Man Brain Dead After ‘Excessive Force’ Used At Jail Overseen By Arpaio

It looks like Arpaio’s days as the Maricopa County Sheriff may be numbered, with this latest newsreport…

Think Progress

On the heels of a Justice Department report accusing Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio of violating the civil rights of Latinos, Arpaio’s department is under fire after an inmate became unresponsive while in custody and is now likely brain dead, according to media reports.

The victim, Ernest M. Atencio, was brought to the Phoenix jail at 3 a.m. Friday when he became “abusive and combative, forcing police and sheriff’s deputies to use ‘defensive efforts’ in restraining him.” Officers took Atencio to a “safe cell” to calm down, and when medical staff checked on him 15 minutes later, he was unresponsive.

The Daily Mail reports that officers used “excessive force,” and Atencio’s family claims he suffered a heart attack after being Tasered by police and did not receive treatment soon enough. “We have to do an investigation,”Arpaio said about the incident. “We do it all the time, we have an incident in the jails…we’re going to do this one too, very professionally.”

Right-Wing Radio Host Mark Levin Rips ‘Race-Baiting’ Jeb Bush For Urging Outreach To Latinos

I think Mark Levin is simply playing to his base the same way Palin, Beck, Limbaugh and Hannity does.  

Think Progress

This past week, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) told the GOP it would be “incredibly stupid” to ignore Latinos as a political force. “This is about the conservative cause. If you look over the horizon over the next 10 or 20 years…without an active involvement of Hispanics, we will not be the governing philosophy,” he said.

During an interview with Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera which aired this weekend, Bush — who opposed the original Arizona law SB-1070 and is in favor of comprehensive immigration reform — said he is alienating conservatives in his efforts to reach out to Latinos:

You could hear crickets around me in my views on immigration on this particular issue. It’s a solitary view, I guess — or close to it.  


Watch it:

Meg Whitman Pays $144 Million for her Own Campaign, $5,500 to Her Housekeeper

So, Meg Whitman settles with her housekeeper to the tune of $5,500.  You would think that paying her housekeeper that pawltry sum would have bankrupted the ex-CEO of eBay.  Putting everything in context, Ms. Whitman spends $144M of her personal funds for her California gubernatorial campaign with not so much as a blink.  Yet, she witheld wages from her housekeeper after discovering the woman was undocumented.

The Nation

Meg Whitman, the Republican who spent $144 million of her own money running for governor of California, has agreed to pay her former housekeeper back wages of $5,500.

The housekeeper, Nicky Diaz Santillan, had charged that Whitman underpaid her and then fired her when she learned that she was undocumented. The housekeeper’s press conference, a month before election day, provided the final nail in the coffin of Whitman’s campaign. Latinos were outraged over the mistreatment of someone Whitman said was like a member of her family, and Republicans were outraged that Whitman merely fired her housekeeper and didn’t report her for immediate deportation. 

On election day, Whitman won the votes of only 13 per cent of Latino voters. She lost to Jerry Brown, 54 – 41 per cent. 

The back pay settlement came after a three-hour hearing before the state Division of Labor Standards Enforcement on Wednesday.

The LA Times noted in an editorial that Whitman’s campaign expenditure of $144 million amounted to $36 for every vote she got, and that the $5,500 she owed her housekeeper amounted to “the price of a mere 152 more votes.”

Fox News called the settlement “chump change.” With the money she spent on her campaign, they calculated, Whitman could have settled with 25,455 housekeepers.

The lesson for candidates seems clear: the people who work for you should be paid what you owe them.

Actually that lesson applies not just to candidates, but to all employers.

The Nevada dogfight: Reid blasts Angle as “crazy”

The Plum Line

This new ad from Harry Reid, hitting back at an earlier spot from Sharron Angle blasting him over immigration, is the clearest indication yet of what a brutal dogfight the Nevada Senate race has become:

Reid’s ad is a response to the Angle spot earlier this week that declared Reid “the best friend an illegal alien ever had.”

Reid has come out in support of immigration reform, part of an effort to boost the Latino turnout that will be critical to his chances, but the Reid camp’s swift response to the Angle spot illustrates how lethal the politics of illegal immigration remain.

Also note the spot’s quick pivot at the end back to one of the core issues in the race: Angle’s suggestion of phasing out Social Security. And: After hinting at it for weeks by characterizing Angle as “extreme and dangerous,” for the first time, the Reid campaign has come right out and used the word “crazy.”