Is Trump Lying About His Bankroll Size, Too?


Well, the reactions to this analysis should be interesting. The Wall Street Journal goes there — “As Trump moves to raise big sums, an estimate of his 2016 income shows it short of the big money needed for general election run”:

… When his campaign began last summer, a financial disclosure Mr. Trump filed said he had between about $78 million and $232 million in cash and relatively liquid assets such as stocks and bonds.

That would go fast if Mr. Trump spent an amount close to the $721 million President Barack Obama spent in 2012 up to Election Day, or the $449 million Mitt Romney spent in the same stretch.

This would leave hundreds of millions to be made up. And Mr. Trump’s businesses don’t produce that much in a year, a Wall Street Journal analysis shows. His 2016 pretax income, according to the analysis, is likely to be around $160 million.

The Journal analysis is based on 170 items of “employment assets and income,” such as real estate, golf courses, management companies and licensing deals, listed in the financial disclosure form Mr. Trump filed last July. TheJournal estimated how much pretax income each item should yield this year, relying on public documents and interviews with dozens of former and current Trump Organization executives and people who are familiar with his businesses.

In the absence of Mr. Trump’s tax returns, which he has declined to release, the analysis helps answer a question many wonder about: just how much the candidate earns…

The cash issue looms now because the political season is growing more expensive. The Trump campaign spent about 50% more in March than in February, facing higher expenses for field workers, telemarketing and voter-data operations.

Mr. Trump noted that once the general election campaign begins, the Republican National Committee will be spending heavily on his behalf. The RNC spent $386 million during the 2012 presidential campaign. A clutch of other entities such as political-action committees spent $419 million to back Mr. Romney.

This year, officials at some big Republican PACs are saying they are going to turn their funds toward keeping the Senate and House in the Republican hands, meaning their support for Mr. Trump could be diminished.

On the other hand, legal changes since 2012 make it possible for political parties to raise larger individual donations, via joint fundraising committees with their presidential candidates. Such a joint fundraising committee is what Mr. Trump said in early May that he planned to set up with the Republican Party…

And aren’t the Permanent Repub Party bigwigs with their hands on the purse strings — not to mention the ones required to fill that purse — going to enjoy giving the short-fingered vulgarian their money to waste on futilely challenging Hillary Clinton?

The whole article (I found it by Googling its title) is replete with the sort of details that will fascinate wonks, but it reinforces what non-Trump-partisan observers have been saying since Deadbeat Donald first rode that gilded escalator to announce his run: While $160 million (more or less) would be a more-than-satisfactory income to you or me or most normal human beings, it’s nowhere near enough to qualify Trump for “Really Rich Person” status. Assuming he started this shitshow in the first place to enhance his brand/salve his Obama-wounded feelings/bigly assert his yoooge hand size, the media response to this it will not be fun for him. Watching his noisy rage should provide some tasty schadenfreude for the rest of us, though!



Fox News’ Racist Comments About Whitney Houston’s Death Are “Disappeared”

To me, those comments by Fox News readers on Whitney Houston’s death were among the most horrific racist rhetoric that I have ever seen…

Little Green Footballs – Charles Johnson

Here’s a great post at Balloon Juice by “Soonergrunt,” reacting to our post Sunday about Fox News commenters and their ugly racism: Why We Fight.

This is Why We Fight. This is the nature of the opposition. I live amongst these people here in what they proudly refer to as “the buckle of the bible belt” and I’m here to tell you that John’s post of last week was right on the money. You need to read their sites—Fox News, Free Republic,, Michelle Malkin’s site, and others. See what they say to each other when they think they aren’t being watched. The palpable hatred and violent fantasies will make you sick, but you need to know what they want, and you need to keep seeing it in their own words. It’s one thing to say “we read them so you don’t have to” but it’s entirely another to make you all see that you do, in fact, need to. In a few days after this thread is dead, some conservatives will post here claiming that it’s all projection and fantasy, just like they did with John’s post last week. None of that will change a thing. If you’ve ever wondered why I dump shit all over the sorry-assed conservatrolls we have here, it’s because there is no fundamental difference between them and the people quoted above. Their world is the world that our little trolls would make, and people such as they deserve only contempt.

Lest you or anyone accuse me of nitpicking, I am specifically calling out the commenters on those sites. But I’ll note that there’s a reason that racists and bigots frequent sites like Michelle Malkin’s site (which is actually pretty ironic) and Freeperland and Fox.

If you love this country, you need to know and you need to fight for it. If you want a better future for your children, you need to know and you need to fight for it.

Well said. This is why I post these excerpts; not because I enjoy reading this ugly garbage, but because it needs to be exposed. One reason why it’s gotten so incredibly horrifying to read comments at right wing sites is because nobody holds these people accountable. In some cases, site owners are just tolerating this sickening racial hatred, but in many others they’re absolutely doing their best to incite it.

Meanwhile, I received at least a dozen tweets and emails from right wingers claiming that I had faked the post, because they couldn’t see any comments on that Fox News thread.

I know it won’t make even a tiny dent in the right’s armor of denial, but here are a couple of screenshots showing that yes … there are comments for that article. Since the Fox News site uses Javascript to display the comments, it’s possible that people who can’t see them are using incompatible browsers or some sort of extension that’s blocking them.

The Right’s One Big Happy Mix of Ignorance

As usual, Mario Piperni is spot on…

Mario Piperni

Balloon Juice’s mistermix

“…conservatives are allergic to facts, they do love anecdotes. Nothing disproves years of global warming research like a cold day in July, and food stamps are a waste of money because some guy somewhere traded them for a flat-screen TV. As soon as a conservative pundit has found one counterexample, he’s done all the research he’ll ever need.”

Isn’t that the truth.  I’ve had my share of discussions with people from the right who believe that if they could show a single example that proves my position to not be all encompassing, then they’ve won the argument.  Dumb.  It reminds me of a college acquaintance who once argued that seat belt laws were unnecessary and an infringement on his rights and freedoms.  He ‘bulletproofed’ his position by pointing out that he had been driving for years without a seat belt and – here it comes – was never injured.   Ok.

I can already hear wingnuts screaming out that libs do the same sort of thing.  Well, yes, some certainly do but not nearly to the extent as those on the right. Libs don’t have to.  Liberalism, being the fact-based approach to understanding that it is, does not require smoke and mirrors to make a point.  On the other hand, wingnuts and teabaggers have been schooled on the art of debate by the likes of Limbaugh, Savage, O’Lielly and Beck while years of watching Fox News has literally turned their political brains into mush.  For these sorry saps, there is no distinction to be made between facts, lies and opinion.  It’s all become one big happy trail mix bag of ignorance and nuts.

Sometimes (but not often) I actually feel for them.