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Cenk Uygur: Why Is Team Trump ‘So Jittery’ About Recount?


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The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur was on the ABC This Week roundtable today to discuss, among other things, efforts by the Jill Stein camp to get recounts in three states.

Uygur recently said he has no problem with a recount and Martha Raddatz asked him this morning if it’s hypocritical for team Clinton to join the efforts when they were criticizing Donald Trump for perhaps not being willing to accept the results.

Uygur responded, “Not at all.”

He said recounts are perfectly reasonable to call for, while making this observation about how Team Trump is responding:

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Cenk Uygur Blasts Hannity’s Comparison of Confederate Flag and Rap Music



Sean Hannity blasted rap music on his Wednesday radio show, saying that if major retailers are removing the Confederate flag in response to the recent national controversy, stores might as well get rid of everything else that he considered offensive as well. “We’re in the process of banning everything,” Hannity said.

On Thursday, political commentator and Young Turks host Cenk Uygur blasted Hannity’s rant after chuckling about his inclusion of Prince and the word “ho” amongst the things that offend him. Ugyur began by discussing how there was a difference between the Confederate Flag, which has racist connotations that Dylann Roof acted upon during his attack in Charleston, and Ludacris, who has never killed anyone as a result of using harsh language.

Uygur melodramatically went on to point out that, while the flag has a historical connection to racism and treason, rough language can add context and immersion to entertaining art forms like music and movies.

“There are movies like Goodfellas, Sopranos, The Godfather, why aren’t they banned?” Uygur asked. Answering his own question, Uygur said, “It’s because they are forms of entertainment… they didn’t kill anybody. On the other hand Dylann Roof was a killer, he killed nine people, and he proudly wore that flag you love so much.”

You can watch the segment here:

Pat Robertson

Cenk Uygur rips ‘ruthless’ Pat Robertson for telling 80-year-old follower to get a job

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Cenk Uygur 09 04-2014 | [youtube]
Pat Robertson’s advice to the 80 year old who said she had no money was one of the most shameful moments in his “ministry”…

The Raw Story

Young Turks hosts Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian mocked 700 Club host Pat Robertson on Thursday for pushing an 80-year-old in financial trouble to find a job or sell personal items online rather than stop contributing her 10 percent weekly tithe.

“This guy is unbelievable, man, he’s [a] record-breaking scammer,” Uygur said, before impersonating Robertson’s remarks. “‘Oh, so you’re 80 years old, dead broke. No excuses, b*tch, get back to work. Clean out that garage, I know you’ve got some sh*t in there you can sell on eBay.’”

Robertson said earlier in the day on his show that the unidentified woman should “claim her blessing” from God and look into the “many, many ways of making money.”

“Another really way of making money is doing a scam show where you give people scam advice,” Kasparian quipped.

Uygur read part of the unidentified woman’s letter to Robertson to show how “ruthless” he could be.

“Our old car just broke down and we had to borrow money to fix it,” the woman wrote. “We both need dental work, but we can’t afford it. I constantly have to use our credit card to pay for medical needs. What could we be doing wrong?”

The first thing she could be doing wrong, Uygur said, was voting Republican.

“I don’t know that she did that,” he clarified, before adding, “But Pat Robertson ran for president on the Republican ticket, supported Republicans. The other thing you’re doing wrong is, giving more than 10 percent of her income throughout your whole life to scammers like Pat Robertson. Of course you ran out of money.”

Kasparian also scoffed at Robertson’s suggestion that the woman go online to make money.

“Cenk doesn’t even know how to manipulate the apps on his phone,” she said. “Can you imagine an 80-year-old trying to sell stuff on eBay? I’m not trying to make fun of 80-year-olds — I’m sure there’s plenty of computer-literate 80-year-olds out there — but it’s just not a good piece of advice.”

Watch Kasparian and Uygur’s commentary, as posted online on Thursday, below.


The Young Turks

Cenk Uygur Flips Off GOP, Fox over Benghazi (Explicit Language)

Cenk Uygur


The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur is getting sick and tired of Fox News and the Republican Party focusing so much on Benghazi, launching into an incredibly profane tirade last night telling them to maybe focus on bigger Obama administration problems and shouting “Fuck you, move the fuck on!”

Uygur started out by saying he is “so fucking bored by this.” He made it clear he’s been critical of the White House on Benghazi in the past, and believes they likely fudged talking points here and there, but in the grand scheme of problems the Obama administration has, this doesn’t crack the top five.

He cried, “Get the fuck outta here with Benghazi! It’s a tiny little fucking thing, man! ‘Oh, they changed it from ‘attacks’ to ‘demonstrations.’ Who gives a fuck about that?! Move the fuck on already, man!”

Uygur turned the table on Republicans, asking, “How about the fucking nearly 3000 people who died under your fucking watch?!” He said the “gross incompetence of the fucking Republicans” should at least have warranted Benghazi levels of curiosity and told the rest of the media to just “stop talking about what Fox News is talking about!”

Watch the video below, via The Young Turks:

The Young Turks

“The Young Turks”: Police CHOKE 14-Year Old Holding Puppy for ‘Dehumanizing Stares’

This story has perplexed me from day one.  I don’t recall reading any response from the Dade County police officials on this issue…

Democratic Undergorund

“The mother of a 14-year-old arrested over Memorial Day weekend on a Miami beach is accusing police of brutality, after officers forced her son to the ground and put him in a choke hold. Police accuse the teen of “clenching his fists” and giving officers “dehumanizing stares.”*

Miami police slammed and choked 14-year old Tremaine McMillian. Why? Was it the threat he posed by walking away? The puppy he was holding? The lack of being armed? The “dehumanizing stares” he made at them?

Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, and Ben Mankiewicz break it down.

Trayvon Martin Shooting

Gun Owners Of America Chief Defends George Zimmerman: Trayvon Martin Was ‘Assailant’

Why am I not surprised?

Think Progress

Larry Pratt, the executive director of Second Amendment group Gun Owners of America, offered a rare defense of the man who killed Trayvon Martin, saying George Zimmerman was acting in self defense when he shot the Florida teen. As the facts of the case have emerged, everyone from President Obama to RIck Santorum and Rep. Allen West (R-FL) have condemned the killing.

But appearing on Current TV’s “The Young Turks” with Cenk Uygur Friday, Pratt said Zimmerman and the police acted properly. “Martin passed from becoming a victim to becoming an aggressor” during an alleged altercation, he said. Pratt’s said his view of the facts are based on a single eye witness interviewed by an Orlando news station. “[Martin] should have run away,” Pratt explained, saying Florida’s controversial “Stand Your Ground” laws are irrelevant, because “we’re talking about fighting off an assailant.”

“Once Martin had neutralized the threat, that’s when he should have taken off to get out of there. He doubled down, and he started to really beat the tar out of the guy,” Pratt said. Martin “gave up his rights,” Pratt added.

See video here…

Gun Owners of America is a major firearms group several clicks to the right of the NRA, but nonetheless attracts significant support from mainstream conservatives.

MSNBC · Rev. Al Sharpton

Al Sharpton Officially Named MSNBC Host Of ‘PoliticsNation’

Al Sharpton
Image by Ewils Photo via Flickr

This is surely good news for the Rev. Al.   I, personally thought that the previous host in that time slot,  Cenk Uygur was doing a fine job.

We’ll see how long Reverend Al Sharpton lasts in his new MSNBC role.  Here’s wishing him well.

Huffington Post

Al Sharpton has been officially named the host of the 6 PM hour on MSNBC. The network announced Tuesday that Sharpton will host “PoliticsNation” on weeknights starting August 29.

Sharpton has been the de facto host of the hour for many weeks, but no official announcement had been made until Tuesday. He replaced Cenk Uygur as the all-but-official 6 PM host after Uygur’s acrimonious exit from MSNBC in July.

The choice of Sharpton to host the hour has been marked by some controversy. MSNBC was criticized for not hiring a black journalist as a host, and there were charges that Sharpton’s close ties to Comcast and the Obama White House helped him get the role. For his part, Sharpton dimissed these concerns, saying he was becoming the host because of his career in activism.

“I am very happy and honored to join the MSNBC team as we collectively try to get America to ’Lean Forward,’” Sharpton said in a statement. “It is a natural extension of my life work and growth. We all learn from our pain and stand up from our stumbling and one must either learn to lean forward or fall backwards. I’m glad they have given me the opportunity to continue my forward lean.”

See MSNBC’s full statement here…

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Former FL Congressman Alan Grayson: Republicans Show True Colors About Medicare

I heard the audio of Alan Grayson’s appearance on Cenk Uygur’s MSNBC show recently and had to share the video.

Grayson nails it when he talks about the GOP motives in dismantling Medicare.

Here is the video…

Julian Assange · Mike Huckabee · Wikileaks

Assange calls for criminal charges against ‘shock jock’ Fox hosts

Raw Story

WikiLeaks founder calls Bradley Manning ‘political prisoner’; says Fox hosts, politicians committing ‘terrorism’

Julian Assange has accused Fox personalities Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin, among others, of committing terrorism through their calls to hunt down and kill the WikiLeaks founder.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Cenk Uygur, Assange referred to the politicians-turned-Fox-personalities as “shock jocks” who should be charged for inciting violence against him and his organization.

He also referred to Huckabee as “just another idiot trying to make a name for himself.”

Asked what he thought of the accusation — made by Vice President Joe Biden and others — that he is a “high-tech terrorist,” Assange said his organization’s actions didn’t meet the definition of terrorism — but those of Fox personalities and other TV pundits did.

“We see constant threats from people, the Republican Senate trying to make a name for themselves, people like Sarah Palin to shock jocks on Fox and, unfortunately, some members also of the Democratic Party, calling for my assassination, calling for the illegal kidnapping of my staff,” Assange said.

“What sort of message does that send about the rule of law in the United States? That is conducing violence in order to achieve a political end. The elimination of this organization or the threat of violence to achieve a political end, the elimination of a publisher. And that is the definition of terrorism.”     More…