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Duck Dynasty is a Fake Yuppies-in-Red-Neck-Drag Con Job


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Racial Divide

If This Is How The Nice Kids Think, Imagine How The Not-So-Nice Ones Feel

From seventh grade on, I attended a Lutheran school in New York City where the students were predominantly White.  Similar feelings seemed to prevail back in the early sixties as they do now, but surprisingly subdued given the era.

Nothing was overt just a keen awareness of the differences.


These aren’t “bad” kids in the video. They don’t intend to be mean or judgmental, and definitely not racist. They’re just average kids, and most of them probably have great parents, just like Mikayla’s. That’s what makes the content of this video so shocking.



Tea Party Agenda

“The American Taliban” – HBO’s ‘The Newsroom’

In my opinion HBO’s The Newsroom rates right up there with The West Wing.

(So that  there’s no confusion, play the Newsroom clip in it’s entirety and  start the West Wing clip at 2:20)

Here’s why…

Matt Damon

Then and Now…How Will Hunting Got It Right

Consider this:

The following is a snippet from a film made 16 years ago.

The film is called Good Will Hunting

The scene:

The relevancy of Will’s answer to an NSA recruiter’s question  and our current geopolitical issues is astonishing.  Watch it flow from there.

It’s an amazing scene.  I may be the only one that thinks so, but see for yourself.


Rush Limbaugh

The Last Word – More Rush Limbaugh lies

A comment from Democratic Underground

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The Modus Operandi of republicans is to lie, distort & depend upon the likes of Rush & John Sunnu to deliver their racist & divisive message. Hopefully, voters are now aware that now our democracy is in jeopardy & come out in historic numbers this November!!!

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Feel Good News

Sleepy kitten grooms his friend

Happy Saturday friend!

The Raw Story

If your [Saturday] afternoon could use a moment of near-perfect stillness and quiet along with a big dollop of cute to go with it, have we got a video for you. In this video, one of two intertwined kittens discovers that his bunkmate missed a spot or two in their bedtime bath routine.

Watch the video, embedded via YouTube, below:

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Thom Hartmann: Andrew Breitbart – The Bell Tolls for Thee…

I thought this was poignant enough to share with my friends here at TFC.  It’s a couple of days old but the sentiment is timeless…

Andrew Breitbart – the guy you were just watching – died last night at the age of 43. Andrew lived in a paranoid, libertarian, I-got-mine-and-screw-you world. Andrew was the perfect right-wing front man. I know – he was on my show many times over the years – and never failed to push that cruel, Libertarian line that anybody who couldn’t claw their way to the top didn’t deserve any help from the rest of us in any way. It’s really quite sad that Andrew never realized that we’re all in this together – that every individual clod of humanity is part of the continent of humanity.

As John Donne wrote in 1624 in his Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions…

Perchance he for whom this bell tolls may be so ill that he doesn’t know that it tolls for him 
No man is an island, Andrew, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main 
If a clod be washed away by the sea, Andrew, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a house of your friend’s, Andrew, or of your own were 
Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind 
Therefore, Andrew, don’t ask for whom the bell tolls 
It tolls for thee. 

God bless and good journeys…

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TV that deserves the name “journalism”

I am a very pleased fan of Up With Chris Hayes, the weekend morning news show that already has over 150,000 viewers and has only been on for about a month or so.

I DVR the show since it comes on at 7am on Saturdays and 8am on Sundays…

Salon – David Sirota

Chris Hayes’ new show on MSNBC provides a rare space for the expansive, non-partisan debates we need

Waking up at 4 a.m. is rarely enjoyable, and arising at that unspeakable hour to appear on a cable news show is particularly painful. In such situations, you feel as if you’re dragging yourself out of bed only to be treated like a canine in a dogfight, with the typical show pitting you in a contrived death match against another guest who is your equally angry, equally mangy opposite. That, or you’re simply asked to play the yes-man — the Ed McMahon to the host’s Johnny Carson.

Needless to say, I’m not a fan of most cable news because I find this format mind-numbing, uninformative and tedious (and cable news’ declining ratings over the last year prove I’m not alone). So when I was asked to appear on MSNBC last Saturday morning, my initial thought was, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

But then I realized it was a new show hosted by Chris Hayes, a journalist whose work I’ve long admired. So I said yes. And crack-of-dawn fatigue aside, I’m glad I did, because to my surprise, I ended up getting the chance to participate in one of the best television programs on the air.

“Up With Chris Hayes,” which broadcasts Saturday and Sunday mornings, purposely rejects the manufactured red-versus-blue mallet that bludgeons every issue into partisan terms. Instead, the program’s host is creating a space for more expansive discussions with voices typically deemed too unconventional, provocative or dangerous to be allowed anywhere near a television set.

Continue reading here…

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