James O'Keefe

Andrew Breitbart Peddles Misleading Video, Again


 I’ve been doing some research on the Andrew Breitbart  sponsored Acorn Pimp Tapes as well as its author,  James O’Keefe.  There is an incredible story behind that entire fiasco and needs to be told.  The  Brad Blog  has done some extensive work on that story.

I was listening to an interview Brad from Brad Blog had with Bertha Lewis, the CEO of the now defunct ACORN.  That interview prompted me to research this entire ACORN issue from the beginning of the organization until its subsequent demise, recently. 

I hope to have a several part series on my findings in the near future. 

Joan Walsh, Salon:

 His “proof” that black congressmen lied about being called “nigger” is as useless as his ACORN clips

Andrew Breitbart isn’t fit to spit-shine the shoes of civil rights hero and Congressman John Lewis. It’s ludicrous to think that the right-wing bully believed he had the moral or political standing to call Lewis a liar, after Lewis and two other black congressmen reported they were called “nigger” by tea partiers during the healthcare reform vote March 20.   Lewis’s word on the confrontation is good enough for me. Now comes news that Breitbart is the liar – or at least the misleader. Video he’s been peddling to “prove” the congressmen were not called the N-word was actually after the slurs occurred. As a friend notes, “It’s like running video of the Twin Towers on 9/10 to prove 9/11 didn’t happen.”  Of course the videos Breitbart peddled to claim ACORN helped a supposed pimp and prostitute set up a child-prostitution ring have also been found misleading, at best.  The  California Attorney General’s review said they were “severely edited” and in fact “showed no violation of the law.” New York authorities concluded the same thing. AP has the full scoop.

 A reconstruction of the events shows that the conservative challenges largely sprang from a mislabeled video that was shot later in the day.

Breitbart posted two columns on his Web site saying the claims were fabricated.  Both led with a 48-second YouTube video showing Lewis, Carson, other Congressional Black Caucus members and staffers leaving the Capitol. Some of the group were videotaping the booing crowd. 

 Breitbart asked why the epithet was not captured by the black lawmakers’ cameras, and why nobody reacted as if they had heard the slur. He also questioned whether the epithets could have been shouted by liberals planted in the crowd.

 But the 48-second video was shot as the group was leaving the Capitol — at least one hour after Lewis, D-Ga., and Carson walked to the Capitol, which is when they said the slurs were used.

 Questioned about using a video on his Web site from the wrong moment, Breitbart stood by his claim that the lawmakers were lying.

 “I’m not saying the video was conclusive proof,” he said.

 AP also reports that Rep. Heath Shuler – a Blue Dog Democrat from North Carolina, no raving lefty – says he heard the slurs too. 

That’s four congressmen vs. Breitbart and his tea-party bullies. Which story do you believe?