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Ted Koppel Tells Sean Hannity He’s ‘Bad for America’

Screenshot “CBS This Morning”


Ted Koppel has a bone to pick with Sean Hannity, and he’s not hesitant to do it directly, on the Fox News anchor’s own show.

This very scenario unfolded in a clip from “Hannity” that aired on “CBS Sunday Morning” as part of a story about political polarization in the U.S. The former ABC anchorman, who retired from “Nightline” 12 years ago, answered affirmatively when Hannity asked him: “Am I bad for America?”

Koppel backed up his claim by pointing to the melding of hard news and opinion in recent years, adding: “You have attracted people who have determined that ideology is more important than fact.” Koppel apparently does not count his own work as potentially ideological or misleadingly blending op-ed and hard-news delivery styles.

Watch the clip in full below (Koppel’s “bad for America” comment occurs around the six-minute mark) from “CBS Sunday Morning”:

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Fox News Frantically Tries To Cover Up Trump’s 13th Golf Trip And Absolutely NOBODY Is Buying It

DES MOINES, IA - AUGUST 15:  Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump rides in a golf cart while campaigning at the Iowa State Fair on August 15, 2015 in Des Moines, Iowa. Presidential candidates are addressing attendees at the Iowa State Fair on the Des Moines Register Presidential Soapbox stage and touring the fairgrounds. The State Fair runs through August 23.  (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Featured image via Win McNamee/Getty Images


It’s not clear whether Trump called in a favor or Fox News decided to impress the new boss by taking the initiative, but in any case the most hamfisted attempt to lie on Trump’s behalf just came out of the Fox News official Twitter account. It did not go well.

Following a weekend in which Trump visited his own Virginia golf course twice and took the night off to have a large dinner at his own DC hotel, Fox News released an urgent “news alert”: Pay No Attention To The Man Behind The Curtain, Nothing To See Here!

Setting aside for a moment the sheer lunacy of the bar being set so low for Donald Trump that spending three consecutive days in the official presidential residence is considered worthy of a “news alert,” the statement was a complete and total lie. There are photographs that prove Trump was not in the White House this weekend. They also prove that he wasn’t working this weekend — at any location. He appears to have spent much of the past three days golfing.

Here’s Trump watching the Golf Channel with a few friends at his golf resort in Virginia on Sunday morning:

And here’s Trump in golf attire at the same golf course the previous day, shortly before another photograph emerged of him on the course in a golf cart:

And here’s Trump’s own staff admitting he played all 18 holes on Saturday.

And here’s Trump heading to his DC hotel to throw a dinner for himself and his friends on Saturday night. (Not sure what the occasion was, but it certainly wasn’t in celebration of the healthcare bill he and Paul Ryan failed to pass the day before.)

As one user put it: Come on, Fox News, have a little self-respect.

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US Attorney Preet Bharara Was Investigating Fox News When Trump Fired Him


President Donald Trump’s decision to fire U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara happened as Bharara’s office was reportedly probing Fox News over its alleged failure to inform shareholders about repeated settlements for allegations of sexual harassment and assault by former Chairman and CEO Roger Ailes and other executives against female employees. Reports indicate Trump may pick one of Ailes’ former lawyers to replace Bharara.

Fox News Faced Numerous Sexual Assault And Harassment Allegations

Ailes Left Fox News Amid Flurry Of Sexual Harassment Allegations. In early July, former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson sued the network’s CEO and Chairman Roger Ailes for sexual harassment. Carlson’s attorney told The Washington Post that 25 women had “come forward with what they describe as similar harassment claims against Ailes that stretch across five decades back to his days in the 1960s as a young television producer.” 21st Century Fox tasked a law firm with conducting a review of Ailes’ conduct and “the initial findings were damaging enough that the Murdochs decided they had to escort Ailes out,” according to CNN’s Brian Stelter. New York national affairs editor Gabriel Sherman reported that sources briefed on the investigation said former Fox News host Megyn Kelly told investigators that Ailes had also sexually harassed her. [The Washington Post, 7/22/16; CNN, The Lead with Jake Tapper, 7/21/16; New York, 7/19/16]

Fox’s Culture Of Sexual Harassment Extends Beyond Ailes. The New York Times reported on July 23 that Fox News may have “a broader problem in the workplace,” that extends beyond Ailes after at least “a dozen women” told the Times that “they had experienced some form of sexual harassment or intimidation at Fox News or the Fox Business Network, and half a dozen more who said they had witnessed it. Two of them cited Mr. Ailes and the rest cited other supervisors.” [The New York Times, 7/23/16]

Fox Recently Settled With Former Contributor Over Sexual Assault Allegation That Resulted In Executive’s Firing. The New York Times recently reported that Fox settled with former network contributor Tamara Holder in February for more than $2.5 million after the said she was sexually assaulted by an executive at the company’s headquarters two years ago. The Times reported that Fox “investigated her claims, and the executive, Francisco Cortés, the vice president for Fox News Latino, was terminated, according to two people familiar with the matter.” [The New York Times, 3/8/17]

Former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara Was Investigating Fox Over Sexual Harassment Settlements

CNNMoney: “Fox News Under Federal Investigation Over Ailes Settlement Payments.” CNN senior media reporter Dylan Byers reported on February 15 that the Justice Department had for months been investigating Fox News over failing to inform shareholders about settlements with employees who had pressed charges against Ailes for sexual harassment:

The U.S. Justice Department is investigating whether Fox News failed to inform shareholders about settlements made with employees who charged former chairman and CEO Roger Ailes with sexual harassment, a source with knowledge of the matter told CNNMoney.


On Wednesday afternoon, a Fox News spokesperson acknowledged that Fox News had been in communication with the U.S. Attorney’s office but did not specify if the network was the subject of the investigation.

“Neither FOX News nor 21CF has received a subpoena, but we have been in communication with the U.S. Attorney’s office for months — we have and will continue to cooperate on all inquiries with any interested authorities,” the spokesperson said.

On Wednesday night, however, a source with knowledge of the matter confirmed that Fox News was the subject of the investigation. The settlements in question date back several years, the source said. [CNNMoney, 2/15/17]

ABC News: Preet Bharara’s “Office Is Conducting A Criminal Investigation Into Fox News.” ABC News reported that Preet Bharara’s office, the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, which includes much of New York City where 21st Century Fox is headquartered, was “conducting a criminal investigation into Fox News.” From the February 15 article:

The Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s Office is conducting a criminal investigation into Fox News, an attorney involved and other sources familiar with the matter told ABC News.

Judd Burstein, an attorney representing former Fox News personality Andrea Tantaros, said during a hearing today that one of his clients received a subpoena to testify before a federal grand jury investigating the use of corporate resources in connection with sexual harassment allegations against former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes and Fox News parent company 21st Century Fox.

Burstein said the subpoena didn’t involve Tantaros but a different client, whom he did not name.

A spokeswoman for U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara declined to comment.

Fox News responded, saying in a statement, “Neither Fox News nor 21st Century Fox has received a subpoena, but we have been in communication with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for months — we have and will continue to cooperate on all inquiries with interested authorities.” [ABC News, 2/15/17]

The Hollywood Reporter: Former Fox Host Andrea Tantaros’ Attorney Suggested Fox Settled Multiple Harassment Lawsuits Without Reporting Them In SEC Filings. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a lawyer representing former Outnumbered host Andrea Tantaros, one of the Fox employees suing over sexual harassment, said he received a subpoena from federal investigators requesting testimony from another Fox client, which he said meant Fox had settled multiple lawsuits without reporting them in its SEC filings. From the February 15 article:

On Wednesday, during a hearing regarding former Fox News personality Andrea Tantaros’ lawsuit against network executives before New York Supreme Court Judge David Benjamin Cohen, an attorney for Tantaros said he’d been served with a subpoena by federal prosecutors investigating sexual harassment allegations directed at Ailes. Tantaros, who once served as a co-host of the afternoon show The Five, alleges in her lawsuit that Fox News “operated like a sex-fueled, Playboy Mansion-like cult.”

Tantaros’ attorney Judd Burstein said he received the subpoena from federal investigators at the Department of Justice’s New York Southern District, which is run by Preet Bharara, who with much fanfare was asked by President Donald Trump to stay on as a U.S. Attorney after aggressively prosecuting top government officials in New York as well as Wall Street veterans for insider trading.

The subpoena, he said, arrived two days ago. It apparently requests testimony from his client before a grand jury. (Burstein didn’t identify the client. Burstein previously represented Ailes’ former right-hand man, Brian Lewis, who, before coming to a settlement of his own, raised the specter of explosive revelations.)

“Once I saw that it was the securities prosecutors I understood immediately what was going on here, which is that what Fox has done is enter into agreement, after agreement, after agreement, with victims of sexual harassment, not reported them in any of their SEC filings,” Burstein said.

Burstein appears to believe that the issue is related to the way Fox has been structuring settlements and keeping recipients as employees to avoid reporting obligations under securities law.

An attorney for Fox News, Andrew J. Levander, told the judge that his client hasn’t received a subpoena and characterized Burstein’s impromptu comments in open court as “beyond the pale.” A later statement from a Fox News spokesperson (see below) acknowledged, however, that the company has been “in communication with the U.S. Attorney’s office for months.”


The company’s spokesperson has released the following statement: “The court granted Fox News’ motion to send Andrea Tantaros’ case to arbitration, where it always belonged, and rejected her counsel Judd Burstein’s histrionics. Apparently one of Mr. Burstein’s other clients has received a subpoena. Neither Fox News nor 21CF has received a subpoena, but we have been in communication with the U.S. Attorney’s office for months — we have and will continue to cooperate on all inquiries with any interested authorities.” [The Hollywood Reporter, 2/15/17]

Bharara Was Fired By Trump After Being Asked To Stay On

Bharara Agreed To Remain As U.S. Attorney After Meeting Trump In November. As The Washington Times reported, Bharara met with President Donald Trump in late November and “confirmed he accepted Mr. Trump’s offer to stay on the job.” Then Sen. Jeff Sessions, whom Trump had nominated to serve as his attorney general, also asked Bharara to stay in the job. From the November 30 article:

Mr. Bharara, who was appointed by President Obama, confirmed that he accepted Mr. Trump’s offer to stay on the job after a meeting at Trump Tower in Manhattan.

“The president-elect asked — presumably because he’s a New Yorker and is aware of the great work that our office has done over the past seven years — asked to meet with me to discuss whether or not I’d be prepared to stay on as the United States attorney to do the work we have done, independently, without fear or favor for the last seven years,” he told reporters in the lobby of Trump Tower.


He said that he has already spoken to Sen. Jeff Sessions, whom Mr. Trump nominated for attorney general, about continuing to serve as U.S. attorney.

“He also asked that I stay on, and so I expect that I will be continuing to work at the southern district,” Mr. Bharara said. [The Washington Times, 11/30/16]

Attorney General Sessions Then Asked All Obama-Era U.S. Attorneys, Including Bharara, To Resign. On March 10, Attorney General Jeff Sessions asked all 46 U.S. attorneys remaining from the Obama administration to resign. [Los Angeles Times, 3/10/17]

Bharara Was Fired After Refusing To Resign. The Associated Press reported that after refusing to resign at the request of Sessions, Bharara was instead fired from his position as a U.S. attorney. [The Associated Press, 3/11/17; Twitter, 3/11/17]

NY Times: A “Pending Investigation” Of Bharara’s Appears To Focus On How Fox News Structured Settlements Of Claims Brought By Network Employees.” The New York Times reported on March 10 that it was “unclear what effect [Bharara’s] departure might have” on his office’s ongoing investigations g, including a “pending investigation [that] appears to focus on how Fox News structured settlements of claims brought by network employees.” [The New York Times, 3/10/17]

Trump May Replace Bharara With Former Ailes Lawyer Who Helped Him With Harassment Damage Control

Bloomberg: New York Lawyers Speculate Marc Mukasey Will Be Nominated To Replace Bharara. Bloomberg reported on March 11 that “speculation is already building for who will be nominated by Trump as a permanent replacement” for Bharara and that “Many suggest it will be Marc Mukasey, a lawyer at Greenberg Traurig LLP with close ties to former New York Mayor and sometime Trump adviser Rudy Giuliani.” [Bloomberg, 3/11/17]

New York’s Gabriel Sherman: Mukasey Was Part Of Ailes’ Legal Team. New York magazine’s Gabriel Sherman, who has written extensively about Ailes and Fox News, reported on March 11 that Mukasey previously worked as part of Ailes’ legal team and had labeled Sherman as a “virus” for his work in uncovering sexual harassment and assault allegations at Fox:

Twitter, 3/11/17, 3/11/17; The Hollywood Reporter, 8/30/16]

Mukasey Reportedly Met With Ailes To Advise Him On Handling Harassment Allegations. Sherman reported that a few hours after his July 9 article revealing that six more women beyond Gretchen Carlson had accused Ailes of harassment, “Ailes held an emergency meeting with longtime friend Rudy Giuliani and lawyer Marc Mukasey at his home in Garrison, New York.” Vanity Fair quoted Mukasey as saying that he and Giuliani “provided personal, private legal counsel to Roger, whom we’ve known for years,” and detailed how Mukasey and Giuliani went to Fox’s headquarters to assist Ailes. [New York, 9/2/16; Vanity Fair, November 2016]

This item has been updated for clarity.

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Chris Wallace To Reince Priebus: ‘You Don’t Get To Tell’ The Press What To Do

Screen capture


Fox News host Chris Wallace on Sunday pressed White House chief of staff Reince Priebus to explain President Donald Trump’s comment that the press is “the enemy of the American People.”

“He said that the fake media, not certain stories, the fake media are an enemy to the country. We don’t have a state-run media in this country. That’s what they have in dictatorships,” Wallace told Priebus on “Fox News Sunday.”

Priebus responded by calling “unsourced” stories about turmoil inside Trump’s administration “total garbage.”

“If you’re going to come out with a story that says Russian spies are talking to your campaign, my God,” he said. “I mean, I think you should in some cases, or in most cases, actually have a named source.”

Priebus argued that the media has not covered Trump’s actions during his first month in office as closely as it has covered his notable failures.

“We covered all of that,” Wallace interjected. “Here’s the problem. When the President says that we’re the enemy of the American people, it makes it sound like if you’re going against him, you’re going against the country.”

He compared Trump’s response to critical media coverage to President Barack Obama’s response.

“You don’t get to tell us what to do, Reince! You don’t get to tell us what to do any more than Barack Obama did,” Wallace said. “I’ve got to say he never said that we were an enemy of the people.”

“He said a lot of things about Fox News, Chris. I think you ought to go check the tape,” Priebus said. “He took plenty of shots.”

“No, he took the shots, and we didn’t like them, and frankly we don’t like this either,” Wallace said. “But he never went as far as President Trump has, and that’s what’s concerning, because it seems like he crosses a line when he talks about — that we’re an enemy of the people. That is concerning.”


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Chris Wallace Fires Back At Priebus’ ‘Ridiculous’ Argument Over Crowd Size

Fox News screencap


“Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace asked White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus to explain how “arguing about crowd size” will help the American people in a contentious interview Sunday morning.

“President Trump said in his inaugural address that every decision he makes will be to benefit American families. How does arguing about crowd size do that?” Wallace asked.

“It’s really not about crowd size,” Priebus replied. “What it’s about is honesty in the media.”

He said that “from day one” the media has been trying to undermine Trump’s legitimacy and cited a reporter who tweeted that a bust of Martin Luther King, Jr. had been removed from the Oval Office.

“The point is the attacks, and the attempts to delegitimize this president in one day,” he said.

“You talk about honesty, and say that this was about honesty,” Wallace said. “Well, there’s another issue, though, Reince, and that’s the President’s honesty, because two things that he said yesterday were just flat wrong.”

He showed side-by-side photos from Trump’s inauguration and President Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2009 to compare crowd sizes.

“Take a look at those pictures,” he said. “Which one is bigger?”

“Listen, you’re also not saying that that picture was taken before he was even speaking,” Priebus interrupted. “I could take a picture of the Mall right now—”

“I was there! I was there on the Mall!” Wallace said, speaking over Priebus. “I mean let me say first of all I think this is a ridiculous conversation, but there were huge areas. He said there were crowds all the way to the Washington Monument.”

“There was,” Priebus said. “I was sitting there.”

“Reince, there weren’t,” Wallace said.

“Yes there was,” Priebus insisted. “I was sitting there looking.”


Watch the entire exchange below, starting at 0:54:

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Newt Gingrich: Trump Should Use The CNN Confrontation As An Excuse To Break The Press

Fox News screenshot


Newt Gingrich, a prominent supporter of President-elect Donald Trump and a Fox News contributor, would like to shatter the influence of an “adversarial” press. And he thinks Trump’s press conference confrontation with CNN reporter Jim Acosta has given the incoming administration the opportunity to dramatically reshape White House press interactions to favor journalists who will treat the president-elect more favorably.

During Trump’s January 11 presser, he lashed out at CNN  and demanded the network apologize for a recent report on his alleged ties to Russia, and Acosta repeatedly called out, seeking to ask a question in response. Trump replied by calling CNN “terrible,” castigating Acosta for being “rude,” and declaring, “I’m not going to give you a question. You are fake news!” Sean Spicer, who will serve as Trump’s White House press secretary,subsequently told Acosta that he would be removed if he continued to press for a question, and Spicer later demanded that the reporter apologize to the president-elect.

Team Trump’s efforts seem intended to both damage the credibility of CNN and cow other networks into shying away from similarly critical journalism — as Gingrich put it, to “shrink and isolate” the network. But the Fox News contributor wants the incoming administration to go even further and use the incident as an excuse to “close down the elite press.”

Gingrich laid out this strategy during an interview on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program, one of the most pro-Trump venues available. He urged Spicer to learn “a couple of big lessons” from the incident. First and foremost, he suggested that Acosta be banned from reporting on Trump events for 60 days “as a signal, frankly, to all the other reporters that there are going to be real limits” for proper behavior.


But Gingrich’s recommendations went far beyond chastising Acosta. He urged Trump to stop prioritizing questions from major news outlets due to their tough coverage and confrontational attitude. Instead, he suggested that he “extend the privileges to reporters from out of town, folks that fly in from all over the country to be allowed to be at a briefing.” Those reporters, Gingrich suggested, would be “a lot more courteous” and “responsible” rather than being “adversarial.”

Gingrich went on to explain his theory of the press under the Trump administration. “You don’t have to think of The New York Times or CNN or any of these people as news organizations,” he explained. “They’re mostly propaganda organizations. And they’re going to be after Trump every single day of his presidency.”

“And he needs to understand that that’s the case, and so does Sean Spicer in speaking for him. And they simply need to go out there and understand they have it in their power to set the terms of this dialogue.” He added, “They can close down the elite press.”

Trump has already started to take steps like those Gingrich describes. During the 2016 campaign, he reportedly made a deal with the right-wing Sinclair Broadcasting Group, which owns television stations across the country, to provide more access to its stations in exchange for a promise from Sinclair to broadcast his interviews without commentary.

He took questions from sycophantic pro-Trump outlets Breitbart.com and One America News Network during this week’s press conference. Right Side Broadcasting Network, which has been described as “the unofficial version of Trump TV,” claims it will be in the White House press briefing room under the new president. Other right-wing outlets like Laura Ingraham’s LifeZette and Alex Jones’ conspiracy website Infowars could be next.

Alexey Kovalev, a Russian journalist who has covered Vladimir Putin’s annual press conferences, warned of the use of such tactics in a searing “message to my doomed colleagues in the American media” that he authored following Trump’s press conference.

“A mainstay of Putin’s press conferences is, of course, softball questions,” Kovalev wrote. These include both “hyperlocal issues that a president isn’t even supposed to be dealing with,” which nonetheless provide “a real opportunity for him to shine.” Putin also benefits from “people from publications that exist for no other reason than heaping fawning praise on him and attacking his enemies.”

“But there will also be one token critic who will be allowed to ask a ‘sharp’ question,” Kovalev added, “only to be drowned in a copious amount of bullshit, and the man on the stage will always be the winner (‘See? I respect the media and free speech’).”

Of course we are not there yet, but the precedent is unnerving. Gingrich wants nothing more than a cowed, broken press that exists solely to promote the Republican Party’s message. We’ll see soon enough how much of his advice Trump takes.

UPDATE: Gingrich is not alone in urging Trump to freeze out the press. Following Trump’s election, Hannity stated that “until members of the media come clean about colluding with the Clinton campaign and admit that they knowingly broke every ethical standard they are supposed to uphold, they should not have the privilege, they should not have the responsibility of covering the president on behalf of you, the American people.”

“In other words, the mainstream press should not be allowed to cover Trump,” New York University’s Jay Rosen wrote in response to Hannity’s comments. “A few years ago that was a bridge too far. Now it’s a plausible test of poisoned waters.” It looks like we’ll see more of those tests in the days to come.

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Hannity, Who Called For Assange’s Arrest, Now Believes Every Word He Says

Carolyn Kaster


Fox News is set to air the first part of an interview Tuesday night between Sean Hannity and Julian Assange, who Hannity has said in the past should be arrested for “waging war” against the United States.

“I believe every word he says,” Hannity told his Fox News colleague Bill Hemmer Tuesday morning, defending the WikiLeaks founder against criticism that he published documents that U.S. intelligence officials say were stolen by Russian-backed hackers in order to benefit President-elect Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Hannity flew to London to interview Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy there, where the WikiLeaks founder, facing an outstanding warrant for his arrest in Sweden over rape allegations, has holed up since 2012.

However, in December of 2010, Hannity had criticized the Obama administration on his show for not arresting Assange after WikiLeaks published a quarter of a million confidential U.S. diplomatic cables.

“Assange is apparently not done waging his war against the U.S., at least not yet,” Hannity said at the time.

After WikiLeaks began publishing documents hacked from the servers of the Democratic National Committee this summer, however, Hannity changed his tone.

During a September interview with the WikiLeaks founder, Hannity told Assange: “I do hope you get free one day.”

“In 10 yrs @wikileaks has gotten nothing wrong & no one’s been killed bc of the info released. #freejulianassange #freeinternet for all,” he wrote on Twitter in October.

Hannity addressed the about-face in the interview with Hemmer Tuesday.

“Look, I was a very early critic of him. He’s well aware that I thought he was waging war on the United States. My opinion on it has evolved in large part because of what I have seen that he has done in ten years. Nothing he has published has ever been proven false,” Hannity said. “Nobody’s even questioned the veracity or truthfulness of what he’s doing.”


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Even Fox News Is Turning Against Trump; Calls President Elect WORSE Than Clinton (VIDEO)

Even Fox News Is Turning Against Trump; Calls President Elect WORSE Than Clinton (VIDEO)

Addicting Info


You know things are going badly for the GOP President-Elect when even Fox News begins to turn on him. In an interview with Fox’s Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, Trump was grilled about his conflicts of interest and about his similar accusations toward Hillary Clinton.

Wallace asked Trump about his campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, telling CNN that Trump would continue his role as executive producer for Celebrity Apprentice in his “spare time.” as well as the fact Trump plans on keeping a stake in his real estate business while in the White House. “Isn’t that a huge conflict of interest, sir?” Wallace asked.

Trump’s response was that it was okay because everyone in the world knows he’s a big real estate tycoon and he denied that he will be involved in the management of the company.

To Wallace’s credit (and I don’t say that often), the Fox anchor countered that Trump “hammered Hillary Clinton over the Clinton Foundation and pay to play.”

Trump responded that that was “different because she takes massive amounts of money from foreign countries.” That’s not true, but Fox didn’t point that out.

Wallace continued, noting that Trump will also be making “massive amounts of money” because “foreign countries are already booking events at the Trump hotel in D.C.,” and that Trump has “business operations, deals with foreign countries…isn’t this on steroids.”

Trump was seemingly appalled, but Wallace went on, saying that foreign governments were trying to curry favor with the United States through Trump’s hotels.

Trump, though, made the claim that he is “turning down billions of dollars in deals” because of potential conflicts of interest, but he did claim that he didn’t know if he’d be “doing deals,” and said that “under the law (he has) the right to do it,” but he doesn’t want to.

Here’s the video:

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Trump is a danger, not just for domestic policy, but that he and his conflicts of interest present a real threat to the world. This issue is resonating with the American people, nearly 2/3rds of whom have expressed concern with Trump’s conflicts of interest. As for why Fox is waking up to that reality now, and not before the election, well, perhaps they see it as their ticket out of a wildcard Trump presidency. They would much rather deal with a President Mike Pence.

Wendy Gittleson

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On Election Day, Trump Calls Running For President A “Waste Of Time’ (VIDEO)


Whether Republican nominee Donald Trump actually ever wanted to be the next President of the United States has been under speculation for a while now, especially with rumors about a Trump TV network surfacing as his campaign came to an end. It probably doesn’t help that Trump celebrated Election Day by dissing his own presidential campaign, perhaps in early acceptance that he might come out of this defeated.

In an interview with Fox and Friends on Tuesday morning, Trump decided to spend Election Day telling Americans that his campaign might very well have been a big waste of time for him. His exact words were:

“If I don’t win, I will consider it a waste of time, energy and money.”

 Seriously, could Trump be any less deserving of America’s future? His rival, Hillary Clinton, would never have called her campaign a “waste” and understands what an honor it is to lead this country. To imply that he might have better things to do with his time is extremely disrespectful and ignorant of Trump, which is hardly surprising when you look back on how awful his campaign was. You can watch Trump diss his own campaign below:

What Trump’s family members said on Election Day wasn’t much better. On MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Donald Trump, Jr. seemed to already be accepting defeat as he spoke about what the Trump family would do after the election. Trump’s son said:

“[If he doesn’t win,] we go back largely to doing what we’re doing. But I think hopefully he was able to create enough of a movement that forces people in the political elite, people in that political class to truly represent their people.”

These interviews clearly show that Trump doesn’t understand the responsibility or honor that comes with being the commander-in-chief. We’ve never had a less worthy presidential candidate, and he doesn’t deserve to be elected.

By Vera