The Former Apprentice Contestants Who Spoke Against Trump Met Opposition On CNN

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[Recently], former Apprentice competitors joined together to publicly disavow their former boss, reality television personality Donald Trump. They were pretty harsh, in fact, so Don Lemon invited them on CNN tonight along with a former Apprentice star who supports Trump.

Before the segment began, Lemon accurately predicted that it was going to get wild, telling the audience they were gonna want to see this.

Kwame Jackson and Randal Pinkett were on hand to describe their concern over the “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” character that is metastasizing in Trump, as was Andy Dean, the supporter who has been stumping for his former boss all over cable news with generally unfavorable reactions from pundits involved.

A lot happened in the two-part confrontation. Dean revealed he’s been to over 20 rallies and hasn’t seen anyone on the Trump team incite or encourage violence. Jackson and Pinkett came down on him for failing to say “person of color” when talking about diversity. They revisited how “the culture of celebrity” and “fascination with everything shiny and bright” are to blame for Trump’s rise but must be resisted.

Dean got interrupted by all three of them multiple times, but did manage to point out that while six former contestants on the show signed the letter disavowing Trump, over 200 people have competed throughout the years.


News Anchors Quietly Met With Darren Wilson: Report

Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson | Associated Press

The Huffington Post

A number of high profile TV news anchors quietly met with Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson in hopes of securing an interview with him, CNN’s Brian Stelterreported Sunday.

Wilson fatally shot Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, in August, sparking months of protests. A grand jury in the St. Louis suburb is currently deliberating whether to indict Wilson over Brown’s death, and is expected to issue a decision in the near future.

Wilson has not given any interviews since the August shooting, and has not publicly commented on Brown’s death.

According to Stelter, the anchors who held off-the-record meetings with Wilson in hopes of booking his first interview include ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, CBS’ Scott Pelley, CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon, and NBC’s Matt Lauer.

Watch the CNN report on the meetings above.

Cooper and Lemon confirmed the report in a series of tweets Sunday:

An ABC spokesperson could not confirm the CNN report to The Huffington Post. Representatives from NBC and CBS did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Officer Who Pushed Don Lemon Relieved of Duty After Racist Rant Emerges


No words…


The same St. Louis police officer who was seen on CNN earlier this week pushing Don Lemon back during a live broadcast from Ferguson, Missouri, has been relieved of his duty after video emerged of an hour-long speech he delivered railing against African-Americans, the LGBT community and President Barack Obama. CNN reported the news about Officer Dan Page, who made the controversial remarks at an Oath Keepers meeting just months ago.

“It’s wide-ranging inflammatory remarks about a lot of people, about women, about gay people,” Lemon reported. “He talks about the president of the United States. He speaks out against affirmative action, women in the military and on and on.”

In the video, Page discusses the “four sodomites on the Supreme Court,” talks about our “undocumented president” from Kenya, and much more.

“What do you say after that?” Lemon said after CNN aired clips of Page’s speech. “There’s much more of that. at least an hour’s worth of him ranting about different people, different situations.”

During Lemon’s live report on Monday from Ferguson, Page confronted the host, physically pushing him away from CNN’s camera. “Now you see why people are so upset here,” Lemon said at the time.

Watch video below, via CNN:


The FULL rant by Officer Dan Page can be found here


UPDATE – 08/22/14 – 7:40 p.m.: The Police Chief has apologized. You can watch his remarks HERE.



Fox Anchor Slams CNN’s Don Lemon: ‘What a Pompous, Pretentious Jerk’

I’m not a Don Lemon fan, but as I see it:  what’s good for the Fox News goose is good for the CNN gander…


Before the verdict in the Michael Dunn trial was announced Saturday (found guilty of four charges, including second-degree murder, but a hung jury on the question of first-degree), CNN’s Don Lemon very clearly expressed on the air how outraged he was at the whole thing, saying it should be a very clear, open-and-shut case for the jury. Today Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett fired back with some pretty personal barbs aimed at Lemon and his knowledge of the law.

Jarrett blasted Lemon for lacking objectivity about the case and called it “pathetic” that Lemon would feel personally affected by the case. He said, “The sum total of what Lemon knows about the law and this case… could be written on the head of a pin. And there would be plenty of space left over.”

He concluded by tweeting, “What a pompous, pretentious jerk.”

Here’s the entirety of Jarrett’s Twitter tirade:

UPDATE: Lemon responded on Twitter later in the day to Jarrett’s tweeting, telling him to mind his business.

– –
Yesterday Lemon said he was “absolutely pissed” about the trial on the air.

You can watch that clip  via Mediaite here…

Another Journalist Admits Republicans Lying About Obamacare (VIDEO)diary

Daily Kos

Could it be that the excoriation received by Chuck Todd by a multitude of reputable online news sources is reframing the actions of some traditional journalists? Is it the fear that as Americans see the truth they will justifiably stop accepting the traditional media as one of their major sources of information? After-all, even the Dallas News is releasing new information showing  a reduction of insurance rates in Texas. Yesterday the US Department of Health & Human Services released a report that says

Nearly all consumers (about 95%) will have a choice of 2 or more health insurance issuers (often many more) and nearly all consumers (about 95%) live in states with average premiums below earlier estimates. [Source]

Don Lemon raised the ire of many when he played into Fox News and Bill O’Reilly’s blanket attack on minorities. Some believed he may have been auditioning for a new Fox News gig and adopting their faux news methodology more closely. Don Lemon was no different than most other traditional media journalists. He like others have been rolled over by a well-organized and orchestrated Right Wing, Tea Party, Republican machine that have allowed the use of the national airwaves to misinform, lie to, and confuse their listeners.

This week Don Lemon began his process of atonement. He used his Tuesday’s Tom Joyner radio segment to come clean. What is interesting is that he referenced many fact checks he should have known and every legitimate journalist should have known when Republicans were spewing their venomous lies into the American psyche. Don Lemon, Chuck Todd, and most traditional journalists  are responsible for being the conduits Republicans used to misinform.

Don Lemon now admits that Republicans are holding Americans hostage instead of telling them the truth. He said it is hard for them to tell the citizens the truth after not being above board (lying) to them for years. He said the three biggest whoppers (lies) are that it is a job killer, that it will raise insurance premiums, and that it would affect ones medical care. He fact checked them all and said they are lies. Now one would hope he will do the same on air when at CNN.

Listen to Don Lemon here…

CNN’s Don Lemon: Mitt Romney’s Libya Response Was ‘Rush To Judgement And Then Lying To Cover It Up’

Don Lemon

The Huffington Post

CNN’s Don Lemon tore into Mitt Romney over the weekend, skewering the candidate’s response to the deadly attack in Libya.

The Romney campaign has been fiercely criticized for hitting out at the White House’s response to the attack, which killed four American diplomats.  Lemon echoed the criticism of pundits and politicians on “CNN Newsroom,” when he blasted Romney’s response as “a rush to judgment and then lying to cover it up.”

He took issue with the timing as well as the accuracy of Romney’s remarks. “Clinton’s statement in no way apologizes or sympathizes with the attackers,” Lemon declared. “Anyone who tells you it did is lying. If you believe that it did, you are misguided.”

He said that after Romney doubled down on his statement, his surrogates went on TV and proceeded to blame the media for “their own mistake.” Lemon played a clip of his recent interview with Romney surrogate Richard Williamson. The guest had laughed off one of Lemon’s questions, which he called “silly.”

“There are no silly questions, Mr. Ambassador,” the CNN anchor said later. He said that Romney “dealt a major blow to his campaign,” while giving President Obama “a gift.”

“How could a man in a campaign who throws around the word “patriot” so often, get this one so wrong?” Lemon asked.

He teased the segment before it aired on Sunday night, writing, “When a candidate or his surrogates lie, they must be called out!” and “I hope the #Romney campaign is watching.”

See video here…

Don Lemon Clashes With Romney Adviser Over Candidate’s Attack On Obama Response To Libya

When you double down on what turned out to be a complete error on Romney’s part, the people that advised him on the faux pas will do and say whatever they can to cover their behinds…

The Raw Story

On Wednesday on CNN’s “Newsroom,” anchor Don Lemon went head-to-head with Richard Williamson, a foreign policy adviser to Republican presidential nominee former Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA).  Lemon set about trying to address Romney’s response to the riots and killings of U.S. personnel in Egypt and Libya with Williamson, a discussion that quickly turned heated as Lemon questioned the timing of Romney’s statements.

“When this country was in the midst of a diplomatic crisis overseas, our people were in harm’s way, is this the time for a candidate for the presidency to speak out in a way that’s critical of the government? It couldn’t wait?” he asked.

“Well, let me make a few comments to your presentation,” said Williamson, deflecting Lemon’s question by attempting to offer an alternative version of the official timeline of events.

Early in the conflict on Tuesday, as rioters were amassing outside embassy gates in the Middle East, the Egyptian embassy issued what it hoped would be a mollifying statement decrying attacks on people of faith in the Muslim world, a statement that the Romney campaign has attributed to the Obama administration and called an “apology for our values.”

Williamson argued that U.S. embassy personnel had released the statement after the walls of the embassy had been breached.  Then he asserted that it was only at the prompting of the Romney campaign that the White House issued its own statement about the attacks.

Lemon asked if such lengthy dissemination is necessary when U.S. personnel have lost their lives and the government should be presenting a unified front.  Then, he tried to turn back to his original question, “Thank you for everything you just said, but my initial question was, it couldn’t wait?”

“Well,” said Williamson, “let me reiterate, the timeline you suggest is not the same as what I just went through.”

“I’m not asking about the timeline, it couldn’t wait until all the information was out — hang on, let me finish,” he said as Williamson talked over him.

When Lemon asked the question again, Williamson chucked and rolled his eyes before saying, “That’s a silly question.”

“It’s not a silly question,” Lemon countered, as Williamson made a show of hiding his face in his hand, shaking his head.

“I came here to talk about the failed policies in the Middle East, which is what the American people are interested in,” he said, “the failed policies of leading from behind, and what you want to do is play a ‘process-getcha’ question.  I don’t want to play your game.”

Finally Williamson said, “The governor made the statement. It was fine, it was acceptable, it was right.  Did you just hear me?  It was fine, it was acceptable and it was right.”

“I heard you,” said Lemon briskly, “but that’s not what I asked you.  But we’ll move on now.”

After some back and forth, Lemon circled back to his original question, asking whether or not Romney’s handling of the issue has the appearance of opportunism, and of exploiting the deaths of foreign officers for political advantage.

“What’s best in the situation is to stand up for our values,” said Williamson, doggedly, “and being willing to lead from the front.”

Watch the clip, embedded via Mediaite.

CNN’s Don Lemon and Rand Paul Clash Over The Tea Party’s Role In The Debt Crisis- July 30, 2011

The Huffington Post

CNN’s Don Lemon had a very testy exchange with Sen. Rand Paul about the debt ceiling drama on Saturday night.

As the House and Senate again failed to reach an agreement on how to raise the debt ceiling, Paul appeared on CNN to explain the Tea Party position on the talks. Lemon started off the interview by asking him to chat “without talking points.” He also began aggressively trying to get Paul to answer his questions, asking him repeatedly how he had voted on the so-called “Cut, Cap and Balance” bill from the House.

Lemon then wondered whether Paul’s insistence on measures like a balanced budget amendment were isolating him.

“The Democrats have made many concessions when it comes to what’s going on here, and even the Tea Party position it appears to most people remains rigid,” Lemon said. “The question is, have you made your point? And by continuing to go on with this, do you feel like you’re overreaching and that you’re going to lose the clout?”

Paul started talking about how he didn’t want to add any more debt to the country’s finances. Lemon cut him off. “Hang on, hang on,” he said. “Can we just stick to that–we’re going to get to that–”

“Let me finish my thought,” Paul said.

“Hold on, please, be respectful here,” Lemon responded. “I’m trying to answer your question, you’ve interrupted my answer,” Paul said.”If you answer the question, I’ll give you plenty of time,” Lemon said.

Continue reading here…

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