96 Percent Of Network Nightly News’ Coverage Of Extreme Weather Doesn’t Mention Climate Change

My guess is that the corporate heads of those networks don’t want climate change mentioned because most of them probably feel it’s against their political ideology.  Of course there is also a “bottom line” factor as well. The networks’ biggest advertisers seem to be  energy related companies…

Think Progress

2013 was a big year for climate. Global carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere hit 400 parts per million for the first time in recorded history; global sea levels hit a record high; oil spills, coal mine landslides, and gas explosions beset the world.

But arguably the most visible and persistent climate event was the increase in ferocity of our weather. 2013 was marked by extremes in temperature and precipitation, conditions that fueled deadly wildfiresflooding, and storm surges.

Despite those facts, America’s major television news stations mostly failed to mention climate change when reporting on events like deadly flooding in Colorado, the string of major wildfires across the American West, and bouts of unseasonable temperatures across the country.

Those are the findings of a new survey released by Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR), a progressive media criticism group. The results were achieved through analysis of extreme weather news reports with more than 200 words from CBS Evening News, ABC World News and NBC Nightly News for the first nine months of 2013. Extreme weather event reports analyzed included news about hurricanes, drought, wildfires, floods and heat waves.

“Our study demonstrates that when weather is the news, the climate is seldom mentioned,” the organization wrote on its website. “It’s almost as if the climate and the weather were happening on two different planets.”



Out of this year’s 450 segments about extreme weather, just 16 of those reports mentioned climate change, according to the survey. “In other words, 96 percent of extreme weather stories never discussed the human impact on the climate,” FAIR said.

Breaking it down by network, CBS Evening News was the worst culprit of ignoring climate when talking about weather. According to FAIR’s survey, only two out of 114 reports about extreme weather mentioned the terms “greenhouse gases,” “climate change” or “global warming.” One of those segments was about flooding in North Dakota, wherein the only mention came from the mayor of Fargo, who commented: “Is it climate change? I really don’t know.”

On ABC World News, just eight out of its 200 extreme weather segments — approximately four percent — attributed weather outcomes to climate factors. NBC Nightly News mentioned climate change six times in 136 reports on extreme weather.

“It’s unrealistic to expect that TV newscasts would find a way to mention climate change or a warming planet in every significant story about extreme weather,” the organization wrote. “But you’re unlikely to ever bring up global warming if you don’t think that it’s real.”

While the scientific community is still studying certain aspects of the link between climate change and extreme weather, many connections are clear. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s most recent report did not establish whether there was a pattern suggesting an increased frequency of hurricanes and tornadoes due to global warming. But the connection between climate change and the severity of droughts, floods, wildfires and heavy rainfall is obvious. The relatively conservative IPCC warns of increased heat, drought, deluges, and sea-level rise — all the direct result of man-made global warming.

And, as Climate Progress’ own Joe Romm has pointed out, it is all but certain that warming-driven sea level rise makes storm surges more destructive, and that increased water vapor in the atmosphere from increased sea surface temperatures leads to five to ten percent more rainfall and increases the risk of flooding.

As for Hurricane Sandy, there’s little doubt that global warming worsened its impact. In particular, a September study by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration researchers found “climate-change related increases in sea level have nearly doubled today’s annual probability of a Sandy-level flood recurrence as compared to 1950.”

Dan Rather: Obama Faces “Political Nightmare,” 2012 Primary Challenge

Reluctantly, after hearing that the President has once again caved in to the GOP in the name of “compromise”: saving one year of unemployment benefits for two years of Bush Tax Cuts for the rich, I tend to agree with Dan Rather…


Former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather says President Obama’s caught in a “political nightmare” over the likely extension of the Bush tax cuts for another two years.

Rather, speaking on MSNBC’s Jansing & Company said an extension of those cuts will infuriate the left and lead to a Democratic primary challenge against the president in 2012:

This is a political nightmare for Barack Obama as president. The more-left portion of his party hates this with a passion. And politically, within his own party, if this goes through, Barack Obama will be in a position to have his shirttail on fire, his back to the wall, and the bill collector at the door. Which is metaphorically a way of saying he’s almost guaranteed — if this goes through — to have a serious challenge in a Democratic primary for president in 2012.

Say what you will about Rather. You’ve gotta love those “Things are getting hotter than a Times Square Rolex” Ratherisms. But the “back against the wall, shirttails on fire” is a retread Rather first used with Al Gore during the 2000 Florida recount. (For a complete list of Ratherisms, including ever-popular “this race is shakier than cafeteria Jell-O,” go here.)

Rather says time is running out for Obama to restore his image among his own Democratic Party base, who are increasingly fed up:

The perception of [Obama] is that he won’t fight for anything… Many of the heavy contributors to the Democratic Party are beyond shock about this happening, and are saying to themselves, ‘This guy . . . has about four to six months to turn the perception of him and the party around or we’ve got to start thinking about somebody else in 2012.’


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On Plans For A Future Katie Couric Interview, Sarah Palin: ‘Why Waste My Time’

So how ignorant is it to hold a grudge against a reporter who asked Sarah Palin some questions that she couldn’t answer? 

Better yet, isn’t it called projection when one claims that a reporter who interviewed her has a “bias against whatever it is [she] would come out and say…”?  I mean, essentially that’s what Palin is saying.  She claims she won’t waste her time. 

WHO in fact has the bias?  Just sayin’.

TPM Live Wire

If you find that your Sarah Palin needs are somehow unsated, good news! Tonight she sits down with Fox News’ Sean Hannity and reveals that she wouldn’t bother sitting down again with CBS Evening News Anchor Katie Couric, calling her ‘a reporter who already has such a bias against whatever it is that I would come out and say?’

TV Newser has the transcript:

“As for doing an interview, though, with a reporter who already has such a bias against whatever it is that I would come out and say? Why waste my time? No.”

“I want to help clean up the state that is so sorry today of journalism. And I have a communications degree. I studied journalism, who, what, where, when, and why of reporting. I will speak to reporters who still understand that cornerstone of our democracy, that expectation that the public has for truth to be reported. And then we get to decide our own opinion based on the facts reported to us.”

“So a journalist, a reporter who is so biased and will, no doubt, spin and gin up whatever it is that I have to say to create controversy, I swear to you, I will not my waste my time with her. Or him.”

Couric’s interview with then Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin in the Fall of 2008 raised many eyebrows because the then Alaska Governor seemed unwilling to reveal the specific magazine titles that she read, among other bon mots that many saw as damaging to the McCain-Palin ticket.

The original version of the story appears here: http://www.mediaite.com/tv/on-plans-for-a-future-katie-couric-interview-sarah-palin-why-waste-my-time/

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Lisa Murkowski: Sarah Palin Lacks ‘Leadership Qualities’ & ‘Intellectual Curiosity’ To Be President

Huffington Post

Republican U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski says she doesn’t think Sarah Palin has the leadership qualities to be president, nor the “intellectual curiosity” needed to make good policy.

Murkowski shared her take on the matter during an appearance on Monday’s edition of “CBS Evening News” with Katie Couric.

“I just do not think that she has those leadership qualities, that intellectual curiosity that allows for building good and great policies,” explained the incumbent lawmaker when asked about a previous suggestion she’s made that she wouldn’t support Palin for president. “You know, she was my governor for two years. And I don’t think that she enjoyed governing.”

Elaborating on her view, Murkowski continued, “I want somebody that goes to bed at night and wakes up in the morning thinking about how we’re going to deal with our national security issues, how we’re going to deal with our economy, how we’re going to deal with providing better education or peace in the Middle East.”

An e-mail sent Monday from The Associated Press to Palin’s media team wasn’t immediately returned.

Palin, a former vice presidential nominee, resigned midway through her first term as Alaska’s governor last year. She’s seen as a potential 2012 presidential contender.

Despite their differences, Murkowski she says she’s still Palin’s senator and will “work hard to represent her, too.”

Murkowski is seeking to defeat Palin-backed candidate Joe Miller in the still-undecided Alaska Senate race. Murkowski ran as a write-in candidate after losing the primary to Miller.

See videos here…  http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2010/11/15/eveningnews/main7057976.shtml

Beware the GOP Coronation

Clockwise from top left: Michelle Bachmann, Rand Paul, Carly Fiorina, Marco Rubio, Sharron Angle, Joe Miller, Meg Whitman and Rick Perry (Photos: Getty Images)

As Walter Cronkite would say at the end of his CBS Evening News program…“and so it goes…”

The Daily Beast

Republicans will win big, and the press coverage will be glowing. But don’t forget: At the 100-days mark in his presidency, Obama walked on water. Howard Kurtz on the media’s mood swings.

Less than two years after taking office on a wave of hope, Barack Obama is on the verge of being slapped down by the electorate.

The president is so battered, politically speaking, that some members of his own party are sprinting away from him while Republicans whack him like a piñata.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. The media assured us that the guy was headed for greatness. The nation’s journalists watched him in action, and in the last days of April 2009, delivered their collective verdict.

MSNBC’s Howard Fineman said Obama was “born” to live “calmly and confidently on a global stage with the hottest lights and biggest audience…. He doesn’t seem needy, aloof or afraid. We used to call that ‘cool.’ ”

Carl Cannon, writing at Politics Daily, said this: “He is as velvety smooth as a cold glass of Guinness, this new president of ours… not to mention the good looks of a Kennedy, the even keel of a Roosevelt, the understated swagger of an Eisenhower.”  Continue reading…