Tom Tancredo at Teabagger Rally: “Greatest threat to the U.S. is the guy in the White House today”

GOP Website Brings Out The Crazy: The Funniest Quotes From ‘America Speaking Out’

“Sorting out the crazies…”

The Huffington Post

It’s not too often that our minds are blown this badly and this early in the day. A Washington Post article pointed us to the Republican party’s new forum-based website called America Speaking Out. The site allows users, regardless of political affiliation, to post their own ideas “for a new policy agenda” and vote for others.

Unfortunately (or is it fortunately?) the site’s poor moderation has provided for some of the craziest “ideas” we’ve ever seen. Republicans wanted a healthy debate, but instead they’re getting plans for a dinosaur/robot army and requests to reinstate slavery (what?????). We couldn’t help but compile the most ridiculous of the bunch. And we’re lucky we did; looks like moderators have finally caught on and have begun to remove the extremely inane, leaving only the slightly inane.

Huffington Post has a slideshow of some of the comments.  They’re sad, funny, ridiculous, idiotic and inexplicable.

Police Shoot Woman After Shotgun Pulled On Census Worker

Apparently this story has been around since May 21, 2010 when the tragedy happened.

When I first discovered the story a few days ago, I wondered why we had not heard from the right wing media or any news media, outside of the local papers where this occurred? 

Could it be that the right wing media knew that once again, the focus would be on them and the scare mongering they have consistently fostered over the census and other issues pertaining to the government? 

Michele Bachmann should also be questioned about this event as should CNN’s Erik Erikson, who stated on his Red State Radio program that he would grab his wife’s shotgun if a census worker approached his home.  Here is the quote verbatim:

ERICKSON: This is crazy. What gives the Commerce Department the right to ask me how often I flush my toilet? Or about going to work? I’m not filling out this form. I dare them to try and come throw me in jail. I dare them to. Pull out my wife’s shotgun and see how that little ACS twerp likes being scared at the door. They’re not going on my property. They can’t do that. They don’t have the legal right, and yet they’re trying.

(The video is on the right in the Vodpod section of this blog.  Start from the 6:40 mark.)

The Sacramento Bee

A routine visit by a U.S. Census Worker on Thursday evening turned deadly when Yuba City police officers shot and killed a woman they said had first threatened the worker with a gun, then later confronted officers with a shotgun.

Sutter County authorities have identified the woman as Victoria Roger-Vasselin, 67, and arrested Lionel Craig Patterson, 51, who was with Roger-Vasselin at the house on Mariner Loop when the shooting happened.

Patterson is being held without bail at the Sutter County jail on suspicion of assault with a firearm on a peace officer, online jail records show.

Department spokeswoman Shawna Pavey said the census worker visited the Mariner Loop house between 7:45 and 8:15 p.m.

Sonny Le, a census regional spokesman, said the worker, a Yuba City resident, showed her badge and introduced herself to a man who answered the door. From inside the house, the worker said she heard a woman saying that they do not want to participate in the census survey.

When the census worker tried to further explain the process, she said she saw a gun pointed at her.

“She was shaken and went to her car,” Le said. The worker called her supervisors, who told her to report the incident to the police, Le said.

Pavey said police received the call shortly after 9 p.m. and officers visited the worker at her home to interview her.

Officers arrived at the Mariner Loop house about 10 p.m. Pavey said a man answered the door with a handgun. Officers successfully persuaded him to give up his gun, but a brief struggle ensued at the entryway when the man resisted arrest, Pavey said.

As an officer was trying to handcuff the man on the ground, the woman came outside with a shotgun. Officers ordered her to put down the gun, but “she ignored the order and continued to advance with the shotgun pointing at the officers,” Pavey said.

Two officers fired. Roger-Vasselin died at the scene, authorities said.

Dylan Ratigan, guest hosted the Young Turks yesterday and spoke about this:


Ohio Radio Station Runs Contest To ‘Spend A Weekend Chasing Aliens’ In Phoenix

I suspect this will not be the only shocking thing coming out of the Arizona immigration fiasco  in the coming months.

Think Progress

Last week, Columbus, OH Mayor Michael Coleman announced that he was banning city employees from traveling to Arizona on government business because of the state’s new anti-immigration law. “He agrees with those who want to send a message to the state of Arizona that this is not the American way,” Coleman’s spokesman said.

In response, a local radio station launched a contest to send a listener to Phoenix to “spend a weekend chasing aliens“:

610 WTVN would like to send you where Americans are proud and illegals are scared, sunny Phoenix, Arizona! You’ll spend a weekend chasing aliens and spending cash in the desert, just make sure you have your green card! Win round trip airfare to Phoenix, hotel accommodations, and a few pesos in spending cash — just register below! City employees encouraged to enter.

The ad for the contest on the website (which now says it is expired) features Coleman’s photo on a U.S. “Permanent Resident” card.

Central Ohio community leaders have called on the radio station to apologize for the promotion:

Community members will stand in solidarity and support the immigrant community and tell Columbus and Central Ohio to stand up to racial profiling and the racist remarks inferred by the WTVN 610 promotion.

This is clearly the chilling effect of what is happening in Arizona with SB 1070”, we believe that our community must respect and protect all people”, commented Leonardo Ramos, President of Colombianos en Ohio.

This isn’t the first right-wing vigilante campaign that Arizona’s immigration law has spawned. A neo-Nazi group recently distributed fliers encouraging people to “Report An Illegal” on Cinco de Mayo. (HT: Raw Story)

Rand Paul On His Country Club Membership: Golf Is So Not Exclusive Anymore (VIDEO)

OMG!  Tea Party logic no doubt:

TPM LiveWire

Tea Party favorite Rand Paul won the Republican nomination for Senate in Kentucky last night, and celebrated his victory at a country club.

Today, Paul was asked about the “mixed messages” of running on an anti-Washington fat cat platform, and then delivering his victory speech from a private club. Paul responded that though people used to think of golf as exclusive, “now you see a lot of people playing golf.”

On Good Morning America, Paul said that “at one time people used to think of golf, and golf courses, and golf clubs as being exclusive. But I think in recent years, now you see a lot of people playing golf.”

He added: “I think Tiger Woods has helped to broaden that, in the sense that he’s brought golf to a lot of the cities.”

Right Wing Round-Up 5-6-10

Right Wing Watch

Rachel Tabachnick: Lou Engle’s “The Call Uganda” Reported but NAR Remains Under Radar.

Towleroad: Florida AG Bill McCollum Paid George ‘Rentboy’ Rekers $87,000 to Be Star Witness for State’s Gay Adoption Ban.

Sarah Posner: Clarion Fund Claims Times Square Bombing Attempt Proof Of “Coordinated Jihad Against Western Values”.

 David Weigel: A mixed primary night for the tea parties.

 Steve Benen: Lieberman’s Tenuous Understanding of Due Process.

 Frederick Clarkson: Ugandan ‘Kill the Gays’ Bill Becoming an Issue in Kansas.

 David Neiwert: ‘Oath Keeper’ under arrest after driving to Tennessee to take over courthouse, conduct ‘citizens arrests’ of public officials.

 Think Progress: Cantor says Americans are ‘better than’ everyone else.

Rick Santorum has endorsed Jay Riemersma, warning that otherwise “our country could slip away under your watch.”

Americans United for Life is giving Rep. John Boehner the 2010 Henry J. Hyde Defender of Life Award.

 Fox News is refusing to run an ad on climate change on the grounds that it is “too confusing.”

 Tammy Bruce has joined GOProud’s Advisory Council.

 For some reason, Janice Shaw Crouse provided written testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee for the hearing on the Violence Against Women Act.

 Finally, Concerned Women for America does not approve of efforts to decriminalize marijuana in Washington DC: “Women and mothers have enough to worry about without the easy availability of marijuana added to the list.”

Texas lawmaker: Obama is ‘God’s punishment on us.’

I know this sort of talk from lawmakers, televangelists and just plain crazies across the country should not alarm me at this point, but it still does.   I still have to wonder what color is the sky on their planet?

Talking Points Memo:

On Saturday, Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) and several other elected officials boosted Fox News host Glenn Beck at an event at the Oil Palace in Tyler, TX. The day was full of right-wing flame-throwing, including Perry saying that he was “proud” to be in an “army” of anti-Obama Americans. Another prominent theme during the event was that the country has “drifted far away from its founding values”:

Gov. Rick Perry, U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Tyler, and state Rep. Leo Berman also spoke, all delivering similar messages.

Berman told the crowd, “I believe that Barack Obama is God’s punishment on us today, but in 2012, we are going to make Obama a one-term president.”

Gohmert said, “The longer we go, the more we see how important it is to stick with principles.”

Beck later stated that the U.S. Constitution was “divinely inspired” and our rights “come from God.” “If God is with us, who can possibly stand against us?” Beck asked. “The answer is no one.” On his radio show last week, Beck claimed that he was carrying out God’s “plan.” Berman, a Republican representing Tyler, controversially told Chinese-American immigration lawyer Harry Joe from Dallas to “go home” and “kiss my ass.” The exchange came when Joe criticized Berman’s proposal to require all undocumented immigrants to located to self-designated “sanctuary cities.” (HT: Jackson Williams)

Have Conservatives Gone Mad?

In a word: yes!  The push for an ultra conservative GOP has, in my opinion gone beyond the pale.

The Atlantic: 

Serious thinkers on the right have finally gotten around to a full and open debate on the epistemic closure problem that’s plaguing the conservative movement. The issue, to put it in terms that even I can understand, because I didn’t study philosophy much in college: has the conservative base gone mad.  More>>>


Oliver Willis, Talking Points Memo: Racial Slurs Hurled At Lawmakers

I’m too disgusted with those Tea Partiers who swore up and down that their protests were solely about “government spending and taxation”, yet now in the final hours of the health care reform battle, their true colors surface.  Most Americans knew what this was about anyway.  The media never really covered the “racist” aspect of the Tea party movement.  They were leading the American public to believe it WAS about big government spending and taxes.  Way to go Teabaggers.  Stay classy, you freaks.  (Yes I am pissed!)

Oliver Willis:

They are who we thought they were. These people are the lowest of the low. And they prove it, time and time again.

There are people in America who want to make this country better, a greater place, and they are always opposed by knuckle-dragging savages. And they always, eventually, lose.


Tea partiers and other anti-health care activists are known to get rowdy, but today’s protest on Capitol Hill–the day before the House is set to vote on historic health care legislation–went beyond the usual chanting and controversial signs, and veered into ugly bigotry and intimidation.

Civil rights hero Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) and fellow Congressional Black Caucus member Andre Carson (D-IN) related a particularly jarring encounter with a large crowd of protesters screaming “kill the bill”… and punctuating their chants with the word “nigger.”

Standing next to Lewis, emerging from a Democratic caucus meeting with President Obama, Carson said people in the crowd yelled, “kill the bill and then the N-word” several times, while he and Lewis were exiting the Cannon House office building.

“People have been just downright mean,” Lewis added.  More>>>

Palin attacks Family Guy’s ‘satire’ after excusing Limbaugh’s

It’s not just the GOP hypocrisy that is blatant and for the most part unchallenged by the weak-kneed media and opposition party.  It’s Sarah Palin’s ridiculous hypocrisy which she displays for her dumbed down, brain-dead supporters.  They can’t see the glaring duplicity of going after Rham Emanuel (who, by the way,  apologized to the Dems that he attacked and called “f..k..g retards”)  and giving the bloviating Rush Limbaugh a pass based on her interpretation.  Palin claimed that Limbaugh was just being satirical.  Think Progress challenges Palin’s judgment when she  turns around and attacks Fox’s animated comedy program: Family Guy.

Think Progress

In recent weeks, Fox News analyst Sarah Palin has waged a high-profile war on the “r-word,” calling for White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel’s resignation after he called liberal activists “f-ing retarded.” Her latest target is the Fox cartoon Family Guy. In a recent episode, the character Chris Griffin dated a girl with Down Syndrome. “My mom’s the former governor of Alaska,” she told Chris. Calling it “another kick in the gut,” Palin and her daughter Bristrol took to Facebook to attack the show

People are asking me to comment on yesterday’s Fox show that felt like another kick in the gut. Bristol was one who asked what I thought of the show that mocked her baby brother, Trig (and/or others with special needs), in an episode yesterday. Instead of answering, I asked her what she thought. Here is her conscientious reply, which is a much more restrained and gracious statement than I want to make about an issue that begs the question, “when is enough, enough?”:

When hate radio host Rush Limbaugh used the word “retarded” over 40 times on a recent show, Palin gave Limbaugh a pass because “he was using satire.” “I agree with Rush Limbaugh,” Palin told Fox News host Chris Wallace, referring to Limbaugh’s belief that he was just joking. Family Guy is “best known for combining controversial topics with off-color jokes.” Indeed, the show has distastefully satirized mental disabilities in the past, but Palin never objected until now.