Obama Adviser: GOP Cares More About 30 Tea Party Lawmakers Than Rest Of Country

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Presidential adviser David Plouffe is simply speaking the truth here.  The fact that all of Congress (especially Congressional leaders) are scared to death of getting primaried demonstrates just how much power the GOP has given those 30 teabaggers in Congress…

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White House Senior Advisor David Plouffe went on CNN, ABC and Fox News on Sunday to explain President Obama’s economic policies. He blamed Tea Party lawmakers for blocking progress on jobs, said there aren’t going to be any major Cabinet shake-ups before 2012 and defended plans to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans.

On Fox News Sunday, Plouffe and host Chris Wallace argued over whether the wealthiest Americans already pay too much in taxes. Wallace put up a graphic on the screen with data from the Tax Policy Center showing that the top 1 percent of Americans pay 38 percent of federal income taxes, and the top 10 percent pay 70 percent. Meanwhile, 46 percent of households pay no federal income taxes.

“And the president thinks that the wealthy aren’t paying their fair share?” asked Wallace incredulously.

Those numbers have become favorites among conservatives, used by New York Times columnistDavid Brooks.

However, they don’t tell the whole story.

First of all, the top 400 Americans make more than half of all Americans combined.

Income taxes aren’t the only types of taxes people pay. There are also sales, payroll and property taxes, among others.

As David Leonhardt of The New York Timeswrote, the “vast majority” of American households do end up paying federal taxes, even if they don’t all pay income taxes.

“Congressional Budget Office data suggests that, at most, about 10 percent of all households pay no net federal taxes. … The reason is that poor families generally pay more in payroll taxes than they receive through benefits like the Earned Income Tax Credit. It’s not just poor families for whom the payroll tax is a big deal, either. About three-quarters of all American households pay more in payroll taxes, which go toward Medicare and Social Security, than in income taxes.”

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