Top Ten Mitt Romney 0.01 Percent Quotes

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With his impossibly coiffed and unctuous Mad Men look, Mitt “money bags” Romney oozes the obscenely rich guy persona of wiping his feet with the middle and lower classes (or putting them on the roof of his car). Despite the fact that Willard (an everyman’s name) Romney is estimated to be worth more than $200 million, he makes painful strides to hoodwink inform average Republican voters that he’s just an average unemployed guy trying to get by. But this predatory capitalist with mountebank business ethics to match doesn’t always remember to pretend that he’s just your average guy. In fact, sometimes he says stuff that would make the Monopoly guy seem average.

Here are some of the greatest Mitt Romney quotes that show him to be the total slimy 0.01 percent guy that he so utterly is:

1. “I like those fancy raincoats you bought [to people wearing plastic ponchos]. Really sprung for the big bucks.”

2. I have some great friends who are NASCAR team owners.”

3. “I know what it’s like to worry about whether or not you are going to get fired. … There are times when I wondered whether I was going to get a pink slip.”

4.  “Rick [Perry], I’ll tell you what: 10,000 bucks? $10,000 bet?”

5. Ann drives a couple of Cadillacs.”

6.  Corporations are people, my friend.”

7. I’m not concerned about the very poor. … We have a safety net there.”

8. I’m also unemployed,”  when net worth is estimated over $200 million

9. I like being able to fire people who provide services to me.”

10. I get speaker’s fees from time to time, but not very much,” when his fees are $374,000

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney’s Idiot Quote of the Day

Mario Piperni

How out of touch is Mitt Romney?

This much.

“I actually love this state. This feels good being back in Michigan … I like the fact that most of the cars I see are Detroit-made automobiles. I drove a Mustang and a Chevy pickup truck. Ann drives a couple of Cadillacs, actually.”

Anything wrong with anyone owning two Cadillacs? Nope. If you have the money, why not?

The problem, of course, is in Romney actually speaking those words out loud at a time when unemployment is at 8 percent, middle class America has been devastated by an economic recession and millions are suffering…and at at time when Romney desperately needs to lose his well-deserved image as poster boy for the 1 percent.

Mitt Romney might be a successful businessman but he’s still an idiot. Love the picture below of Romney speaking to a crowd of 1200 at Ford Field Stadium in Michigan. Beautiful because nothing inspires confidence like a man speaking to 65,000 empty seats. Did I mention he’s an idiot?