studies about coffee that claim it may reverse the effects of liver damage, help prevent colon cancer, decrease the risk of endometrial cancer, and increase the risk of miscarriage,” Oliver noted. “Coffee today is like God in the Old Testament: It will either save you or kill you, depending on how much you believe in its magical powers.”

The problem with a lot of these studies, as Oliver detailed, is that they can be biased depending on who funds them. A lot of research is rarely replicated in further studies and can often be dumbed-down in press releases and flashy headlines for the media. As such, studies can show the same types of foods and drinks both increasing and decreasing your risk of cancer.

John Oliver Details Why So Many Scientific Studies Are

Source: You Tube

Thankfully, Oliver presented a solution to appease the scientific community and those of us attracted to the flashy headlines. TODD (Trends, Observations, and Dangerous Drivel) Talks, which mimic the style of TED Talks, but presents them with the “intellectual rigor of morning news shows.” 

None animated GIF

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Check out the full segment below.

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By Miles Surrey

John Oliver destroys credit reporting agencies in his greatest prank yet: ‘Those f*ckers are evil’

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver -- (HBO screen grab)

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver — (HBO screen grab)


On HBO’s Last Week Tonight, host John Oliver took on the credit reporting companies that have the ability to keep you from getting a loan, being a hired at much needed job, and even prevent you from renting an apartment.

As the host noted, there are big three major companies that compile credit information on each and every one of us: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. They, in turn, provide that information to employers, landlords or lenders.

According to Oliver, nearly 50 percent of employers now use credit reporting as part of the hiring process despite, as a credit report industry executive admitted, there is no correlation between credit worthiness and job performance.

Even worse is what might be wrong in your credit history that you’re unaware of until you need a loan or a job — and by then it may be too late.

Along with a host of smaller — and unregulated companies  – – these agencies provide credit scores and criminal background checks that have historically contained bad information up to 30 percent of time.

Credit scores may be affected by clerical errors, contain credit info belonging to another person, declare you dead or — in the case of one man attempting to rent his “dream apartment” who was labeled a “terrorist” in a faulty criminal background check — destroy your life.

This has led the industry to be the leader in the most complaints filed with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Yet, despite a history of conspicuously providing faulty and inaccurate information, a trade group put out a report congratulating the industry by citing an FTC report and proclaiming: “95 percent of consumers are unaffected by errors.”

“But when you are holding records for more than 200 million individuals, that 5 percent error rate affects 10 million people,” Oliver explained. “They’re basically saying, ‘Great news everyone,  we only f*cked up a group equivalent to the entire population of Sweden! We’re the f*cking greatest!’ ”

With that in mind, the staff at Last Week Tonight, created websites for three companies with names  that are “problematically similar” to the big three for people who go to check their credit scores online  — but with a five percent chance they go to the wrong place.

Thus you have:

  • that “specializes in whispering passages from ‘Mein Kampf’ into the ears of babies, without the permission of parents or the babies themselves,” with the caveat: “Please do not mistake us for Experian. What they do is unforgivable.”
  • “We’re a company whose only business is selling steaks made out of dead orcas from SeaWorld!” which can be washed down with the “tears of dolphins,” but notes, “We are not affiliated with TransUnion. We are not monsters.”

And then there is:

  • which “Takes an animal from a shelter that needs a good home, lets it come to your house to lick peanut butter off your dick, and then immediately returns it to the shelter.” They also blind bunnies, but are quick to point out that they should not be mistaken for Equifax because, “Those f*ckers are evil.”

Watch the video below via HBO:

John Oliver pounds Donald Trump’s unfathomable ignorance about nuclear weapons

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver -- HBO screenshot

Last Week Tonight host John Oliver — HBO screenshot


The presidential candidacy of businessman Donald Trump has been a rich vein of comedy gold for Last Week Tonight host John Oliver, who once again hammered the buffoonish billionaire on Sunday night — this time for his ignorance of all things nuclear.

Calling Trump “America’s potential next president,” the HBO host noted that Trump seemed ill-equipped to talk seriously about foreign policy and nuclear proliferation.

In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper last Tuesday, Trump glibly suggested that countries that live under the umbrella of American security should step up, protect themselves and be allowed to possess nuclear weapons.

“At some point we have to say, you know what, we’re better off if Japan protects itself against this maniac in North Korea,” Trump told Cooper. “We’re better off, frankly, if South Korea is going to start to protect itself.”

Asked about Saudi Arabia getting nukes, Trump replied: “Saudi Arabia? Absolutely.”

“He says that with the confidence of a man who could easily find Saudi Arabia on a map if he was given three tries — and the map only included countries ending with ‘Arabia,’” a smirking Oliver said.

Trump also stated that nukes could be used in Europe because: “Europe is a big place.”

“It’s ‘a big place’ is not a good excuse for using nuclear weapons,” Oliver explained. “It’s barely a good excuse for peeing in the ocean.”

Oliver then turned to comments made by President Obama about Trump’s interview, with the president stating that Trump “doesn’t know much about foreign policy, or nuclear policy, or the Korean Peninsula, or the world generally.”

“President Obama is basically implying there that you could fill a book with the things Donald Trump doesn’t know,” Oliver translated. “That book being the encyclopedia.”

Watch the video below via YouTube:

John Oliver has the Donald Trump takedown America has been waiting for

I’m publishing this on the off chance that some TFC readers didn’t get to see this magnificent monologue from HBO’s John Oliver on Donald Trump. John’s show is called Last Week Tonight With John Oliver (ks)

VOX – Policy & Politics

On Sunday’s Last Week Tonight, John Oliver finally took on billionaire Donald Trump.

“I get that the character of Donald Trump is entertaining, and that he says things that people want to hear,” Oliver said. “And I know that his very name is powerful.”

But Oliver argued that Trump isn’t what he seems. Here are some of the qualities many supporters have listed about Trump — and Oliver’s counterpoints:

  • “He tells it like it is”: “Does he? Because the website PolitiFact checked 77 of his statements, and rated 76 percent of them as varying degrees of false.”
  • “He is truly independent and not beholden to anyone”: “While it is true that he hasn’t taken corporate money, the implication that he has personally spent $20 to $25 million is a bit of a stretch, because what he’s actually done is loaned his own campaign $17.5 million and has just personally given just $250,000. And that’s important, because up until the convention he can pay himself back for the loan with campaign funds.”
  • “He’s tough”: “For a tough guy, he has incredibly thin skin. Back in 1988, Spy magazine called him a short-fingered vulgarian. And ever since, the editor Graydon Carter says he receives envelopes from Trump, always with a photo on which he circled his hand to highlight the length of his fingers, usually with a note reading, ‘See, not so short!'”
  • “His success”: “While yes, he has made more money than most of us will make in a lifetime, not only did he get a multimillion-dollar inheritance from his father, but he’s also lost a huge amount.”
  • Oliver then played a clip of Trump’s daughter saying, “I remember once my father and I were walking down Fifth Avenue and there was a homeless person sitting right outside of Trump Tower. And I remember my father pointing to him and saying, ‘You know, that guy has $8 billion more than me.’ Because he was in such extreme debt at that point.”

Oliver also noted one other issue with Trump: He’s wildly inconsistent. “He’s been pro-choice and pro-life, for and against assault weapon bans, in favor of both bringing in Syrian refugees and deporting them out of the country.”

Or take Trump’s inconsistent statements on former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke’s endorsement of Trump. To CNN, Trump said, “I don’t know anything about David Duke. Okay? I don’t know anything about what you’re even talking about with white supremacy or white supremacists.”

Oliver was not having it, pointing to Trump’s past remarks to journalists: “Really? That’s your best answer there? Because you definitely know who he is — partly because you called him ‘a bigot’ and ‘a racist’ in the past.”

Oliver concluded that the best way to take down Trump is to uncouple him from his brand — his name. And it turns out that the Trump family’s name was once Drumpf. Oliver explained how this could work:

If you are thinking of voting for Donald Trump, the charismatic guy promising to make America great again, stop and take a moment to imagine how you would feel if you just met a guy named Donald Drumpf, a litigious serial liar with a string of broken business ventures and the support of a former Klan leader who he can’t decide whether or not to condemn. Would you think he would make a good president, or is the spell now somewhat broken?

“That is why tonight I am asking America to make Donald Drumpf again,” Oliver added.

Oliver then announced the launch of the #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain and the, where anyone can download a browser extension that replaces Trump’s name with Drumpf.

“We cannot keep getting blinded by the magic of his name,” Oliver said. “So please, don’t think of him as Donald Trump. Think of him as something else.”

John Oliver Just Destroyed the GOP for Their Plan to Block Scalia’s Replacement

John Oliver Just Destroyed the GOP for Their Plan to Block Scalia's Replacement

Image Credit: Getty Images


After a brief hiatus, John Oliver returned to Last Week Tonight on Sunday night with a bang, slamming Republicans for their hypocrisy over filling the newly vacant Supreme Court seat in the wake of Justice Antonin Scalia’s death on Saturday.

The GOP has vowed to stall on any of President Barack Obama‘s nominees, arguing America should wait for the next president. Doing so provides at least a chance that a Republican will be in office by then.

“The American people? should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court Justice,” Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said in a statement on Saturday, immediately after news of Scalia’s death broke. “Therefore, this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new President.”

There is an informal tradition floating around the Senate, entitled the “Thurmond Rule,” which encourages Senators to block any judge appointments by a president in the run-up to an election year — though this is by no means codified. 

In short, it looks as though the GOP is gearing up to pull a Thurmond. 

However, unfortunately for McConnell, Oliver and his team dug up a little speech the Senator gave when the Democrats where attempting to do the same thing for lower court appointments under then-President George W. Bush:

“Our democratic colleagues continually talk about the so-called ‘Thurmond Rule,’ under which the Senate supposedly stops confirming judges in a presidential election year,” McConnell announced. “This seeming obsession with this rule that doesn’t exist is just an excuse for our colleagues to run out the clock on qualified nominees who are waiting to fill badly needed vacancies.”

Oliver suggests the senate majority leader would be wise to tread carefully, given his impassioned speech against the very same practice he appears to be endorsing now.

As the show host artfully describes it, this supposed rule looks like nothing more than “bullshit.”

As McConnell argued, “the American people? should have a voice” — but that’s exactly what they got when they elected President Obama. 

Natasha Noman

John Oliver Keeps It Real After Paris Attacks: ‘F*ck These A**holes!’ (VIDEO)


A lot has been said regarding the horrific attacks that occurred last Friday in Paris, France. Many have expressed their sympathy for the French people and all those affected by such atrocious acts.

Many shows have even touched upon the attacks with their own tribute in one way or another. However, one person just laid his feelings out on the table in the most epic way possible and let everyone know how he feels about those who committed these acts of terror.

That person? John Oliver on HBO’s Last Week Tonight. He just gave one of the most tremendous profanity-ridden monologues ever.

Oliver began his show, saying:

“Sadly, we must begin with a few words about France which, on Friday, suffered the deadliest attack on its soil since World War II. Look, it’s hardly been 48 hours and much is still unknown, but there are a few things we can say for certain. And this is when it actually helps to be on HBO, where those things can be said without restraint, because after the many necessary and appropriate moments of silence, I’d like to offer you a moment of premium cable profanity.”

It was at this moment that he likely said what many of us are thinking. However, he says it so much better.

“So here is where things stand. First, as of now, we know this attack was carried out by gigantic fucking assholes. Unconscionable flaming assholes. Possibly working with other fucking assholes, definitely working in service of an ideology of pure assholery.

Second, and this goes almost without saying, FUCK THESE ASSHOLES! Fuck ’em, if I may say, sideways.

And third, it is important to remember nothing about what these assholes are trying to do is going to work. France is going to endure. And I’ll tell you why. If you’re in a war of culture and lifestyle with France, good fucking luck! Because go ahead, bring your bankrupt ideology; they’ll bring Jean-Paul Sartre, Edith Piaf, fine wine, Gauloises cigarettes, Camus, Camembert, madeleines, macarons, Marcel Proust, and the fucking croquembouche. The croquembouche! You’ve just brought a philosophy of rigorous self-abnegation to a pastry fight, my friends! You are fucked! That is a French freedom tower!

So, to the people of France, our thoughts are truly with you and I do not doubt that there will be more to say about this as events unspool, but for now, we are going to continue with the rest of our show…”

Those who committed these terrible acts and tried to instill terror in the hearts and minds of the French people don’t quite realize who they are messing with. They are messing with a people who survived WWII. People who won’t back down, won’t give up, and definitely won’t cower in the face of those who seek to ideologically change them through fear. They will live on as they have always lived. And they are the epitome of endurance. Viva la France!


John Oliver destroys Fox News over staggeringly offensive refugee coverage

John Oliver destroys Fox News over staggeringly offensive refugee coverage
HBO Screenshot


John Oliver took on the heartbreaking stories of the Syrian refugee crisis Sunday night on Last Week Tonight.

Oliver began with an all out assault on Fox News for showing what they said was a new video online that “some” say makes people nervous about taking in refugees. The footage featured a packed public transit train with the crowd chanting “Allahu akbar” or “God is great” in Arabic. The caption reads below the video “Terrorists Inbound? Taking refugees could open door to jihadists.” The Fox News reporter said “those are reportedly Muslim refugees” and then goes on to say “to be clear, we’re not saying any of those people are terrorists or in any way affiliated with a terror group, but it does highlight just how many of these refugees who are fleeing violence in Iraq and Syria are Muslim.”

Oliver lit the Fox News anchor up for claiming she wasn’t calling the people in the video terrorists since the screen actually read “Terrorists Inbound?” below the video. Oliver’s crack research team also uncovered that the video Fox News was showing was uploading in 2010, not, as the reporter claimed recently of “Muslim refugees.” Oliver’s suggestion was to just use the footage from the film True Lies with the Islamic terrorists because it’s only slightly more racist and is at least of actual terrorists albeit fictional ones.

One of the heartbreaking stories Oliver highlighted was the story of teenager Nageen Mustafa who has been wheelchair bound for most of her life and managed to make the difficult journey from Syria to Europe fleeing violence. The girl was all smiles in the video saying the terrifying journey was “funny,” because it was “the first time I see the sea.” BBC reporter Fergal Keane asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up and she said an astronaut because she wanted to see an alien. She also wants to meet Queen Elizabeth.

Because of her disability she was shunned and prevented from going to school. Her English is exceptional so reporters have asked her how she learned, she said she spent two years watching the soap opera Days of Our Lives.

“Unfortunately for Nageen and so many like her,” Oliver said, “Europe has yet to create an effective system to process this influx of people. Every country has a different application process and some are totally overwhelmed and underfunded.”

He then showed examples of the forms that many of the refugees are being handed with appointment dates to discuss their status in anywhere from three months to five years from now. Oliver reminded the audience that between now and then they cannot legally work in the country to which they are fleeing without proper status and immigration paperwork.

Unless of course, they go to Germany. Oliver showed footage of the thousands of people streaming into German airports where Germans are applauding and welcoming them as they arrive. “That’s right, amazingly, one of the warmest welcomes offered to immigrants comes from Germany. A country whose idea of a bedtime story is two children being left to die in the forest before being nearly being cooked and eaten and murdering an old woman,” Oliver said of the tale Hansel and Gretel. ” Sleep well!”

Oliver then decimates the heartless camera woman who was caught tripping refugees as they were trying to escape boarder guards. “Oh! She lost her job!” Oliver said. “I’m sorry, I’m sure she can find a new one on”

“The maddening thing here is Europe doesn’t even have to do this for good reasons. It can do it for selfish ones, because it is in dire need of new citizens,” Oliver said before rolling footage of a report talking about the extremely low birth rate in Europe.

In the end Oliver’s gift to the refugees is a special video for young Nageen who was so disappointed her favorite character on Days of Our Lives was killed off. You’ll want to watch in the video below – it’s everything:

John Oliver and Helen Mirren debunk U.S. torture practices: “The reason so many of us believe that torture works is that it does—on TV”

John Oliver and Helen Mirren debunk U.S. torture practices: "The reason so many of us believe that torture works is that it does—on TV"
John Oliver (Credit: HBO)


Oliver enlisted the help of Dame Helen Mirren to read some excerpts from the SIC’s public torture report

“Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver says that Americans have been “dangerously misinformed” about the U.S.’ torture practices and encouraged everyone to read the “condensed” 500-page report the Senate Intelligence Committee made available to the public at the tail-end of last year.

Oliver said on Sunday’s program that a large majority of Americans still believe that torture is an effective method of combating terrorism. What’s worse, the practices are currently only being restrained by executive powers and could be disregarded in 2016 with a new president at the helm.

The “Last Week Tonight” host went on to compare U.S. torture to the show “24″ and enlisted the help of Dame Helen Mirren to read some excerpts — including one about forced rectal feeding — from the public report: “Majid Khan’s ‘lunch tray’ consisting of hummus, pasta with sauce, nuts, and raisins was ‘pureed’ and rectally infused.”

“Torture is one of those things that is advertised as something that works, but doesn’t—like a Ford truck or those weird bottles of Horny Goat Weed available at your local bodega,” Oliver said. “But maybe the reason that so many of us innately believe that torture works is that it does—on TV, all the time. Look at ’24.’ Jack Bauer repeatedly saved American lives while behaving like this.”

Watch the clip below courtesy of HBO below: