Anthony Weiner’s Revenge

Glenn Beck gloated over ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner's fall from grace. But Weiner's work may be finally putting an end to Beck's sleazy gold company sponsor.

I hope that former Representative Anthony Weiner’s eagle-eyed focus on Justice Clarence Thomas’ corruption and deceit is the next thing to be exposed and dealt with…

Mother Jones

When prosecutors charged executives from the precious metals company Goldline with fraud on Tuesday, it marked an unusual victory for someone who hasn’t had many wins lately: former New York congressman Anthony Weiner.

Before he became infamous and ultimatelyresigned for tweeting photos of his private parts to women he met on the internet, Weiner had earned a reputation as a defender of consumer rights. Among his biggest campaigns was an effort to rein in sleazy gold dealers, from those who were taking advantage of the recession with dubious “cash for gold” deals to shady coin operations like Goldline, who, as Mother Jones reported last year, made millions by peddling their wares on the talk shows of right-wing hosts like Glenn Beck.

In May of last year, Weiner released a report highlighting many of the issues that ultimately ended up being part of the prosecutors’ charges Tuesday. His outspoken criticism of the company sparked a very public feud with Beck, who refused to distance himself from Goldline, which had been one of his most loyal sponsors. Beck asked his listeners to send in doctored photos of Weiner showing the congressman with “his nose as a wiener.” He said he welcomed any “Weiner facts” or photos of the congressman “in front of the wienermobile in front of his house, with his wiener dog, with his little wiener children.” Beck set up a website called just to post all the photos.

The day after Weiner resigned, Beck gloated about his nemesis’ downfall in a lengthy on-air rant, saying, “We’re going to have to do without, without one of the most unlikable figures in American political history. Remember, there is a guy who was capable of being completely unlikable. Even when he was arguing for healthcare, for 9/11 responders, he was unlikable…He could say anything, look and sound the exact same way. It didn’t matter if he was lying about Goldline or health care or his own wiener shots.”

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Glenn Beck’s #OWS Meltdown: ‘Violent Left Is Coming to Our Streets to Smash, to Tear Down, to Kill, to Bankrupt, to Destroy’

Crooks & Liars

If anyone from the MSM believes that the influence Fox News wields in the media is negligible this video should prove as a reminder that they are wrong. Glenn Beck is a case in point. His show on CNN made barely a blip on of the RWNM’s radar, but as soon as he began his Vicks vapor rub routine on Fox News, he became a media sensation and tea party hero. But as soon as he was booted of the network by Ailes because his mission had been accomplished, we rarely hear much about the rodeo clown these days. But it doesn’t mean he’s still not melting down and issuing warnings of the coming left wing Armageddon.

Beck: Capitalists, if you think that you can play footsie with these people, you are wrong. They will come for you and drag you into the streets and kill you. They will do it. They’re not messing around. Those in the media – and I am included in this – they will drag us out into the streets and kill us. If you’re wealthy, they will kill you for what you have. You cannot tolerate this kind of stuff. You certainly do not encourage it.”

Wow, that’s out there even for him. I was hoping to see one of his Dr. Gene Scott charts in the mix. Oh, well. Anyway, please keep donating to our Solidarity Pizza fund to support the Occupy Wall Street movement. It will also go a long way in ensuring more insane meltdowns by the wingnuts and Wall Street apologists which is just fun to watch: Beck’s warning to Nancy Pelosi was priceless. Vodpod videos no longer available.

Glenn Beck: Hurricane Irene Is A ‘Blessing’

Author, radio, and TV personality Glenn Beck a...
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The Huffington Post

Glenn Beck called Hurricane Irene a “blessing” on his Friday radio show, saying it would teach people to be prepared for disasters.

As the hurricane barreled towards the East Coast, Beck said that it would be a valuable lesson for people who have not heeded his warnings. He said he has long told his followers to stock up in case of “global disruption in food.” He said that, even though people had mocked him for it, disaster preparedness was key to him.

“If you’ve waited [until now], this hurricane is a blessing,” he said. “It is God reminding you, as was the earthquake last week…you’re not in control.”

Listen here…

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Glenn Beck Moved Israel Rally Location Fearing Horde Of ‘40,000 Muslims


Glenn Beck the clown, is at it again…

Think Progress

Yesterday, Glenn Beck announced he is moving hismuch-discussed upcoming rally in Jerusalem away from the base of the Temple Mount, one of the most sacred and fraught places in the world, over security concerns. Speaking on his radio show yesterday, Beck said that while he was reluctant to change the location because “it was selected for me” (i.e. by God), the notoriously paranoid and security-conscious talker said his security consultants were insistent the spot is too dangerous.

The threat? Beck was specific — 40,000 Muslims apparently looking for any reason to start “World War III.” Beck said he got word that there would be a Muslim multitude on top of the Temple Mount for a religious holiday and got worried. “When we heard about the 40,000 Muslims that were going to be on the Temple Mount, we knew there was trouble,” Beck said, explaining that even an errant light beam from his stage set up could “start a riot.” “Your back is in their direction, and these people play for keeps,” Beck said his security consultants told him.

Watch it:

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Blackboard, fly: So long, “Glenn Beck Show”

Glenn Beck ends his controversial three-year run on Fox News tonight…


So long, “Glenn Beck Show”! We’ve had so much fun with you since you began your hysterical, racist campaign against the president and organizations that have black people in them or that are somehow dedicated to helping minorities and underprivileged people as part of a world domination plot devised by Bill Ayers and Saul Alinsky and Woodrow Wilson. But now it’s time for your daily hour on cable TV to come to an end. Today will be Beck’s last show on Fox News.

Before he went to Fox News, Beck was just a talk radio hack on CNN Headline News with a “funny take” on the news of the day. But on Fox he distinguished himself with unreconstructed full-on John Bircherism, borrowed wholesale from O.G. Bircher Cleon Skousen, modernized with shamelessly racial attacks on contemporary liberal organizations and an obsession with George Soros.

Because his show was so far to the right of the mainstream that it made the rest of Fox’s programming look suddenly reserved by comparison, everyone in the lamestream media spent a lot of time putting Beck on the front pages of magazines and helping him to promote his various moneymaking ventures. (The liberal media expounded a great deal of energy on trying to show people just how fringey Beck’s entire worldview is, to some success.)

We’ll never forget his blackboards and on-screen graphics exposing just how far the great Progressive Conspiracy goes (spoiler: all the way to the top), even though most of us will now go back to not being particularly worried about the modern-day influence of Walter Lippmann.

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Glenn Beck suggests Americans need to get a gun to deal with Obama and Sunstein

All of today’s posts will deal soley on sorting out the “crazies”.  It’s been a helluva week for the “crazies”.

More to come…

Crooks & Liars

[H/t Media Matters.]

Apparently Glenn Beck is planning on going out the door at Fox News with a deep, lingering slime trail behind him. He reached a new low on his show yesterday:

BECK: By the way, the U.N. is also working on a small-arms treaty — which purports to fight terrorism, but if implemented, Second Amendment proponents like me believe that it will only enforce rougher licensing requirements, create more red tape, and possibly an international gun registry. As if terrorists give a flying crap about registering their gun or their machete before they kill you.

This will do nothing but make it harder for you to get a gun. Why would you get a gun? [Points to picture of President Obama and adviser Cass Sunstein.] To prepare for tough times. That’s why.

He then went on to explain that Sunstein and Obama were apparently destroying America’s energy infrastructure by regulating coal-fired power plants out of existence — while referencing Dan Froomkin’s HuffPo piece on Sunstein … a piece that actually is all about how Sunstein has hardly been a slash-and-burn environmental regulator.

Naturally, Beck will laugh this off as just a coincidental timing thing. But given his track record, that deniability is simply no longer plausible.

Glenn Beck to Charge for Online Show

Does Glenn Beck really think he will be successful with his new online network venture by charging viewers a monthly subscription?  I think someone gave Beck some bad advice…

The Daily Beast

Glenn Beck is about to find out just how loyal his followers are. When he moves from Fox News to his own Internet network, Beck will start charging a
monthly subscription fee to view his show. “I think we might be a bit early,” Beck said Monday about his plan. “But I’d rather be ahead of the pack than part
of it.”

Beck’s new venture is risky, as it is the first of its kind and will be based on his own personal brand. Beck’s show will simply be titled “Glenn Beck”
and will run for two hours on weekdays, although Beck said he hopes to eventually have a mix of scripted and non-scripted shows alongside his daily

His network, GBTV, will be accessible starting Tuesday and the new show will begin on Sept. 12.

Herman Cain Lies Again About Banning Muslims From His Administration

Herman Cain tries to come off as an upstanding, “honest” candidate, but after that interview with Chris Wallace, what I see in Mr. Cain is a person totally not qualified to run for the presidency. 

Right Wing Watch

As we have noted before, Herman Cain is now trying to walk back his pledge not to allow Muslims to serve in his administration if he is elected president, claiming that what he meant was that he would refuse to hire radical Muslims. 

And that is a point he keeps trying to sell:

[I]n an appearance on outgoing Fox News Channel show host Glenn Beck’s radio program Tuesday morning, Cain clarified the record and said his comments have been “misconstrued.”

“I immediately said – without thinking – ‘No, I would not be comfortable,’” Cain told Beck. “I did not say that I would not have them in my cabinet. If you look at my career, I have hired good people regardless of race, religion, sex gender, orientation and this kind of thing.”

Now let us compare that to what he told Bryan Fischer just last month:

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Glenn Beck Responds To Meghan McCain Controversy (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck is like a festering sore on this society…someone please find the antiseptic! 

The Huffington Post

Glenn Beck addressed the controversy surrounding his comments about Meghan McCain during his weekly appearance on Bill O’Reilly’s show on Friday–but did not apologize for making them.

Beck landed in hot water with the McCains after he pretended to vomit for several minutes on his radio show while watching Meghan McCain’s skin cancer awareness ad, where she appears to be naked. His routine prompted a volley of angry responses from Meghan, Cindy and John McCain, but Beck had not responded to the attacks until Friday.

Bill O’Reilly sided with Beck’s detractors in this case. “If I was Cindy McCain I’d slap the hell out of you,” he told Beck.

Beck said that she was sticking up for her daughter, and that she was “right” to do so. “I would do the same thing,” he said. He then joked that he was “helping bring attention” to skin cancer awareness by telling Meghan McCain to “cover up.”

O’Reilly said he was baffled that Beck had done such a “dopey” thing, because “you’re genuinely a nice guy.”

Beck admitted that the routine was a “juvenile bit,” but he refused to go any further. “You know what, Meghan McCain? Please,” he said. “I’ve had enough of Meghan McCain as much as she’s had enough of me.”