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Pope’s latest interview: I quote the Gospel, they call me a Communist


ROME — Pope Francis is legendary for his passion for the poor, but in a new interview he insists he’s not driven by a Communist-inspired ideology, but by the cornerstones of the Christian faith and the Gospel.

“Caring for our neighbor, for those who are poor, who suffer in body and soul, for those who are in need: this is the touchstone,” the pontiff said.

“Is it pauperism?” he asked, referring to a system of dependence on charitable handouts. “No. It is the Gospel.”

The comments came in an interview with Italian Vatican writers Andrea Tornielli and Giacomo Galeazi for a yet-to-be published book titled “This Economy Kills.” Excerpts were released on Sunday by the Italian newspaper La Stampa.

In the interview, Francis says his economic rhetoric echoes teaching by Church fathers throughout Christian history, citing St. John Chrysostom, St. Francis of Assisi, and a famous line from theGospel of Matthew: “I was hungry, I was thirsty, I was in prison, I was sick, I was naked, and you helped me, clothed me, visited me, took care of me.”

According to the pontiff, concern for the poor is “not an invention of Communism” but he warned that “it mustn’t be turned into some ideology, as has sometimes happened before in the course of history.”

Once famously blasted by American pundit Rush Limbaugh for advocating “pure Marxism,” Francis complained that he can’t quote the teachings of Church fathers from the first centuries without being accused of giving a Marxist homily.

The pontiff was critical of globalization, saying it’s a system perpetuated by a “throw-away culture” and that, even though global wellness has grown in absolute terms, “so has social disparity and new kinds of poverty have developed.”

“When at the core of the system we don’t have men but money, when money becomes an idol, men and women become nothing more than instruments of a social system dominated by profound unbalances,” he said.

Francis said that the global need to find a solution for poverty is something that can no longer be put on hold, and that without a solution, the other problems of the world won’t be solved, either.

The pope called for a more ethical economic system and more ethics in politics, saying that many of the world politicians who visit him at the Vatican are looking for ethical suggestions from him and other religious leaders.

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Best Rush Limbaugh Smackdown Ever: And This Man Wasn’t Even Trying (IMAGE)

Addicting Info

Shortly before Christmas, Rush Limbaugh went into a full-on, frothing, rage at the thought of Idris Elba playing James Bond, as reported last week here at Addicting Info. Because, of course we can’t possibly have a black James Bond.

“James Bond is a total concept put together by Ian Fleming. He was white and Scottish, period. That is who James Bond is.”

And in case we hadn’t figured out why Limbaugh objects to Elba playing James Bond, Limbaugh makes his point more succinctly.

“We’ve had 50 years of white Bonds because Bond is white. Bond was never Black. Ian Fleming never created a Black Brit to play James Bond.”

We pity Limbaugh’s interns, because we’re quite sure they spent their Christmas holiday in hazmat suits desperately scraping away the flecks of toxic spittle before they begin eating away at the building and cause it to collapse.

The whole thing started when Sony’s emails got hacked, and The Daily Beast revealed that  Sony Pictures Entertainment co-chairman Amy Pascal sent her colleagues an email declaring, “Idris [Elba] should be the next Bond.”

After a few days, Elba — the dashing British actor who played the ultra-smooth criminal Stringer Bell on HBO’s The Wire – deftly paddled Limbaugh’s douche canoe with a hilarious response that doesn’t even deign to acknowledge Limbaugh’s vile racism. Elba simply posted a funny and unflattering photo of himself on Twitter, and wrote:

Isn’t 007 supposed to handsome? Glad you think I’ve got a shot! Happy New year people.

Idris Elba @idriselba  ·  Dec 27 Isn't 007 supposed to handsome? Glad you think I've got a shot!  Happy New year people.

Of course, Elba normally is a handsome man who carries himself with effortless elegance — just like James Bond. The photo below shows Elba looking particularly 007-ish.

Idris Elba delivers best Rush Limbaugh smackdown ever. And he wasn't even trying.

Clearly, Limbaugh hasn’t read up on his James Bond facts. Agent 007’s creator Ian Fleming didn’t give Bond his half-Scottish, half-Swiss background until 11 books into the series (You Only Live Twice). In any case, if Bond can suddenly turn blond — as in Daniel Craig‘s incarnation of 007 — and Elba can play the Norse god-turned-Marvel-character Heimdall in the Thor, the Dark World, then why can’t a black man play James Bond, for Pete’s sake?

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Kirsten Gillibrand not buying Rush Limbaugh’s ‘chickifying’

Gillibrand’s letter to the NFL was panned by Limbaugh. | AP Photos


Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand ripped Rush Limbaugh on Friday, after the conservative radio host said the uproar over Ray Rice and domestic abuse is just liberals “feminizing” and ‘chickifying’ the NFL.

“Well if he believes criminals should be playing in the National Football League, he’s got a serious issue. These are criminal cases of assault and battery and sexual violence. Our players are role models, we don’t young kids looking up to these folks who are beating their wives. It’s not right. And so we should have a zero tolerance policy. And he’s wrong,” Gillibrand said Friday on CNN in response to Limbaugh’s comments.

On his show earlier Friday, Limbaugh slammed a letter sent by 16 female senators—including Gillibrand—to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell calling for a zero tolerance policy toward domestic abuse.

“We’re feminizing this game. It’s a man’s game and if we keep feminizing this game we’re gonna ruin it. If we keep chickifying this game we’re gonna ruin it,” Limbaugh said, according to a transcript.

Echoing comments he made earlier this week, Limbaugh added that politics have gotten too embroiled with sports—specifically with the NFL, which he said has “become nothing more than the latest extension of the Democrat Party leftist agenda.”

“Of course I’m against wife beating. I’m also against mixing social issues with broadcast of sporting events, too. But that line has been blurred now,” the radio host said.

“Sorry, this is not why I watch football. This is going to be the death of this sport. It is no longer an escape. It’s no longer about great athletes. It’s no longer about amazing athletic achievement and drama,” Limbaugh said. “The never-ending refrain on the Washington Redskins name, and now this? Guns, gays, domestic violence, these are topics that I frankly don’t be need to be preached to about. I don’t need to be lectured, and I certainly don’t want to turn on a football game and end up being accused of all kinds of social misbehavior.”

Lawmakers have weighed in since the released of footage Monday that showed Rice knocking his wife unconscious in a February incident inside a casino elevator. Rice’s contract with the Baltimore Ravens was terminated and the running back was suspended indefinitely by the NFL shortly after the video became public. In the days since, eyes have turned to Goodell and the league, with some—like Sen. Richard Blumenthal—calling for the commissioner’s resignation.

When asked if Goodell should resign, Gillibrand said the commissioner should “lead the reform.” However, she added if it is true that Goodell was aware of the extent of Rice’s violence toward his wife, then he should go.

“He has to be fired. He has to step down because he won’t have the legitimacy, he won’t have the credibility to reform an organization that’s desperately in need of reform,” Gillibrand said.

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Rush Limbaugh: Democrats are spreading ‘myth’ that police shoot and kill Black men

Rush Limbaugh (screen capture via ABC News)

Of course he would say that.  Appeasing his base is priority one with Limbaugh and his ilk…

The Raw Story

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh accused Democrats on Monday of drumming up interest in the fatal shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Missouri for their own gain, Media Matters reported.

“Why is this a story? The myth,” he said. “The myth is that whites who are associated with Republicans, white cops, murder innocent Black kids all the time. And that’s why we need people like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and the Nation of Islam and whoever out raising money on all this, trying to do something about this never-ending discrimination which never does seem to end, does it? At least the reports never seem to end.”

Limbaugh did not mention a 2013 study that found that on average, police killed a Black man every 28 hours as recently as two years ago. Instead, he accused the media of promoting fatal shootings “even if it’s once a year.”

He also did not mention that, besides the Aug. 9 shooting of Brown in Ferguson, Missouri — which was followed by a non-fatal shooting four days later — officers have also killed Black men inLos Angeles and Ohio this month alone.

“And right behind that you’ll find the Democrat Party, which needs, as we have chronicled and stated I don’t know how many times, a permanent underclass of subservient, poor low-skilled dependents on government voting for them,” he said. “There are lots of them, and if you run out of them, you import them via illegal immigration.”

Listen to Limbaugh’s commentary, as posted by Media Matters.

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh: Bad News Coming From Everywhere – Even The Right


There have been rumors of Rush Limbaugh’s radio career demise for a few years now.  The following article should shed some light on the progress thusfar…

Liberals Unite

It’s been a very bad week for talk show host, Rush Limbaugh, and a very rewarding week for the millions of Americans who have protested his extreme hate speech for decades. Two years ago, newer groups like BoycottRush, FlushRush and StopRush, began a massive national boycott movement that is exposing Limbaugh and crushing his career. Here are four new recent developments:

1. Politico published an article revealing that Tea Party organizations (some created by the Koch brothers) have contributed millions to Rush Limbaugh. What does this mean? For Rush it means they helped sustain him while thousands of sponsors pulled their ads. It means this may lead to an investigation to see if the funding was done legally. According to the FCC, if you receive money from an organization that pays you to promote their propaganda, without telling your audience, it may be considered ‘payola’  – and it may be illegal.


“The Heritage Foundation at the end of January ended its five-year sponsorship of El Rushbo’s show, for which it had paid more than $2 million in some years and more than $9.5 million overall. In 2012, FreedomWorks paid at least $1.4 million to make him an endorser, though it’s not clear that the sponsorship is ongoing.”

2. Forbes Senior Political Contributor and regular on Forbes On Fox, Rick Ungar, believes Rush Limbaugh has become a joke. He also shows, via FrontPageMag.com data, that Limbaugh has outlived his audience. Ungar, also known as Forbes ‘token lefty’ implies Rush is now in the, toss out the old – bring in the new, demographic category. The median age of his dwindling audience (as well as the aforementioned sponsor boycott) no longer appeal to advertisers.

Rick Ungar:

“At long last, it appears that Rush Limbaugh has run out of steam. I have to acknowledge that I have sensed Rush getting by on fumes for some time now (yes, I tune into his show from time to time to enjoy his broadcasting skills if not his message). However, it was only recently that the world of Limbaugh crossed that thin red line from partially serious to total self-parody and audience deception—a line crossed from which there is often no return.”


“Network television doesn’t just fail to count older viewers; it tries to drive them away. A show with an older viewership is dead air. Advertisers have been pushed by ad agencies into an obsession with associating their product with a youthful brand. The demo rating, 18-49, is the only rating that matters. Viewers younger than that can still pay off. Just ask the CW. Older viewers however are unwanted.”

3. Speaking of advertisers, Rush Limbaugh can’t seem to hold on to them, without doling out heavy discounts and/or free ad space. After his notorious on-air verbal attack of then unknown, Sandra Fluke, the national protests was set into motion. Hardworking FlushRush volunteers now monitor The Rush Limbaugh Show nationwide. They document the sponsor ads they hear on his show, into the StopRush Database, along with contact and ad details. The sponsor data is then posted back into the FlushRush private Facebook group, and onto the BoycottRush Facebook page for public use. There have been hundreds of articles written about Rush Limbaugh and the boycotts against him, that have appeared in at least a dozen political online news groups, including Liberals Unite and Daily Kos, and have been viewed by millions. The result? Limbaugh and the radio stations that carry him have lost millions in ad revenue. Very few took the Limbaugh boycott seriously two years ago. It reminds me of the Gandhi quote:

Mahatma Gandhi:

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

4. And lastly; Ed Shultz interviewed Holland Cook this week. Cook believes Limbaugh’s business is over, for good, due to the various organized boycotts mentioned above. Each does their own part. The protests have been supported by many big and small Liberal organizations, websites, Facebook pages/groups, and Twitter.

Holland Cooke: (via Daily Kos)

“Hundreds of blue-chip national advertisers basically have not only wandered away from Rush Limbaugh and some of the other righties, they’ve abandoned the format entirely. They are afraid to be heard on a news talk station because this man’s use of his free speech triggered the opposing viewpoint exercising THEIR right to free speech. The boycotters are speaking and using the marketplace to say, ‘ENOUGH!’”

Here is an audio clip of the Ed Shultz/Holland Cook interview:

So now, we’re not only hearing from consumers, we are hearing from industry experts on the left and right, many of whom know the business better than anyone and would not risk their reputations on merely gossip. Yes, yes, the public has had enough.  Limbaugh’s self-proclaimed ‘Dittohead’ fans have demanded that Rush’s right to free speech, also gives him the right to spew misogyny, homophobia, bigotry, and racism on public radio. He’s been getting away with it for over 25 years. After the Sandra Fluke attack, the general public soon realized that neither his radio affiliates, nor the FCC, planned to do anything about his hate speech, so American consumers decided to use their own version of free speech via petitions, boycotts, and their consumer dollars, to bring Limbaugh down by way of his sponsors. It’s reported 3,100 companies have pulled their ads from Limbaugh, and the protestors and boycotters have never been closer to pulling Limbaugh off the air. When he has moved on, this country will be all the better, and the public will prove once again, it can be done. We can eliminate hate speech from the media, if takes one host at a time.

You see, you can toss  Americans some Limbaugh, Fox News, Bush/Cheney, Koch brothers, even some Supreme Court corruption, but when push comes to shove, Americans will stand up, show up, take charge, and demand a return to democracy and common decency. Salute to all the many boycotters and volunteers.

Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh: Despite Obama’s ‘Lawlessness,’ ‘You Can’t Impeach the First Black President’

I can’t believe Rush Limbaugh said this…


On Friday, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh responded to the Wall Street Journalwhich criticized House Speaker John Boehner(R-OH) for bowing to the GOP’s talk radio constituency when he abandoned a recent push for immigration reform. Limbaugh said that President Barack Obama cannot be trusted to enforce border control provisions of an immigration reform bill and there is no mechanism available to Republicans to hold him accountable if he failed to perform his duty. “You can’t impeach the first black president,” he said.

Limbaugh warned his audience on Friday that a “constitutional crisis” could be imminent. He cited as evidence for this impending crisis the fact that some Democratic members of Congress are presently drafting executive orders for Obama to sign. “They are totally willing to grant dictatorial powers to one of their own,” the talk radio host said.

“He’s not obeying the laws we have now,” Limbaugh said. “What’s the next logical step in a case like this?”

RELATED: Rush Limbaugh Chides Fox News for Defending Christie

“You can’t impeach the first black president,” Limbaugh observed. “No matter how corrupt or how lawless.”

He added that the president has embraced “lawlessness” in his lack of enforcement of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act. That precedent, he said, should be enough for conservatives to understand that Obama cannot be trusted to enforce immigration reform.

[Watch] the clip below via The Rush Limbaugh Show:

Michelle Obama · Rush Limbaugh

How do you make a conservative hate water?

First Lady Michelle Obama participates in an event at Watertown High School to encourage people to drink more water, Thursday, Sept. 12, 2013, in Watertown, Wis. (Photo by Morry Gash/AP)

Another knee-jerk reaction from Rush Limbaugh and his supporters.  I’m just waiting for the Obama’s to come out in support of air, simply to see what those folks would do.


Drink more water. It’s pretty simple advice, the type of thing any health-conscious consumer has probably read at least a dozen times over the last few years. It’d be hard to come up with a less controversial idea, until, of course, first lady Michelle Obama started advocating water.

Last week the first lady unveiled her new “Drink Up” campaign — an offshoot of her healthy “Let’s Move” advocacy to reduce childhood obesity. For “Drink Up” she traveled to Watertown, Wisc., to encourage kids and adults to add a little more water to their drinking habits.

“I’ve come to realize that if we were going to take just one step to make ourselves and our families healthier, probably the single best thing we could do is to simply drink more water,” she said in a statement announcing the program. “That’s it — it’s really that simple. Drink just one more glass of water a day and you can make a real difference for your health, your energy, and the way you feel.”

But according to the right wing’s resident conservative weathervane, Rush Limbaugh, this new campaign is simply “more command-and-control” from the White House.

“We have real trouble, real problems in this country and around the world. What is this push to drink more water?” he quipped on his program last Friday.

The primary scientific critic Limbaugh and a number of news outlets quoted, is Dr. Stanley Goldfarb of the University of Pennsylvania. He’s a nephrologist (doctor who specializes in kidneys) with a long history of bashing the Affordable Care Act.

As Limbaugh pointed out on his show, Goldfarb says there “really isn’t data to support” the claims that increased water consumption can achieve the goals of the “Drink Up” campaign. “To make it a major public health effort, I think I would say it’s bizarre,” Goldfarb said.

So where is Michelle Obama getting this data to support her new program? It comes from the Centers for Disease Control, which has found that one in four children don’t drink any water daily and that nearly half of all Americans are getting less than four cups of water a day.

The new “Drink Up” campaign is focused on positive advocacy, encouraging people to consume more water, rather than telling them not to avoid sugary sodas. And while you might think that positive message would assuage a nanny-state-averse conservative pundit, Limbaugh found a way to hate it anyway. His criticism? The campaign has her cozying up too much with Big Soda.

“It’s Big Bottled Water, or Big Bottled Water is Big Soft Drink,” Limbaugh said. “That’s who’s pushing this.”

As pundit Bill Maher joked on his Friday program, ”I think this is a test to see if the Republicans will come out against water. ‘That’s not water, that’s socialism juice!’”

At least one Republican managed to pass that test. Congrats, Rush.

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Limbaugh: ‘Absurd’ to Think Minority Voting Under Attack, ‘It’s Just the Opposite’


Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, reading from media reports, observed that the press is calling out Hillary Clinton for engaging in an effort to increase enthusiasm among minority voters for Democrats by supporting the notion that there is a concerted effort to disenfranchise African-American and Hispanic voters. Limbaugh called the idea that there is an effort to disenfranchise minority voters “absurd.” “If anything, there is an effort to count their votes more than once,” he insisted.

Limbaugh opened the segment by reading a portion of a report in The Wall Street Journal, a publication which the broadcaster said “bends a little leftward” outside of the editorial page.

In a report which examined Clinton’s “racial politics,” WSJ highlighted her recent focus issues like voting rights and criminal justice reform. The WSJ report suggests that Clinton is directing her focus towards issues that resonate with minority voters in order to maintain the Democratic coalition which prevailed during the Obama-era.

“In other words, they need to cheat,” Limbaugh declared. “They need avenues to voter fraud.”

“This why they are so opposed to photo ID,” the host added.

“The idea here that there is still some effort out there to deny minorities the right to vote – if anything, there is an effort to count their votes more than once,” he insisted. “If anything, there is an effort to get people not even qualified to vote to vote.”

“The idea that there is an effort to squash minority voting is absurd,” Limbaugh continued. “It’s just the opposite. Everybody’s pandering to them”

“All of this is aimed at overwhelming an electoral system that can’t keep up with the fraud,” he concluded. “You could probably say that it is a wonder Republicans win anything.”

The conservative host concluded by saying that it was an “insult to intelligence” to assert that there is a concerted effort by some to restrict the rights of minority citizens to vote.

Listen to the clip below via The Rush Limbaugh Radio Show:

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh: Covering pre-existing conditions is ‘welfare’

I no longer get upset over these Reich-wing shills like Rush Limbaugh because everyone knows that ALEC, the Koch brothers and other corporate interests are behind the campaign to abolish the Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare”.

Orlando Examiner

Conservative radio show host Rush Limbaugh has gone on another rant against “Obamacare,” this time event attacking one of the law’s most popular provisions.

It’s safe to say that the Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare,” is the number one target for conservatives and Republicans across the country. While the new health care reform isn’t popular with those on the right, the law’s provision for insurance companies to covering pre-existing often crosses party lines and has shown to have approval across the board. While the idea of not being denied because you have a pre-existing condition is popular, not everyone approves.

One of the most out spoken critics of “Obamacare,” including the pre-existing condition provision, is Rush Limbaugh. Taking to the microphone during his radio show this week, the conservative mouth piece railed against recent reports that the Affordable Care Act has dropped insurance rates in many states and called covering pre-existing conditions “welfare.”

“Now, by the way, this claim here that residents of New York and California are going to have lower insurance rates under Obamacare? Folks, that’s an abject lie — and the news of the day is the evidence! The news of the day for the past month or longer has been all about rising premiums in California and New York and insurance companies pulling out of there. By design, by the way.

You would almost think with this story that CNN was going to commit a random act of journalism, but they don’t. Instead, they push with a bunch of myths. First they claim that rates are going to go down in New York and California under Obamacare, which has been debunked. They won’t. Then they claim that those states that have “bare-bones plans,” when in fact states have high rates because they already require insurance companies to cover a lot of the nonsense mandated under Obamacare.

That’s pre-existing condition stuff, which isn’t insurance. That’s welfare. That’s another story. From CybercastNewsService.com: “Blue Cross, Aetna, United, Humana Flee Obamacare Exchanges.” One, two, three, four insurance companies have pulled out of the Obamacare exchanges. It’s all part of the plan. Private insurers are being forced out of the market. This is part of the Obamacare long-term plan to make it so that only government has insurance to sell.”

According to US News, in addition to no longer denying Americans insurance because of pre-existing conditions, the law has ended insurance denials based on pre-existing conditions for the roughly 20 million children under the age of 19. The new health care reform is far from perfect and isn’t without its fair share of criticisms, but to call parts of the program “welfare” is as ridiculous as Limbaugh himself.

Fox News · Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh Tells Caller To Stop Watching Fox: ‘Designed To Make You Question Your Sanity’

This was just too good to pass up.  Had to share with TFC readers…


Rush Limbaugh revealed last week that when he went on Fox News, the producers didn’t want him to talk about immigration reform, and he found this “quite telling” about the network. The experience clearly still fresh in his mind, Limbaugh told a caller today to stop watching Fox because it’ll make him too angry and that “they’re designed to make you question your sanity.”

Limbaugh caller Tony said if “a Republican had this miserable, destructive record that Obama has,” there would be marches up and down every street in the country. He also bashed “Alinsky-ite Obama Democrats” pushing solar and wind power at the expense of coal workers. Tony said, “It’s ideology über alles, and they couldn’t give a rat’s backside about the poor.”

Limbaugh agreed with everything Tony said, but when Tony mentioned that he was watching Fox News, Limbaugh interjected to share this piece of advice.

“You need to stop watching these people, because they’re not gonna change, Tony… Your blood pressure’s gonna suffer if you keep watching these people. I mean, they’re designed to get you ticked off. They’re designed to make you question your sanity. You’re gonna watch these people and you’re gonna say, ‘How in the world can we have such idiotic people?’ and you’re gonna think, ‘Maybe they’re not and you’re crazy.’ And I assure you, Tony, you’re not. Trust me on that.”

Listen to the audio below: