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Chuck Todd outs Trump scheme to attack media as fake news when news on Russia breaks

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Chuck Todd exposes Donald Trump’s scheme to mislead the mainstream news media in this excerpted video clip. Now that it’s exposed, will the media respond appropriately? The purpose of several of Trump’s tweets against the press comes whenever some reveal his connections or his protege’s connections to Russia.

Chuck Todd: One issue that doesn’t seem to hurt the president right now, at least in the eyes of his supporters, are the reported ties he and his aides may or may not have with Russia. And whenever stories break on that subject, press bashing, which is always part of the president’s arsenal, seems to escalate. …

Chuck Todd: It’s a tactic with a pattern. The president’s attacks on the media repeatedly have directly followed reporting on Russia. On January 5th, NBC News reported on the intelligence community’s report on Russian influence in the election. On January 6th, President-elect Trump tweeted, “I am asking the chairs of the House and Senate committees to investigate top secret intelligence shared with NBC prior to me seeing it.” On February 13th, 14th, and 15th, news outlets reported on Mr. Trump’s ties to Russia. On February 16th, President Trump spent much of a 77-minute news conference attacking the press.

President Trump on video: Russia is fake news. Russia — This is fake news put out by the media. The leaks are absolutely real. The news is fake.

Chuck Todd: On Thursday night, media outlets reported that White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus asked the FBI to publicly discredit a New York Times story on Russia after the FBI’s deputy director reportedly told him it was overblown. On Friday, the president went after the press.

President Trump on video: I want you all to know that we are fighting the fake news. It’s fake, phony, fake.

Chuck Todd: But Trump administration officials acknowledged on Friday that White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus did ask FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe to push back against news stories about contacts between Trump aides and Russians during the campaign.

Media, do your job.

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Priebus: Holocaust Statement Was Actually About ‘Everyone’s Suffering’

Lenny Ignelzi


White House chief of staff Reince Priebus defended on Sunday President Donald Trump’s failure to mention Jews in a statement commemorating the millions exterminated by the Nazis by arguing that it was about “everyone’s suffering.”

Chuck Todd pressed Priebus for answers during an interview on NBC News’ “Meet the Press.”

“Mr. Priebus, do you understand why many Jews were offended by the White House’s decision not to note that the Holocaust was about eradicating the Jews?” he asked.

“Well, I recognize in fact obviously that that was what the Holocaust was about, and it’s a horrible event, and obviously a miserable time in history that we remember here at the White House and certainly will never forget the Jewish people that suffered in World War II and obviously still incredible wounds that remain and a time in history that was of great incredible horrific magnitude and everyone’s heart here is impacted by the memory of that terrible time,” Priebus said. “And so, for the record, that’s the case and certainly we don’t mean any ill will to anybody.”

“Do you regret, does the President regret not—do you regret the statement?” Todd asked.

“I don’t know about regret. No, there’s no—” Priebus began.

“There’s no regret, not acknowledging the pain that—” Todd interjected.

“We acknowledge it,” Priebus said.

“But you didn’t,” Todd pressed.

“We acknowledge the horrible time of the Holocaust and what it meant for history, and so—” Priebus said, before Todd interrupted again.

“But why whitewash Jews from that statement?” he asked.

“I’m not whitewashing anything, Chuck,” Priebus said.

“The statement did,” Todd replied.

“I just told you that it was horrible and I’m telling you now that that’s the way we feel about it, and it’s a terrible time in history,” Priebus said. “And obviously I think you know that President Trump has dear family members that are Jewish, and there was no harm or ill will or offense intended by any of that.”

“But you don’t regret the statement,” Todd said. “You don’t regret the words that were chosen in the statement and the words that were not included.”

“I don’t regret the words, Chuck. I’m trying to clear it up for you,” Priebus said. “I mean, everyone’s suffering in the Holocaust, including obviously all of the Jewish people affected, and the miserable genocide that occurred is something that we consider extraordinarily sad and something that can never be forgotten and something that, if we could wipe it off the history books we could, but we can’t and it’s terrible. I mean, I don’t know what more to tell you.”

In a statement released Friday, Trump did not explicitly mention the 6 million Jews killed in concentration camps and cities throughout Europe.

Administration spokeswoman Hope Hicks said that the statement did not specifically mention Jews because “despite what the media reports, we are an incredibly inclusive group and we took into account all of those who suffered,” as quoted in a CNN report published Saturday.

President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama both specifically condemned anti-Semitism in their statements on International Holocaust Memorial Day.


Watch the entire exchange below:

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Sales of ‘1984’ skyrocket after Kellyanne Conway invents “alternative facts”

Sales of '1984' skyrocket after Kellyanne Conway invents

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons


Sales of 1984, socialist author George Orwell’s famous 1949 sci-fi novel about a dystopian future ruled by oligarchical mega-states, have skyrocketed on Amazon after President Donald Trump’s counselor Kellyanne Conway coined the term “alternative facts” to describe blatant lies.

According to Mashable, 1984 rose to the sixth-highest place on Amazon’s best-seller list as of Tuesday afternoon.

Sales of '1984' skyrocket after Kellyanne Conway invents

Orwell’s book describes a nightmarish future where England is one province of a totalitarian mega-state called Oceania. It’s particularly renowned for its impressive additions to world lexicon — from “Newspeak,” Oceania’s official state language which lacks the words necessary to express dissent, to “unperson,” a perceived state traitor who is removed from all historical records.

Though the book is commonly interpreted as a cautionary tale about communism, Orwell was himself an ardent socialist and intended the book as a commentary on the USSR and other totalitarian governments, including Nazi Germany, that failed to match the promises of their revolutions and degenerated into oligarchy.

On Sunday, Conway described White House press secretary Sean Spicer’s decision to present complete and total falsehoods about the size of the crowds at Trump’s inauguration as merely “alternative facts.” NBC News’ Chuck Todd shot back, “alternative facts are not facts. They are falsehoods.”

Spicer backed Trump’s assertion 1 to 1.5 million people attended the inauguration, a claim that was widely mocked as a fabrication. Empirical estimates have concluded attendance was much lower and was likely in the range of 250,000 to 600,000, and thus dwarfed by either of former President Barack Obama’s inaugural celebrations. Protests the next day in D.C. also exceeded attendance at Trump’s inauguration by a significant margin.

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U.S. Ambassador: British School Children View U.S. As Synonymous With Gun Violence

(Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)


Donald Trump doesn’t have much foreign policy experience, but he loves his golf courses, especially the ones overseas. He’s no longer associated with Miss Universe, but surely that prepared him for foreign policy and running a country, just as his golf courses in Scotland did. President Obama’s labor secretary, Tom Perez, took Trump to the cleaners over this during an interview on Meet the Press, because Perez knows that Trump doesn’t know foreign policy at all.

Host Chuck Todd asked Perez how he would describe his own foreign policy, and Perez replied with a smirk and razor-sharp sarcasm:

“Well, I haven’t run a Ms. Universe pageant, and I don’t own any golf courses in Scotland, Chuck, so I don’t have what Donald Trump has, and I’m very sorry about that.”

That hits King Dunce right where it hurts, because King Dunce doesn’t know how to take advice, let alone actually learn anything. Remember, King Dunce the man who gave us this little nugget of disease-ridden feces:

“I’m speaking with myself, number one, because I have a very good brain and I’ve said a lot of things…

…I know what I’m doing and I listen to a lot of people, I talk to a lot of people and at the appropriate time I’ll tell you who the people are. But my primary consultant is myself and I have a good instinct for this stuff.”

He has a touch of instinct for business, and that’s it. He thinks government, and particularly foreign affairs, are just like business and he can treat them with strong-arm tactics and threats of lawsuits — oh wait, war — if they don’t give in.

King Trump’s foreign policy sounds great to ignorant voters who can’t think for themselves. It’s all about “America first.” It’s a lot of the same mentality that led to Brexit, and it’s true that world’s uppermost caste has left working class people in the dust in the pursuit of their own black and vile greed. However, Trump wants to bully and muscle other countries into doing what he wants. He doesn’t want actual negotiations.

It wouldn’t be surprising to discover that His Royal Narcissist thinks that his “me first” mentality is the same as having an “America first” mentality. His confidence in his own greatness is part of why he talks about all his businesses, including his golf courses, as though they’ve given him all the experience he needs to run one of the most powerful countries in the world.

As Perez explained, Trump the Dump is all about himself and his own profits and glory rather than America first, because otherwise, he wouldn’t fight labor unions and he wouldn’t have his clothing and campaign gear made in the very foreign countries he demonizes regularly on the campaign trail.

Perez nailed him to the wall on this.

Rika Christensen

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‘Wait A Minute, You Finished Third’: Chuck Todd Punctures Ted Cruz’s SC Victory Delusion


NBC host Chuck Todd reminded Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz over the weekend that his third place finish in South Carolina was not, in fact, a victory in any way because he lost evangelical voters to Donald Trump.

Speaking on Meet the Press, Cruz explained that his third place finish was an “incredible evening” for the campaign.

“There is now only one strong conservative in this race who can win,” Cruz opined. “We see conservatives continuing to unite behind our campaign.”

“Our campaign is the only campaign that has beaten Donald Trump, and that can beat Donald Trump,” he continued. “So, what we’re seeing is Republicans coming to us in incredible numbers.”

“Wait a minute,” Todd interrupted. “You finished third in a state with the highest evangelical turnout that we’ve seen yet. And you finished third!”

“That sort of doesn’t support what you just said,” the NBC host added.

“In South Carolina, we were effectively tied for second,” Cruz insisted. “A week ago, Donald was 20 points ahead, we closed that gap.”

Todd concluded by asking the senator if he expected to win his home state of Texas.

“I love Texas,” Cruz replied. “We believe we’re going to do very well.”

By David

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NBC host rips Rubio for obstructing Scalia replacement: ‘Do presidential terms end after three years?’

NBC's Chuck Todd speaks to Marco Rubio (screen grab)

NBC’s Chuck Todd speaks to Marco Rubio (screen grab)


Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio argued on Sunday that Barack Obama should not be able to replace Justice Antonin Scalia in his last year in office because he was a second term president with only a “few months” left.

Appearing on at least five Sunday morning shows after the unexpected death of Justice Scalia, Rubio asserted that the voters should be able to weigh in before someone was nominated.

“Within the last year of the last few months of the president’s term, we should not be appointing Supreme Court justices,” Rubio insisted to ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. “In the last year of a president’s term, in his second term especially, there should not be Supreme Court nominees put into lifetime positions for a president that you’re not going to hold accountable at the ballot box.”

On Meet the Press, Rubio again insisted that there should be no nominations from a “president nearing the last few months of his administration.”

“Do presidential terms end after three years?” NBC host Chuck Todd shot back at the candidate.

“There comes a point in the last year of the president, especially in their second term, where you stop nominating,” Rubio said. “You basically say, at this point, with a few months left in your term, no accountability from the ballot box on the appointment you’re going to make — on a lifetime appointment.”

“Eleven months!” Todd interrupted.

Fox News host Chris Wallace asked Rubio if he believed no president should be able to make second term Supreme Court appointments.

“I’m not saying it’s illegal,” Rubio replied. “I think we should wait until after November before we move forward on confirming any justice to the Supreme Court.”

Wallace reminded Rubio that President Ronald Reagan appointed Anthony Kennedy to the Supreme Court in his final year in office.

“It doesn’t really matter what Reagan did back in ’87,” Rubio opined. “I think the president should allow the next president to appoint the justice to the Supreme Court, and if it’s me — and I anticipate that it will be — I’m going to look for someone in the mold of Justice Scalia, who while irreplaceable, I think is a model jurist and one of the great jurists in American history.”

Watch the video below from ABC, NBC and Fox, broadcast Feb. 14, 2016

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Boom! Watch Trump Flail As Chuck Todd Finally Fact-Checks Him Into Oblivion (VIDEO)


If you thought there could be nothing new under the sun, take a moment to enjoy the spectacular moment of bliss in which human doormat Chuck Todd finally couldn’t take Donald Trump’s relentless lies and called him out, leaving Trump screeching incoherently. It’s an instant classic.

Amid slipping poll numbers, Trump was on a Sunday morning media blitz when he phoned into Meet the Press with the typically docile Todd. Instead of getting five minutes to spread more lies, Trump was immediately confronted about his pathetic lies about Muslim Americans cheering the terror attacks on 9/11 from New Jersey.

Todd explained to Trump that his claim has been universally debunked by reporters from nearly every major news outlet in existence. In fact, even back in 2001 multiple reports noted that the idea that thousands of Muslims were cheering in America was false. Trump was left relying on a single paragraph from a single Washington Post article – whose reporter had already clarified was being completely misread by Trump.

Instead of admitting he was wrong, Trump claimed he had heard from “hundreds” of people recently that also saw Muslims cheering in New Jersey. He, of course, couldn’t provide any information that would allow reporters to fact-check their stories, however. Instead, he insisted Todd take it on faith. The NBC host wasn’t buying it.

“People were saying?” Todd asked in astonishment. “If I said, ‘Well, people have said Mr. Trump’s not worth $10 billion, and people were saying,’ you would say that’s crazy. You wouldn’t make a business deal based on retweets and based on hearsay.

You’re running for president of the United States. Your words matter. Truthfulness matters. Fact-based stuff matters.”

For Trump and his supporters, facts really don’t matter. It’s enough to feel that tinge of xenophobia and conclude that it must be based on something other than stereotypes and bigotry.

While Trump has frequently lied throughout his campaign (at last count he has 15 “Pants of Fire” lies to his name, but the day is young), his lies about Muslims cheering the attacks on the World Trade Center are particularly galling for several reasons. First, it is so obviously false. To continue to insist that this happened means Trump is either so astoundingly dense that no amount of reality gets in or he’s being intentionally deceptive. But more importantly, Trump is promoting an ugly stereotype meant to paint American Muslims as “terrorist sympathizers.” It’s disgusting rhetoric that could lead to innocent people being targeted based on lies Trump refuses to apologize for.

Todd is an admittedly odd person to call Trump out on his lies. He once claimed that it wasn’t his responsibility to fact-check the people he was interviewing, after all. But it’s refreshing to see Trump get hit so hard with facts. It probably won’t dissuade his fanatical fans, but it sure makes Trump look unelectable to the wider public. For that, we do owe Todd a bit of gratitude. Let’s hope he doesn’t squander it.


H/t: DB

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‘I’m not going to take it back’


  • Donald Trump insisted on Sunday he was ‘100 percent right’ when he said he saw Muslims in Jersey City, New Jersey, cheering the 9/11 attacks  
  • Trump said he was getting an ‘unbelievable response’ from ‘hundreds’ of people who told him they also saw televised Muslim celebrations 
  • He said: ‘I saw it. So many people saw it. And, so, why would I take it back? I’m not going to take it back’  

Donald Trump insisted on Sunday he was ‘100 percent right’ when he said he saw Muslims in Jersey City, New Jersey, cheering the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center.

In a phone interview on NBC’s Meet the Press, the Republican presidential candidate said he was getting an ‘unbelievable response’ from ‘hundreds’ of people who told him they also saw televised Muslim celebrations of the September 11, 2001, attacks in Manhattan.

‘I saw it. So many people saw it. And, so, why would I take it back? I’m not going to take it back,’ said Trump, who has been among the most vocal of the Republican candidates in the race for the November 2016 election about Muslims living in the United States.

‘It did happen in New Jersey,’ Trump said. ‘I have hundreds of people that agree with me.’

Insistent: Donald Trump claimed on Sunday he was '100 percent right' when he said he saw Muslims in Jersey City, New Jersey, cheering the 9/11 attacks. Above he is pictured in Florida Saturday
Insistent: Donald Trump claimed on Sunday he was ‘100 percent right’ when he said he saw Muslims in Jersey City, New Jersey, cheering the 9/11 attacks. Above he is pictured in Florida Saturday

In a phone interview on NBC's Meet the Press, the Republican presidential candidate said he was getting an 'unbelievable response' from 'hundreds' of people who told him they also saw televised Muslim celebrations

In a phone interview on NBC’s Meet the Press, the Republican presidential candidate said he was getting an ‘unbelievable response’ from ‘hundreds’ of people who told him they also saw televised Muslim celebrations

Trump  rejected the assertion made by NBC anchor Chuck Todd (above) that 'this didn't happen in New Jersey'

Trump  rejected the assertion made by NBC anchor Chuck Todd (above) that ‘this didn’t happen in New Jersey’


More here>>>




Dick Cheney · Pro-Torture

Fact Checkers Dismantle Cheney’s Pro-Torture Press Appearances


Last week Former Vice President Dick Cheney volubly defended the CIA’s torture funplex enhanced interrogation techniques performed under his administration. In an interview with Fox’s Bret Baier and then more at length to Chuck Todd on Meet the Press he made numerous arguments in defense of the torture program, none of which are testing well with the fact checkers — not surprising, given that he hadn’t even read the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report for at least one of them.

First PolitiFact rated Cheney’s claim that terrorists were not covered by the Geneva Convention “mostly false,” writing:

Cheney has a point that unlawful combatants are not afforded as high a level of protection as prisoners of war or civilians. However, his comment glosses over the fact that unlawful combatants are still accorded a minimum degree of protection, including a ban on “violence to life and person, in particular murder of all kinds, mutilation, cruel treatment and torture,” and “outrages upon personal dignity, in particular humiliating and degrading treatment,” both of which have been validated by the Supreme Court.

PunditFact (a related venture) next called Cheney’s claim that Saddam Hussein had a decade-long tie to al Qaida “entirely false,” just short of their worst rating of “Pants on Fire,” writing:

“Two comprehensive, high-level government reports largely refute that statement. That includes one Pentagon study that relied on a trove of secret Iraqi government documents that fell into American hands after the invasion.”

RELATED: What Cheney’s Refusal to Confront ‘Wrongfully Detained’ Prisoners Tells Us About the Torture Program

Cheney also refuted an argument of Todd’s — roughly that waterboarding sure was a crime when we prosecuted Japanese soldiers for it after World War II — by arguing that we actually pursued them for a bunch of other, worse atrocities.

Thursday morning Washington Post fact checker Glenn Kessler gave that argument three Pinocchios(out of four), calling it an “excellent example of political misdirection.” Kessler concluded:

“Cheney dismissed too cavalierly Todd’s question about the prosecution of Japanese soldiers for waterboarding. One could quibble about whether these practices were exactly like the techniques practiced by CIA interrogators. But Todd raised a legitimate question and, contrary to Cheney’s assertion, waterboarding was an important charge in a number of the lesser-profile cases. Moreover, waterboarding also resulted in at least one court martial during the Vietnam War.”

FWIW, none of these got into the true swamps of Cheney’s anti-logic, in which the acts committed failed to meet the standards of torture established specifically to allow the acts.

H/t: DB

Chuck Todd · Meet The Press

Chuck Todd says Ernst’s support of ‘personhood’ is about protecting ‘unborn human beings’

Meet The Press host Chuck Todd | screenshot

Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought the main rule for journalists was to be impartial…

Daily Kos

When Kentucky Democratic Senate nominee Alison Lundergan Grimes refused to answer a local newspaper board’s irrelevant gotcha question about whether or not she voted for President Obama, Meet the Press hairpiece Chuck Todd declared it has “disqualified” Grimes from becoming senator. Which, with all thesincerity and integrity one expects from a leading Beltway mouthpiece, he then tried to explain away as merely being his interpretation of what Kentucky voters might think. Leading Beltway pieces of work being noted for their skills at objectively and dispassionately channeling the mindsets of voters in rural states.

But when Todd had the opportunity to talk to Iowa Republican Senate nominee Joni Ernst, who has refused to answer any questions at all from her local newspaper boards, refusing even to meet with them, Todd not only didn’t try to channel the mindsets of her local voters, and certainly didn’t mention what such refusals said about her qualifications to be senator, he even bought into her extreme right-wing framing on the “Personhood Amendment” Ernst so dishonestly supports.

In a profile of Iowa Republican nominee for U.S. Senate Joni Ernst, NBC host Chuck Todd asserted over the weekend that a so-called “personhood” amendment that she supported would protect “unborn human beings.”On Sunday’s edition of Meet the Press, Todd visited Iowa and noted that the winner of the race would likely decide control of the U.S. Senate.

“Ernst hopes to benefit from the fact that her first name isn’t congressman,” Todd explained. “But what could be holding her back—in what is clearly an anti-Washington year—is some of her very conservative positions, including something called personhood which in some cases would grant all unborn human beings with equal protections.”

One could say that Chuck Todd’s double standard on Ernst and Grimes and his buying into the extremist linguistic framing of the most virulent opponents of choice disqualifies him from hosting what once was a respected political television program. Sadly, in today’s political TV environment, one guesses that Todd’s standards and practices make him exactly qualified.