Jon Stewart Blasts GOP Over Shutdown: When The Giants Lost, They Didn’t Shut Down The NFL

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Jon Stewart opened Monday’s “Daily Show” by addressing the government shutdown, and placed the blame squarely on the House Republicans for going to great lengths in their one-sided fight against Obamacare, which he mockingly called “The End of America as We Know It for Reasons No One is Able to Clearly Explain.”

“You’re just throwing words together!” he exclaimed in response to a montage of Republicans rattling off their love of the Constitution to show their hatred of Obamacare, and then blasting Obama for failing to compromise. “It’s a f**king law!” he said, pointing out that all three branches of government had thus far upheld the law.

He then compared the Republicans to a losing football team. “Did you see the Giants game on Sunday?” he asked. “They lost 31-7. Do you know what the Giants didn’t say after that game? ‘If you don’t give us 25 more points by midnight on Monday, we will shut down the f**king NFL.'”

But he really drove the point home by invoking one small business owner with a message to the House Republicans about their current situation:


Jon Stewart Skewers Ted Cruz’s 21-Hour Obamacare Speech: ‘You’re F*cking With Us, Right?’ (VIDEO)

Only Jon Stewart could make me type the words Ted Cruz.  The videos below are hilarious…

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On Wednesday, Jon Stewart congratulated Ted Cruz on his admirable 21-hour stance in opposition to Obamacare. Unfortunately, he couldn’t help but notice that the speech was long on Hitler and Ashton Kutcher references, and a little short on any salient arguments or actual ideas.

In fact, the very idea of Cruz rising in opposition to Obamacare “until I can no longer stand” was up for scrutiny as far as Stewart was concerned: “It’s easy for you to take that kind of physical risk, you’ve got government healthcare.”

Watch part one above where Stewart tries to make heads or tails of Cruz’s actual point, and part two below where he unveils HIS favorite Dr. Seuss book, the slightly lesser known tale of “The Bore-ax.”

Jon Stewart Slams Fox News For Editing Interview With Chris Wallace (VIDEO)

I think that Jon Stewart is probably one of the smartest men on the planet.  Well, in America, for sure! 

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Jon Stewart opened Monday night’s episode of “The Daily Show” by addressing his weekend appearance on “Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.”

After a playful swipe at Huffington Post’s “YOU’RE INSANE” headline, Stewart went on to suggest that viewers watch the full, unedited interview online, which is the only place where one can see what Stewart termed, “the takeaway moment of the entire interview.” After asking Wallace if he truly believes that Fox News is “exactly the ideological equivalent of NBC News,” Wallace responded, “I think we’re the counterweight. I think they have a liberal agenda and we tell the other side of the story.”

Stewart went on to underline, and mock, the gravity of Wallace’s point:

The other side of the story. “We don’t tell both sides of the story, we tell one side…the other side, the one we perceive is never told. Because as you know, news only comes in two sides. And if the conservative side isn’t being told what’s being told must be liberal. Fox News isn’t fair and balanced. It’s balancing the system, man. Don’t you get it? The system’s unfair and unbalanced. To balance the system, Fox has to be the purest form of right wing resin. Because of how heavy left wing America is. Hollywood, comedians, every single news organization, the Internet, facts, history, science, it’s all just left wing bullshit, man….” Is Fox unbalanced? Yeah. Seriously, their ears are nearly touching the floor. But it’s only because the system is unbalanced.

During the segment, Stewart referred to Wallace as “one of the more respected individuals at Fox,” while also pointing out that the anchor’s statement “basically gives away the game.”     

Watch video on Huffington Post

Stewart Dedicates Last Show Of 2010 Entirely To 9/11 First Responders Bill

Ya gotta love this guy…

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Thursday night marked the final “Daily Show” of the year — and the decade — and Jon Stewart devoted the entire program discussing something near to his heart: the 9/11 First Responders Bill.

Stewart has probably done more segments this year on the legislation known as the Zadroga Bill than any other topic. The bill would provide $7 billion in benefits for those who first responded on 9/11 and are now experiencing subsequent health problems such as cancer and respiratory disease. While it passed the House, Republicans have blocked the bill from advancing in the Senate.

Stewart noted that, while the 9/11 first responders bill is stuck, Congress did manage to pass the controversial tax bill that will extend tax cuts to everyone including the super wealthy.

“Yes!” Stewart exclaimed. “That is astoundingly good news for firefighters who make over $200,000 a year.”

Nearly pulling his hair out at one point, Stewart expressed his annoyance at “the party that turned 9/11 into a catchphrase” now blocking legislation to help its heroes. Adding to his frustration, none of the three major networks have covered the story in over two months. Surprisingly, Stewart realized this was actually a job for Fox News, “the nation’s leading source of 9/11-based outrage.”   More…

Part 1:

Part 2:

The Sanity Song – Jon Stewart’s Speech Auto Tuned!

This is kinda cute…

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It didn’t take long for auto-tune gurus the Gregory brothers to work their magic on Jon Stewart’s closing speech at the Rally To Restore Sanity And/Or Fear. Here it is, aptly titled “Sanity Song,” highlighting Stewart’s cry for the media to use its magnifying glass for good with some added facts about transportation in New Jersey. It may not be as catchy as the “Bed Intruder” remix, but the message is certainly more profound!

I’m Not A Witch: Christine O’Donnell Auto-Tuned By The Gregory Brothers (VIDEO)

The Gregory Brothers,  over at Auto Tune The News are simply brilliant!

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If they wrote a rule book for the Internet, chances are there’d be a stipulation under “memes” that they can’t end without being auto-tuned by The Gregory Brothers. From the guys responsible for “auto-tune the news” and infamous hits such as the “Bed Intruder” and “Double Rainbow” remixes comes this parody of Christine O’Donnell’s “I’m not a witch” ad. With a little auto-tune and a few dramatic extras, The Gregory Brothers do a great job making the meme that won’t go away finally feel completed.


HuffPo: Rally To Restore Sanity’s Roots: ‘It’s So Genius, It Almost Doesn’t Make Any Sense Whatsoever’

Full article here.

Glenn Beck is an idiot!

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Crazy for ‘Sanity’ rally


Soon after Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity was announced, a handful of satellite rallies were announced via Facebook. Now there are shadow rallies planned in 47 states and six foreign countries for October 30, according to, and predicted attendance numbers keep climbing. It seems the world is going crazy for sanity.

POLITICO spoke to organizers for a few of the farther-flung rallies to find out why Stewart’s event is resonating so far and wide.

Amy Lee, along with her friend Ashley Wright, is organizing the Los Angeles-based Rally to Restore Sanity.

“A couple of weeks ago, while we were having dinner together, we were talking about how much we wanted to go to the D.C. rally,” wrote Lee, a 38 year-old who works in production and H.R, and Wright, a 32 year-old post-doctoral biology scholar at Caltech, in an e-mail. “Unfortunately, we couldn’t afford the time and money it would take to travel all the way to the East Coast.” They said that within two weeks of setting up a Facebook page for their event, 2,500 people had signed up to support a rally at L.A.’s Pershing Square.*

“We are Jon Stewart fans who love the spirit of the D.C. rally to ‘Take it Down a Notch for America’,” Lee and Wright added. The pair, along with a number of volunteer organizers, are trying to raise funds for a LED Screen to broadcast the main D.C. event to the crowd. 

Continue reading…

Huffington Post – Rally To Restore Sanity’s Roots: A Search For Calm From Day One

While the upcoming Rally To Restore Sanity, and its opposing March To Keep Fear Alive, marks an exciting high point in the lives of “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report”, respectively, the combined event can best be seen as something that deepens and extends a challenge that the two shows have long sought to meet — that a debased and frantic public discourse needs to be confronted head-on by the cool reason of rational minds.

Comedy, which harvests laughs by juxtaposing the life we’re left with against the ideal, is a genre that loves reason above all else, and the two hosts have plowed the field carefully. Jon Stewart, whose show has evolved into a meta-critique of media excess, is known as the man who told the hosts of CNN’s “Crossfire” that their daily shout-fest was “hurting America.” And Colbert has exposed the central witlessnes of our cable-news paranoiacs, by ably embodying a pundit-host so suffused with fear that his only response to the world is to batter it with trademarked truthiness.    Continue reading…

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Stewart Takes On Big Banks For Accidental Foreclosures (VIDEO)

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After being bailed out and sticking the American tax payers with bad mortgage loans, lenders like JP Morgan Chase and Bank Of America are now admitting that they might have foreclosed on some homes by accident because of not reading fine print correctly. Last night on “The Daily Show,” Jon Stewart lambasted the big banks for ignoring the fine print that they themselves came up with.

“Wait, what? The banks weren’t reading the fine print? You’re the people who came up with the f**king fine print in the first place!” Stewart said in shock.

Stewart pointed out that regular people typically never read fine print, using the length of a standard iTunes contract as an example, but that the banks weren’t even reading the “regular print” when they decided to change the locks on homes that were not in foreclosure, which happened in Orange County, FL recently.

Since the American tax payers are now part owners of these crappy mortgages, Stewart said we should request a halt to the foreclosures until all the paperwork is straightened out, but analysts suggest this would collapse the economy.

So, it is up to Congress and President Obama to solve the problem and protect people from accidental foreclosures, but as Stewart learns, only one of them will actually do something about it.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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