Monday Blog Round Up

Obama Leads in the Swing States

Divorce in America, by the Numbers

What the Court has wrought: the coming Medicaid wars

Obama signs bipartisan transportation, student loan bill

Wireless Firms Are Flooded By Requests To Aid Surveillance

Obama team targets Romney over taxes, Republicans cry foul

Greg Sargent: Even in bad economy, this election should be a choice

Mitt Romney needs to answer basic questions about his offshore millions..

Global Warming Denier George Will Blames Historic Heat Wave On ‘One Word: Summer’

Jan Brewer Asks Supreme Court To Overturn Ruling Allowing Benefits For Same-Sex Partners

Democratic Underground: John King Pops Jan Brewer’s “Win” Balloon To her Lying Face….

CNN’s John King interviewed Arizona Governor Jan Brewer just hours after the Supreme Court ruled on Arizona’s SB1070 law which targeted “illegal” immigrants in that state.

Brewer takes a page from Mitt Romney’s book and blames President Obama for just about everything except the decision.  John King has to burst her bubble a couple of times to bring her back to reality, but she doesn’t take the bait.  She concludes the interview as loony as when she started.

Democratic Underground

Humorous comment from the DU site:

1. she doesn’t even seem to make sense


Poor thing, what a horrid woman. 
How miserable her life must be.
Persecution/abandonment, whenever she talks.

Don’t cry for me, Arizona
The truth is they never loved you
Now they attack us
And stand above us
I’ve kept my promise
They just don’t love us


AZ review shows private prisons cost more. So legislature ends the study.

This is typical of GOP deception.  If it doesn’t fit the narrative, quash it, deny it or ignore it.

Daily Kos

If you’re a state hellbent on turning corrections over to the for-profit prison industry, what do you do when an annual survey shows that private jails are often more expensive than the old fashioned public variety? Especially if, by law, the state may contract for private prisons only if they prove to be less expensive? Simple, just eliminate that pesky study.

Buried in the $8.6 billion budget proposal passed at the state Capitol this week is a plan to “eliminate the requirement for a quality and cost review of private prison contracts.” It means there would no longer be an annual review of how private prisons

The corrections industry in Arizona is enjoying a good ride. They’ve been held harmless in the last two state budgets, while education, healthcare, and every other public service has been cut off at the knees. Along with its budget, the corrections cartel’s political power has increased. Tucson Citizen’s Cell-Out AZ has lotsa dirt, like raiding mortgage settlement funds for prisons. The industry’s biggest legislative win, of course, was SB 1070, which the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) helped craft and pass, alongside ALEC. It’s not like the incarceration industry has a financial interest or anything, since SB 1070, if implemented as written, would provide them a heckuva lot more customers.

One might ask why the legislature ended an annual review of private prisons, less than two years after three inmates escaped from the Kingman facility run by Management & Training Corporation (MTC). A nationwide manhunt ended in their capture, but not before the men, two of whom were convicted killers, hijacked an Oklahoma couple’s car and trailer in New Mexico, shot them at a rest stop and burned their bodies in the trailer. Immediately after this tragedy, there were loud calls to clean up the crappy security at Kingman — and all prisons statewide. This Arizona Republic story, titled “Arizona Prison Oversight Lacking for Private Facilities,” was typical:

[The three convicts] took advantage of lax security and faulty alarms to escape on July 30, 2010, from the Kingman prison, run by Management and Training Corp. of Centerville, Utah. The men cut their way out using tools McCluskey’s cousin and fiancee, Casslyn Welch, had tossed over the fence. Arizona Republic

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Author Of SB-1070 Russell Pearce: ‘Obama May Not Be Visiting Arizona Because We Require Papers’

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Yes, many progressives are having issues with the President now, especially when it comes to copitulating to the whims of the GOP.  However, he is STILL the President of The United States and comments like this from a weasel special interest Arizona politician is just plain out of line…

Think Progress

Today, a right-wing organization called Judicial Watch hosted a panel discussion on the “current and upcoming fights over immigration enforcement” featuring Arizona state Sen. Russell Pearce (R). Pearce, the author of Arizona’s controversial immigration law, railed against the Obama administration for “siding with a foreign government” against the state of Arizona. However, looking on the bright side, Pearce joked that Obama may not want to come to Arizona as they will require him to show his papers:

A little levity is okay, I hope cause I like to [inaudible] at most things. But I can tell you that the best thing about [SB]-1070 is that Obama may not be visiting Arizona because we actually require papers now.

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