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Glenn Beck to Charge for Online Show

Does Glenn Beck really think he will be successful with his new online network venture by charging viewers a monthly subscription?  I think someone gave Beck some bad advice…

The Daily Beast

Glenn Beck is about to find out just how loyal his followers are. When he moves from Fox News to his own Internet network, Beck will start charging a
monthly subscription fee to view his show. “I think we might be a bit early,” Beck said Monday about his plan. “But I’d rather be ahead of the pack than part
of it.”

Beck’s new venture is risky, as it is the first of its kind and will be based on his own personal brand. Beck’s show will simply be titled “Glenn Beck”
and will run for two hours on weekdays, although Beck said he hopes to eventually have a mix of scripted and non-scripted shows alongside his daily

His network, GBTV, will be accessible starting Tuesday and the new show will begin on Sept. 12.

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Glenn Beck Compares The President To P.Diddy

This is the second time in as many days that Glenn Beck has suggested that President Obama might be assassinated while in India and other eastern countries.  His first rant didn’t quite touch on the word “assassination” but this rant on his radio program leaves no holds barred.

Sorting out the crazies, indeed…

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Based on his insulting rant last year, we already know how little Glenn Beck thinks of India.  But, his latest screed about President Obama’s upcoming trip to India goes even further.  In a long tirade, Glenn Beck worried that “Muslim nut jobs” who think Obama is a “sellout” Muslim might try to assassinate him in India.

And, tooting that racial dog whistle that Beck wears around his neck, he also compared President Obama to P.Diddy arriving with his “thugs.” From Glenn Beck’s November 4 radio show (emphasis added):

Glenn Beck: Is India not a hot bed for Islamic radicalism?

Mike Baker: I wouldn’t call it that. I would say it’s not an unfriendly environment for a variety of people who may not have our best interest at heart. How diplomatic am I being right there?

Beck: I’m not saying the government of India or the Indian people, but those forces are there that are hostile to India which are hostile to our interests

Baker: Sure, exactly.

Beck: The extremist world would love something to happen to the president of the United States in India. Would it not set the world on fire?

Baker: It wouldn’t have to be a direct harm to the president. It could be the disruption of the trip. It could be an operation, you know, planned during the course of his visit. Anything like that creates the profile they’re looking for.

Beck: A bomb going off near the president or near his entourage even would be a huge message.

Baker: It shows a win for them and it shows their ability to operate. Now the Indian Service, you can argue that the current Obama Administration has somewhat ignored the relationship with the Indian government during the two years so far, and certainly the Indian government certainly feels that way, but one of the good things about, you know, the work in the intelligence field and in security is regardless of who’s in power and regardless of what the administration is, there tend s to be a constant relationship between say, for instance, the CIA and its counterpart and a place like India. You just get the job done. You keep working and there’s a lot of work that goes on before this visit that never gets on the radar screen, and that work gets done and quite honestly, maintaining the security of the president or anybody else oftentimes is more reliant on that work, the work that you never see. It’s not the armored vehicles. It’s not the Secret Service standing There it’s not the warships. It’s all that collection and all of the maintenance of the liaison contacts, studying the actionable intelligence we’re picking up and the public doesn’t see that.

Beck: For somebody who lived some place where nobody knew who you were, if you have to get in the mind of the Indian people how does it appear to India, to the average person, when a president comes and he takes 34 warships to your country, 3,000 entourage, helicopters, jets, takes the biggest, you know, the most prestigious hotel and takes all of it over and disrupts, closes, holds portions of the gateway of India and people are losing their jobs. They’re not going to be able to feed their family. This is according to the India Times. How can I lose this business? They’re putting me in crisis. How does this appear? Is this P. Diddy arriving with 40 thugs?

P.Diddy? Really, Glenn Beck?

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Mickey Mouse Discovers the Government Cartoon Conspiracy Against Glenn Beck

The paranoid nutcase, Glenn Beck sees conspiracies all around him…

Daily Beast

Apparently, Glenn Beck thinks the mashup up of his voice and Donald Duck is some of the best government propaganda he’s seen. Naturally, someone made a cartoon of Mickey Mouse hearing about Beck’s conspiracy theory.