Crooks & Liars: Why are we letting a vindictive Randroid dork rule our political discourse?

Great question!

Crooks & Liars – Brad Reed

Paul Ryan’s rise as a supposed “serious thinker” is a sad symbol of our political class’s depraved and sadistic sense of morality.

And I don’t say this just because Ryan’s truly Satanic budget plan would destroy the social safety net to fund more tax cuts for rich people. It’s also that our elite media has decided that a hardcore disciple of Ayn Rand is somebody who is actually worth listening to instead of being laughed out of the room. For despite Ryan’s pretensions that he’s just an honest wonk who’s seeking out serious solutions to our nation’s debt problem, the reality is that he’s a vindictive mega-dork who’s coming extremely close to enacting his nerdroid revenge fantasies on the American public.

I mean, look, no one who is a devoted Randian cares about anything except redistributing wealth from the unworthy looter class (i.e., 99% of the population) to the super class of highly-productive rich people (i.e., Charlie Sheen, Paris Hilton, LeBron James, LeBron James’ mom and Paul Ryan). And Ryan even admits that it was Rand who inspired him to get involved in politics:

The reason I got involved in public service, by and large, if I had to credit one thinker, one person, it would be Ayn Rand,” Ryan said at a D.C. gathering four years ago honoring the author of “Atlas Shrugged” and “The Fountainhead.”

And like other Randroid bed-wetters, Ryan believes that social insurance programs that have saved countless people from poverty are actually a grand form of tyranny holding back the creative potential of our oppressed producer class:

At the Rand celebration he spoke at in 2005, Ryan invoked the central theme of Rand’s writings when he told his audience that, “Almost every fight we are involved in here on Capitol Hill  . . .  is a fight that usually comes down to one conflict – individualism versus collectivism.”

In that struggle, Ryan argued that shifting Social Security (which he called a “collectivist system”) toward personal investment accounts was not only good policy, but would change the political landscape, according to a recording of the event made by its host, The Atlas Society.

“If we actually accomplish this goal of personalizing Social Security, think of what we will accomplish. Every worker, every laborer in America will not only be a laborer but a capitalist. They will be an owner of society.  . . .  That’s that many more people in America who are not going to listen to the likes of Dick Gephardt and Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, the collectivist, class-warfare-breathing demagogues,” said Ryan.

Except, unlike all the capitalists on Wall Street, all of these new worker-capitalists wouldn’t have been bailed out when their Social Security accounts got wiped out by the stock market crash in 2008.

And yes, for the record, Ryan did vote for the bailout in 2008:

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