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Birth of A Scandal: You Won’t Believe How Easily This BS Becomes Conservative ‘Truth’


Just how easy is it for the conservative propaganda mill to birth a scandal out of thin air? About as easy as it is for Donald Trump to spew lie after lie to his followers without ever being questioned. Let’s face it, the neo-con base is made up of idiots incapable of independent thought, who can’t be bothered to do a basic Google search before jumping on any bandwagon that supports hating the president and/or his family.

Case in Point: Recently the Conservative Tribune, an extremely popular right-wing rag, ran a story about the Navy’s “Go for Green” program, aimed at offering healthier meals to sailors based on a successful Navy SEAL program called “Fuel To Fight.” Under the program, which has actually been in effect since May and is nothing new, the Navy implemented a menu that offered healthier eating options than the traditional fried foods that dominated the galleys.

Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus announced that deep-fried chicken and french fries will be eliminated and replaced with breaded versions baked in high-tech ovens. The ovens will not only provide a perfectly cooked meal, they will use no cooking oils, which will eliminate hours of scrubbing time, making galleys more efficient. The “speed line,” which is a buffet style quick grab will still be offered, but the unhealthy foods will be scaled back. The different colors of the stop-light will be associated with each choice, giving sailors the information they need to have a healthy diet and still get the calories and nutrients they need.

The U.S. Navy, you see, is interested in its sailors being in better shape, in its galleys operating more efficiently and in the end, a more cost-effective and overall better way of life for those spending months on end at sea.

Now, take notice of  some of the particulars of the last few paragraphs, as they accurately depict the issue at hand. Some things to remember are “the Navy implemented,” “based on a SEAL program,” and “offered healthier options.”

Now take that information and translate it into “conservaspeak™” and you get this, printed by The Conservative Tribune:

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus announced that at some point in the near future, fried chicken, french fries and other fried foods often served to hungry, calorie-burning sailors busy defending our country will be permanently banned from Navy menus.

Well that doesn’t seem like the same story at all, does it? Ray Mabus announced the death of fried foods in the Navy, depriving our hungry sailors enough calories to do their jobs? Now why the heck would some Navy bureaucrat do a thing like that? Our sailors need their food! Why, Ray Mabus…why are you determined to starve them?

For the propaganda, that’s why. According to  The Conservative Tribune:

The brave, hard-working sailors who make up the ranks of the United States Navy were outraged after they learned of a coming food ban that may have been instigated by the gross overreach of First Lady Michelle Obama’s “healthy” eating agenda.

Well wouldn’t you know it. It’s all Michelle Obama’s fault! They even have a link to some bogus story about how kids across the country are getting a half a mushroom and a slice of cheese for lunch because of Mrs. Obama. I’ll bet those sailors are awfully upset that “Moochelle” has decided to stick her nose where it doesn’t belong to ban fried chicken on battleships. Let’s check what theTribune has to say:

Sailors aren’t happy about it, either. They used the Navy Time’s Facebook page to vent their frustrations, accusing Obama of using her influence to promote what she thinks is considered healthy eating, even though that’s largely not the case.

Now wait, does that say “not the case?” Well, why are they making a big deal out of it? Maybe clicking the link will explain. Maybe there’s more to this than Michelle Obama depriving our sailors of deep-fried skin and processed potatoes.

Nope. It takes you to a story about an 8-year-old who hates his school lunch. Some might call that kind of avoidance and deflection “deceptive.”

It matters not. The Post has done its due diligence and stated that Michelle Obama may not be responsible for the Navy serving better meals, in the middle of an article about how Michelle Obama took fried chicken from our sailors.  They have quotes from disgruntled sailors and everything. At the end of the article, the comments from the neo-cons show just how dense these people are, with not a single one bringing up the fact that it took Snopes.com all of a week to hear about, research and completely debunk this story.

According to Snopes:

In regards to the claim made [by The Conservative Tribune], although first Lady Michelle Obama has been a leading voice in promoting healthier eating to combat obesity, she was not mentioned in the Navy Timesarticle or the “Go for Green” press release. Nonetheless, several people still took to Facebook to blame the First Lady for the announced changes to Navy food servings:

On 15 July 2015, the Conservative Tribune capitalized on this erroneous claim by publishing an article with the misleading title “Michelle Takes Food from U.S. Navy, Sailors Immediately Unleash THIS Response” — an article that provided no proof that Michelle Obama was responsible for the Navy’s menu changes and merely speculated that she “may have” suggested some healthier food choices.

The First Lady, however, is not in charge of setting nutritional policies for the U.S. armed forces.

Featured image by Charles Topher via screen captures

It doesn’t matter. You’ll be seeing memes and delusional accounts of how this non-issue went down for years to come, because conservatives don’t care about the truth, they only care about keeping the base hating and voting for ignorance.

And that’s how a scandal is born.


The Top 15 Most Dangerous Conservative Politicians And Government Officials To Watch In 2012

I’ve only listed the first six here.  The rest can be found on the resource website:

Addicting Info

From the Supreme Court to the halls of Congress to governor’s mansions across the country, conservatives have ruthlessly pushed an agenda that has torn America asunder since 1980. As 2011 comes to a close, conservatives are still trying to push failed policies. This is a list of 15 individual conservatives that pose a significant threat to American society as we move into 2012 and beyond.

1. John Roberts) The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court leads four other conservative judges on the bench. Placed on the high court by President Bush, John Roberts has been influential in changing campaign finance laws (Citizens United) and has since ruled in favor of big corporations. And the conservative court isn’t through yet. Conservatives desire to overturn abortion, environmental laws, President Obama’s health care law, and voting rights laws, and you can bet that they are aiming to use the Supreme Court to do it.

2. Eric Cantor) The House Majority Leader has been very busy since his party took over the House in 2010. Cantor has proven that he has more power than John Boehner does, hence the fact that Boehner isn’t even on the list. Cantor is willing to do whatever it takes to slam every right-wing bill through Congress. He also has the backing of Tea Party House members. Cantor is still young, which means he could be a major player on the right for decades to come. It’s also likely that he could be the next Speaker of the House if the GOP keeps control after the 2012 Election.

3. Clarence Thomas) The second Supreme Court Justice to make the list has deep ties to the conservative movement. He has ties to Koch Industries and has received money from the Heritage Foundation and other conservative organizations. He has refused to recuse himself from cases that he has ties to and that is what makes him dangerous. Thomas ruled with the other conservatives in Citizens United even though he had a conflict of interest in that case as well. As long as he is on the bench with Roberts, outside influences can dictate how the conservative wing rules.

4. Mitch McConnell) He may be the Senate Minority Leader but that doesn’t make McConnell any less poisonous to America. He has led the effort to block and stall many important pieces of legislation in the Senate and has blocked Presidential nominees from taking their posts, leaving many departments leaderless. We’ll see more of the same thing in 2012.

5. Paul Ryan) The second member of the U.S. House of Representatives to make the list, Ryan is a major threat because he introduced legislation that would kill Medicare by privatizing it. Essentially, Ryan’s plan throws all American senior citizens under a speeding bus. Ryan isn’t an old man either. He could remain active in politics for decades, which means his ideas will still be around as well. Even if the people of Wisconsin don’t re-elect him to Congress, Ryan could still join any conservative think tank or organization, or become a lobbyist. They would love to have him too. Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare are in danger as long as Ryan is around.

6. Scott Walker) The first of two governors on the list has been busy since he took office. The Governor of Wisconsin is on this list because he is an example of just how involved the Koch brothers are in shaping public policy. Under Walker’s “leadership” he has severely weakened labor unions and worker’s rights, weakened environmental laws, weakened pubic education, weakened voter rights, and has put public lands and facilities up for grabs as a way to increase privatization. Some of these facilities are of deep interest to the Koch brothers. As further evidence that Walker is basically a Koch slave, he took a fake call from a person pretending to be David Koch at the height of the collective bargaining debate. Walker could very well be recalled by the people of Wisconsin but Walker intends to sabotage that effort. Walker’s career in Wisconsin may not last beyond this year, but that doesn’t make him any less of a threat, as governors around the country are following his lead and he could always run for federal office later on.

Continue here…

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Right-Wing Freak-Out: Children’s Movies Pushing Liberal Agenda

This is absurd.

I haven’t seen Happy Feet 2 or any of the other movies mentioned in the following article, but I will say that the original Happy Feet is one of my all time favorites.

Conservatives need to get over themselves and their denial of the existence of The Public Interest.  Their policy of selfishness, greed and myopia  is an epic fail and not the norm, in my opinion.

TPM Muckraker

On its surface, Happy Feet Two is a cutesy sequel about a young penguin who is reluctant to dance. But could there be a radical left-wing agenda lurking below the arctic ice?

Some conservatives think so, The Hollywood Reporter reports, suggesting that the movie’s politics might be a reason why the film has been off to a sluggish start at the box office.

The New York Post’s Kyle Smith called the movie, in a review, “Kiddie Karl Marx.” He writes:

“Happy Feet Two” has a broad, lefty political agenda. It briefly brings up global warming (though, tellingly, only for a minute—Hollywood’s interest in stoking global warming fears seems to have peaked, which is convenient because the public has, after some frightened moments, decisively rejected the alarmist viewpoint) in a scene in which polar bears are shown clinging to shrinking icebergs. It also makes the case, somewhat half-heartedly, for vegetarianism (the penguins see humans roasting chickens, and get spooked). This doesn’t go very far, though, because penguins aren’t vegetarians though I suppose they’re pescetarians. And I’m sure I won’t be the only viewer who thinks that two male krill in the movie (played by Brad Pitt and Matt Damon) have now joined Oscar and Felix and Bert and Ernie as pairs of unusually close confirmed bachelors.

That’s a lot of rhetoric for one movie. While not overtly political,a Christian Movie Review at Movieguide.com writes that the movie promotes “radical environmentalism,” “global warming hysteria” and pro-homosexual and pagan messages.

As the Reporter writes, Happy Feet Two isn’t the first children’s movie to allegedly insert leftist themes into its script. Newsbusters’ Iris Somberg  writes that the new Muppets movie conveniently pits a villainous oil tycoon against the muppets.

TPM readers will remember when right-wing bloggers in January freaked out over Batman’s new “Muslim sidekick.” And conservatives last December called for a boycott of the Marvel comic-inspired movie Thor, because Idris Elba — who is excellent, by the way — was playing a norse god in the film. And bizarrely, the Discovery Channel recently passed on a BBC documentary episode focusing on climate change. The channel, which co-produced the series, cited scheduling complications.

Warner Brothers declined TPM’s request for comment.

Read more here.