TFC’s Under The Radar News – 6-5-2011


The conservative war on women has been an ongoing action for many years.  However, in recent years their effort to force women back into the stone ages is on steroids.  Daily Kos features:  This Week In The War On Women.

If you think that al-Qaeda is not interested in American culture and the NRA’s policies, think again.

Physicians around the country seem to be changing their politics from staunch conservatives to a more left leaning agenda.  This is primarily because all over the country, doctors are leaving private practice, which was the reason for their conservatism.  The New York Times reports:

There are no national surveys that track doctors’ political leanings, but as more doctors move from business owner to shift worker, their historic alliance with the Republican Party is weakening from Maine as well as South Dakota, Arizona and Oregon, according to doctors’ advocates in those and other states.

The press is beginning to take note of Paul Ryan’s Ayn Rand problem.

FL Governor Rick Scott Busted On Stimulus Hypocrisy.  Scott has also signed into law his controversial Anti-Pediatrician Gun Law.  I got a feeling Scott will not complete his entire four year term as Florida’s governor.  I smell recall in the air (in about six months.)

In a rare move by any conservative standard, presidential hopeful Mitt Romney acknowledges climate change.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton is being pressured by Saudi Arabian women’s rights activists to endorse their right to drive, The Huffington Post reports.

Palinisms, did she really say that about Paul Revere?

It looks like Mississippi governor, Haley Barbour was the smartest guy in the room.

Sarah Palin has to be the most confusing woman in politics today!

News That’s Under The Radar – 6-2-2011

Last night Lawrence O’Donnell questioned Mark Halperin (Co-author of Game Change) about the possibility of Sarah Palin breaking FEC laws regarding Palin using here Sarah Pac money for family outings.  Halperin takes Palin’s side on the issue.

I’ve often wondered the same thing about categorizing Paul Ryan’s budget.

Why is the New York Post‘s Abby W. Schachter trying to concoct a story that is patently false?

If you were to tell a conservative friend that taxes are actually lower under Obama than they were under Reagan, he’d probably think you were nuts!

Rep. Anthony Weiner is not the only one with a “Twitter controversy”.  Time Magazine has a list of the ten most shocking Twitter controversies.

It appears the current GOP presidential candidates are not impressing conservative Americans.

The ACLU is not about to let  Florida Governor Rick Scott get away with his executive order for all state employees in executive branch positions to  submit to drug testing without a legal battle.

Once again, military contractors get away breaking the law and the courts are moving slowly on indicting these guys.

What’s a  “Death Ceiling“?

West Point to neighbors: It might get loud this summer.