Newt Gingrich’s “Invented Palestinians”

Newt Gingrich, the “so-called” historian, courts the Jewish base at the expense of yet another minority.  The problem with Newt’s hypothesis is that Jewish people here and in Israel will not fall for Gingrich’s obvious race baiting.  It’s a terrible and shameless case of pandering on Gingrich’s part…

Mario Piperni

Another Republican pandering for the Jewish vote by making an extremist and ridiculous statement.

We’ve had an invented Palestinian people who are in fact Arabs and are historically part of the Arab community and they had a chance to go many places. And for a variety of political reasons we have sustained this war against Israel since the 1940s. It’s tragic.

What is tragic is that this 1980s dinosaur has even the remotest of chances of becoming President. Insulting Palestinians by declaring them to be an “invented” people is another sign of how disastrous a Gingrich foreign policy would be.  He’s also declared he’d move the American Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem ’cause you can never stoke those flames of division enough.

And worst of all, Gingrich has said he’s considering neocon nutcase John Bolton as his choice for Secretary of State which just about guarantee another war within two years of a Gingrich presidency.

Newt Gingrich – the stupid man’s smart man.

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Gaddafi Attack Fibs

The Daily Beast – by Fadel Lamen

The strike that killed the dictator’s youngest son came nowhere close to killing Gaddafi, says Fadel Lamen’s Libyan sources , who also cast doubt on whether grandchildren were killed.

Forgive me for being cynical, but I’ve seen this act before. Yes, the NATO strike on the Gaddafi family – both the death of Saif al-Arab Gaddafi (not to be confused with Saif al-Islam, as the Libyan spokesman himself initially was) and the reported near-hit on the dictator himself – is important for the message sent and the chaos sewed.

But the details on the Gaddafi hit don’t add up, and they make me – and a half dozen sources I talked with last night, including several in Libya – skeptical about how close we came to hitting the dictator. Or that three grandchildren were actually killed, as Gaddafi’s embattled government claims.

Musa Ibrahim al-Gaddafi, belligerent leader’s spokesman – and cousin – went straight into propaganda mode after the strike. “Mr Saif al-Arab was a civilian, a student… He was playing and talking to his father and mother and his nieces and nephews and other visitors when he was attacked and killed.”

Like most of what the spokesmen there say, the regime has so far failed to provide any proof of its claim, except to guide the western journalists in a tour of a facility bombed by NATO. The lack of clear evidence of any death, except spots of blood, just increases cynicism.

My Tripoli sources confirm an attack on one of regime’s building frequented by another of his sons, Hanibal Gaddafi — but not Gaddafi himself, his wife or the other sons. In fact, one of my sources knowledgeable about with the family habits, maintained that the family almost gets together, especially given the current circumstances, which makes the idea of a NATO strike that somehow hit of a nest of Gaddafis (sparing the leader, of course) seem a bit far-fetched.

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