Rep. Ellison Breaks Into Tears Explaining Story Of Muslim First Responder Who Died To Save Americans

I grew up in New York City.  When I was 13 or 14 I’d watch African Americans in the south being hosed down for marching for their civil rights.  I saw dogs being commanded to attack these people, most of whom were teenagers themselves.

Through the years I saw how this great country was able to right the many wrongs done to Blacks, Asians, Jews,women, and the handicapped mostly through laws and amendments.  We are currently making strides to right the wrongs we have done to the LGBT community.

Between watching the injustices being done to the middle class in Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan and other states and the useless hearings or what I’d rather call witch hunts in Washington, DC concerning alleged “Muslim radicalization in America”, I ask myself, what is happening to our country?

Sometimes I have to convince myself that “this too shall pass” just as most of the injustices I mentioned have,  for the most part, been corrected.

Rep. Keith Ellis may be the unwitting catalyst to that change…