Murkowski confident as write-in tally for Senate continues…

Anchorage Daily News

WRITE-INS: Miller camp steps up challenges, threatens new lawsuit.

The Division of Elections has reviewed write-in ballots for almost half the precincts in Alaska and is counting nearly 98 percent of them for Lisa Murkowski. The Murkowski campaign is acting confident of victory and is accusing Joe Miller of taking “desperate” measures to try to win.

The state Thursday finished its second day of going through the write-in ballots in Juneau. More than 45,000 of them have been reviewed so far. Counting resumes this morning and is expected to continue through the weekend.

The Murkowski campaign said “it couldn’t be going any better” and that the Miller campaign has resorted to challenging perfectly spelled ballots.

“It’s an act of desperation,” said Anchorage ad executive John Tracy, part of the Murkowski campaign’s ballot-count-monitoring team. “Really the only thing that seems clear is that they’re trying to pump up their challenged ballot numbers.”

Examples were not hard to find of Miller observers challenging Murkowski ballots that were spelled accurately and looked to be filled out properly. More often, the challenged ballots had a letter misspelled in Murkowski’s last name or the word “Republican” written on the ballot next to it.

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New Alaska Poll — Democrat Scott McAdams Surges Past Embattled Joe Miller

Now this is the kind of news I like to hear!  I don’t think Sarah Palin’s rally for Joe Miller will be much of a success after this devastating news.  Palin’s reputation for being mean and devisive may even make Miller’s numbers sink even more.

Huffington Post

A new poll conducted by Hays Research confirms what we already intuitively know. Alaska U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller’s candidacy is in big trouble.

The percentage of Alaskans who feel either “somewhat negative” or “very negative” about Miller has skyrocketed in recent weeks to an astronomical 68 percent. Only 8 percent feel “somewhat negative” and the remainder, a jaw-dropping 60 percent, feel “very negative” about Miller as a candidate.

A series of gaffes, inconsistencies, and controversial statements to the press, in addition to the arrest of a journalist by Miller security guards have come one on top of another, causing a trend that can only be described as a campaign death spiral. Miller’s hardcore supporters who view him “very favorably” have held in there, showing a decrease of only 3 percent since Oct. 6, but his “somewhat favorable” rating went from 20 percent to 9 percent in that time. Miller’s “somewhat unfavorable” rating dipped from 13 percent to 8 percent, underscoring the voter stampede toward “very unfavorable” which skyrocketed from 38 percent to 60 percent in less than three weeks.

If there could be even worse news for the Miller camp it’s that this devastating poll occurred before the headline “Miller’s employee records reveal numerous lies” appeared on newsstands on the front page of today’s Anchorage Daily News, which quotes a damning email in which Miller admits he repeatedly lied about his misuse of Borough computers for political purposes while he was a part-time lawyer for the Borough in 2008.

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Joe Miller: ‘I Lied’ About Accessing Computers For Political Purposes

Alaska Senate candidate and Tea Party favorite, Joe Miller has finally been exposed as lying about his ethics violations two years ago…

Huffington Post

Amid a political firestorm of controversy surrounding Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller’s ethics violations while working as a government attorney in 2008, new details emerged on Tuesday night revealing that the Republican hopeful himself admitted to lying about his complicity in the matter.

“I lied about accessing all of the computers,” wrote Miller in an e-mail to Fairbanks North Star Borough attorney Rene Broker in March of 2008 in the wake of allegations he used the office technology for political purposes. “I then admitted about accessing the computers, but lied about what I was doing. Finally I admitted what I did.”

The remarks from Miller came to light in a 60-page dispatch of records released (PDF) by the Alaska borough after a judge issued a court order for the files to be made public.

Miller detailed the incident at the core of the controversy in the same e-mail to Broker disclosed in the documents:

Over the lunch hour this past Wednesday, I got on three computers (not belonging to me) in the office. All of them were on and none of them were locked. I accessed my personal website, for political purposes (participated in a poll), and then cleared the cache on each computer. I did the same thing on my computer. Jill asked the office what happened. I lied about accessing all of the computers. I then admitted about accessing the computers, but lied about what I was doing. Finally, I admitted what I did.

The Fairbanks News Miner reports:

The records corroborate statements made earlier this month by former borough Mayor Jim Whitaker who said Miller engaged in “proxy voting” in a failed bid to oust state GOP chairman Randy Ruedrich at the 2008 Alaska Republican convention.

In a curious move made by Miller, attorneys for the conservative candidate’s campaign moved to take legal action against the former Mayor over the matter. The Anchorage Daily News reported last week:

The complaint, filed Wednesday by Anchorage attorney Thomas Van Flein, alleges that Whitaker violated Miller’s constitutional rights and committed a misdemeanor offense when he told reporters last week that Miller was nearly fired from his borough attorney job for using borough computers in a failed bid to oust state Republican party chairman Randy Ruedrich.

In recent weeks, the controversy related to the two-year old ethics violation made by Miller has proven to be a significant stumbling block for his campaign. In the face of pressure from reporters to be more transparent about issue, the Tea Party-backed hopeful made every attempt to downplay the matter by evading the press. He also has suggested the ordeal was at least in part fueled as a political attack from the campaign of incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski, whom he ousted in Alaska’s GOP primary and is now pursuing a write-in reelection bid.

A copy of the letter sent by Miller in which he admitted to lying about his involvement of the controversy can be found on the following Click here (PDF), which include 60 pages of documents in full released on Tuesday night.

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Despite Bashing ‘Obamacare’ As Unconstitutional, Joe Miller Admits He Got Government Health Care

The hypocrisy of the GOP is astounding!

Huffington Post

Alaska Senate candidate Joe Miller says his family benefited from Medicaid and a state-run health care program for low-income children and pregnant women.

Miller previously acknowledged receiving federal farm subsidies for land he owned in Kansas in the 1990s, as well as low-income hunting and fishing licenses for him and his wife in Alaska.

As a conservative candidate, he’s criticized certain entitlement programs. Sitting Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who’s running for re-election as a write-in candidate against him, called Miller a hypocrite.

As The Huffington Post has reported, Miller on his campaign website clearly defines his position on the health care issue:

I support the repeal of ObamaCare. First and foremost, there is no Constitutional authority for it. Currently nearly half of the state governments have filed suit in federal court because they share this view.Second, even if ObamaCare were Constitutional, its baseline benefit is built upon a crumbling foundation, and it will do nothing to control costs. This legislation adds millions of new beneficiaries to the already broken Medicaid program and relies in part on finding hundreds of billions in savings from the broken and going bankrupt Medicare program. The reimbursement rates on both of these programs are so low that many doctors in Alaska will not see patients or greatly limit the number of patients they will see.


The Tea Party-backed candidate has also reportedly communicated a desire to phase out Medicare.

Miller told the Anchorage Daily News he’s struggled in the past, and that there’s a proper role for government. He says the question is whether power is held at the state or federal level.

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Miller says he hasn’t received government assistance “for years.”