Drudge Seizes On Yet Another Opportunity For Race-Baiting Attack

I know we should all be used to the right-wing media with their exaggerations and falsehoods about the POTUS, but this one stands out as egregious as it can get…

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During his speech to the Congressional Black Caucus on September 24, President Obama said to African-American leaders: “I expect all of you to march with me and press on. Take off your bedroom slippers. Put on your marching shoes. Shake it off. Stop complaining. Stop grumbling. Stop crying. We are going to press on. We’ve got work to do, CBC.”

Unsurprisingly, the Drudge Report used the speech as an opportunity for race-baiting.

Drudge highlighted the speech with this quote: “Obama to Blacks: ‘Put On Your Marching Shoes,’ ” and accompanied it with a photograph of what looked like black people protesting in front of the White House with their fists raised:

This would have been an innocuous enough photo if this had been any other media outlet. But this is the Drudge Report, a website that traffics in race. The fact that this was a photo depicting blacks with raised fists under what some have interpreted as “a dog whistle for race riots” tells its own tale. And this is a long-running theme with Drudge.

Gateway Pundit blogger Jim Hoft took it even further. In a post headlined, “Obama Puts on His Best Dialect & Tells Black Audience ‘Stop Complaining & Fight,’ ” he wrote:

Barack Obama told his black audience last night to “Put on your marching shoes.”


Barack Obama delivered the red meat to the big government socialists of the Congressional Black Caucus.

He was pushing his latest half trillion dollar stimulus that he insists will work… this time.

And, since he was speaking to the black caucus he broke out the black dialect.

Right Wing Media Reports That Obama ‘Lied’ About Giffords’ Eyes Are Untrue

I’m wondering, what won’t those in the media who oppose Obama do to make him look bad at every turn?


The right-wing blogosphere is classily playing “Gotcha!” with President Obama’s uplifting revelation, at last night’s Tuscon Memorial Service, that Rep. Gabrielle Giffordsopened her eyes for the first time” shortly before the memorial. A report originating at Gateway Pundit, and currently circling the globe, alleges that “It Looks Like Obama Fibbed” about the milestone in Giffords’ recovery, and of Obama’s revelation, “unfortunately it was not true.”

Unfortunately for Gateway Pundit, their report isn’t true.

First of all, as the President said in his speech, he was relaying information given to him by Giffords’ husband, astronaut Mark Kelly, so even if Gateway Pundit’s reporting was rock-solid, it is Kelly they’d be calling a liar, not the President.

But their assertion that the President “fibbed” is based on “evidence” that is suspect on its face:  (from Gateway Pundit)

The Sonoran Chronicle reported that Rep. Giffords could open her eyes on Sunday. (The Sonoron has since pulled the article.)

Originally, this was all Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft needed to run with the story that the President lied during the most solemn occasion in recent memory: a snippet of a news article that had been deleted from publication (cached version here). Why would someone run with a story like that? Because obviously, Obama and Giffords’ husband must have leaned on The Sonoran to cover their sinister tracks. You think I’m kidding?

Would someone please tell me this was not planned.

Yes. This was not planned.    Read more…

Here’s a clip from Sunday’s press conference that the deleted article references, in which the doctor they indirectly quoted says that Giffords cannot open her eyes:

Video can be seen here…